Chapter 72: Sacred Evil God VS Black Dragon Emperor! Part I
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ORIGINAL Author: Chaos

SPINOFF Author: Vester



The Black Dragon Emperor took a few steps back as it leaned its head behind. The entire ground below it’s legs cracked and sank! Dust clouds erupted from the ground, but they didn’t even reached the Black Dragon Emperor’s knees!




It opened its huge maw and drew in a deep breath! The air, huge trees, dust, debris, even monsters... Everything in the area was sucked in the mouth of the Black Dragon Emperor!

The suction power behind a simple deep breath changed the entire layout of surroundings nearby, leaving nothing but a barren ground behind!

The air felt even thinner in the area than on the peak of the Mountain! Some of the Servant Class monsters far away from the area fainted on spot because of the lack of air!

The Dragon’s belly furiously expanded and it’s already huge size became even massive!


With a deafening roar that shattered eardrums and sent shockwaves reverberating through the air.

The Black Dragon Emperor who was silent for around a decade after the death of Eirinikos made it’s presence known throughout the mountain again!

The sheer force of its bellow was enough to tear asunder the very space through which it travelled, leaving behind a trail of destruction that stretched far into the mountain region! Some of the smaller mountains even collapsed under the fierce vibrations and shockwave!

Mo Fan was startled!

He saw a Black and White Light being condensed in the throat of the Black Dragon Emperor!




Similar to the eruption of a Lightning Bolt, without wasting a second Mo Fan immediately flew into the sky above with max speed and left the area!!



One millisecond later after Mo Fan ran from the place, a Massive and destructive swirling wave of Black Plasma devoured the platform he was standing on and even decimated the entire peak of the Tyrant Mountain and everything in its path!

Huge... Too huge!!

The Breath attack of Black Dragon Emperor was extremely destructive and corrosive to the point where even the Dark Kings did not dare to tank it in Mo Fan’s previous life.

The wave of energy was so massive in size that it seemed like a large pillar of Black Flames had descended from the Heavens!

The Black Dragon Emperor’s Roar not only destroyed everything in it’s path, but it even tore apart the space it travelled through!

Mo Fan’s heart sank. If he was even a second later, even his soul as the Sacred Evil God would’ve been destroyed!

“Shit! No Wonder Su Lu crippled it’s throat...” Mo Fan cursed.

The Breath of the Black Dragon Emperor was as strong as Mo Fan’s All Elements Fusion Forbidden Curse!

There was no way Mo Fan was going to be okay if he were to take on something like that no matter how strong he was currently!

“Stop! I don’t want to fight you!!” Mo Fan’s echoed like a thunder from above the sky.

It was in no way inferior to the Black Dragon Emperor’s roar from before!

The Black Dragon Emperor glared at Mo Fan after it noticed it was not able to deal with it’s prey! It had seen Mo Fan as a threat, that’s why it decided to attack him with its strongest attack from the get go.

The Black Dragon Emperor was able to clearly understand Mo Fan, but it suddenly lifted it’s huge claw and slashed towards Mo Fan!

Even though it’s size was huge, it was still fast and swift in its