Chapter 31- Amaterasu’s Proposition
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[Keeno POV]

The rest of my time spent with Ama was honestly a blur since all that either of us cared about was the feeling of our lips on one another’s.  By the time I regained my awareness of myself, I was laying in my bed.


“Ama, how long have I been in a daze?”


{Less than five minutes.  Stupid time limit keeping the two of us away from going any further.}


“I agree, but we just need to manage with the hand we are dealt.”


I got up from my bed and stretched.  I walked over to the window and immediately felt the very pleasant heat.


“Ama, it’s kind of hot down here.”




Ama went silent for a few minutes.


{Keeno, we might actually cause Armageddon when we sleep with each other.  The Sun Spirits were able to avert any actual damage this might have done, but the heat both of our suns are putting out is nearly enough to damage the world.  And all of this is just because we kissed for the first time.}


“I’m not worried.  When that time comes, I’m sure you’ll be able to keep your mind enough to prevent that from happening.”


{Hehehe.  Now I have to do that since you have so much faith in me.}


I chuckled at Ama’s words and would have happily continued chatting with her, but I was interrupted by my stomach growling.


{Someone’s hungry.}


“That’s upsetting, I don’t want to lose the taste of your lips.”


{Keeno, go and eat, my lips will always be there for you to taste again.}


“Says the one that doesn’t need to eat.”




I quickly changed my clothes and left my room.  I made it to the kitchen and whipped up a light snack before walking to the lounge.  There I found Fia and Pram chatting about something.


“Pram?” (Keeno)


“KEENO!” (Pram)


“Welcome back.  So, did the two of you have fun?” (Fia)


“We did, though we didn’t go all the way.  All we did was kiss.” (Keeno)


At those words, Pram’s face became tomato red and Fia chuckled a little before full realization of what I said hit her.


“Wait, it got that hot outside due to the two of you only kissing!?” (Fia)


“Yeah, yeah, we know, Ama is going to work on it.” (Keeno)


“For the sake of the world I hope so!” (Fia)


Fia was yelling so loud that both Pram and I had to cover our ears and Muninn nearly fell from its perch.  That was when I noticed it.


“Where’s Huginn?” (Keeno)


“…Crap.” (Fia)


Fia jumped up from her seat and ran over to one of the windows, practically threw it open, and looked around frantically.  She then reached out and grabbed something and pulled it inside.


“Come on, come on…*sigh* Still alive.” (Fia)


“…Did you just…Did you just pull Huginn inside?  Where you trying to cook it!?” (Keeno)


I ran over to Fia’s side and grabbed Huginn out of her arms.  I then moved over to Pram and knelt down next to her.


“Pram!  Help!” (Keeno)


Pram held her hands over Huginn.


“Oh, light of healing and Life, grant this poor soul your blessing as you restore what was lost.” (Pram)


A soft greenish-white light appeared on Pram’s hands, and it covered Huginn.  About a minute later, it started stirring.


“C-caw?” (Huginn)


“HUGINN!” (Keeno)


“Careful, Keeno, you don’t want to crush it with a hug.” (Pram)


I loosened my hug on Huginn before turning and glaring at Fia.


“Fiametta, explain.” (Keeno)


“…” (Fiametta)


“It started when we made a joke of a bet and Miss Fiametta asked Huginn and Muninn to help keep track of it.  Muninn kept sleeping and Huginn decided to call Miss Fiametta and spicy chicken.  She got mad at that, they chased each other, and when Huginn was caught, she threw it outside and promptly forgot about it.  Though I feel I share some of the blame since I forgot as well.” (Pram)


“I’m really sorry.  I didn’t mean to forget, I just lost track of time while we were talking.” (Fia)


“That’s a bad habit you have, Fia.” (Keeno)


“CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW!!!!” (Huginn)


“Yes, Huginn, I’ll make it up to you before I leave.  How does some really fancy meat sound?” (Fia)


“C-caw, caw caw, squawk caw.” (Huginn)


“Fine.  I’ll have it done tomorrow.” (Fia)


“…” (Pram)


“When did you learn such shady merchant-like tactics?” (Keeno)


“Caw squawk!” (Huginn)


“I see.” (Keeno)


“So, how come I’m the only one here that still doesn’t understand them?” (Pram)


“Dunno.” (Keeno)


{Don’t worry, Pram.  It’ll happen eventually.  Just give it more time.}


“And where did you go, Ama?” (Keeno)


{I was getting my sun back to normal.}


“Ah.  What do I need to do?” (Keeno)


{The Sun Spirits for your sun have it managed.}


“Rasu…” (Fia)


{I know, Fia, I’m going to work on it.}


“Alright.” (Fia)


It was then that Pram let out a small yawn.


“I think it’s time for me to head home.  Oh, but before I do, Keeno, Miss Fiametta told me about the things you got for me for our journey.  Thank you for that.” (Pram)


“Think nothing of it.” (Keeno)


“Oh, speaking of journey.  Rasu, shall I call this mission accomplished?” (Fia)


{Huh?...Oh!  *Ahem* My Apostle of the Sun, Fiametta Okami, I declare your mission complete.  I also have a new one for you to begin at your leisure.}


“I listen and obey, Oh, Goddess, Mine.” (Fia)


{Go to the countries with Dead Zones and find people willing to become my Fated One’s allies in her journey to dismantle the Dead Zones.}


 “Your Will be done, Oh, Goddess, Mine.” (Fia)


“…” (Keeno)


“…” (Pram)


{Ah!  Hehehe.  Pram Karlan, I, Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun, Life, and Magic offer you a Trial.  Succeed and I shall appoint you as Apostle of Life.}


“Eh?” (Keeno)


“Eh?” (Fia)


“Eh?...Um?  What is the Trial?” (Pram)


{Go, journey with my Fated One, Keeno Okami, and dismantle the Dead Zones.  I shall declare the Trial complete after you dismantle all of them.}


“Um, um…” (Pram)


“Ama, what is this about!?” (Keeno)


“Rasu, are you sure?” (Fia)


{Yes, I’m sure, Fia.  And Keeno, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now.  While I know you wanted to ask Pram to become your Apostle, she doesn’t have any affinity that matches your Authorities.  However, her healing magic is attuned to my Life Authority.  I just figured I’d get things going while we were being all serious about the upcoming journey.}


“…I see.  Well, Pram, are you going to decide now, or think it over for a bit?” (Keeno)


“Rasu, this is a lot to put on a child’s shoulders.” (Fia)


{Calm down, Fia.  This Trial isn’t as intense as yours was, and she doesn’t have to do it alone, as I stated in the declaration.}


“Well obviously!  There aren’t any Fiends around for her Trial to be as intense as mine!  Rasu, you realize that she still has her family, what will the immortality do to her when she outlives all of them?  Did you think of that?” (Fia)


{Is that a problem?}


“For mortals it is.” (Fia)


{…I see…}


“Um…I…I accept the Trial.” (Pram)


Fia was shocked at Pram’s words and quickly turned to face her.


“Pram!” (Fia)


“Miss Fiametta, I understand your concern, but I still accept the Trial.  I mean, think about it, I’ll become the Apostle of Life, and I’m the best and closest friend of the Goddess of Death.  Wouldn’t it be easy to either keep my family alive forever, either in their bodies or as souls?” (Pram)


“…” (Fia)


“Pffft!” (Keeno)


{Heh.  Haha.  Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!}


“…Does it really work like that?” (Fia)


{If either I or Keeno says so.}


“…” (Fia)


Fia’s face gradually turned red as she got embarrassed over just how worked up she was over this subject.


“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.” (Fia)


I held my hand up and Pram reciprocated, completing the ritual know as ‘high-five.’  She then yawned again.


“I really should head home.” (Pram)


“Meh, just stay the night.  It’s not like you haven’t before.” (Keeno)


“…Is that fine, Miss Fiametta?” (Pram)


“Yeah.” (Fia)


“Come on, Pram, get ready for bed and I’ll help brush your tail.” (Keeno)


“Thanks.  I’ll brush yours as well and you can tell me what it’s like kissing.” (Pram)


“Oki.” (Keeno)


We left the still embarrassed Fia to get ready for bed.


Chaos Realm:

Atmos: …

What’s up with you?

Atmos: I have a bad feeling.  What’s this worlds God of Fate named again?


Atmos: May his…nope, that won’t work either.

Wait, is your Authority working on this world?

Atmos: No, it’s just my intuition.  Phobos is going to make the same mistake I did early on with Luna and Tamamo.

Order: What mistake?

Atmos: Let me regale you with the tail of that time.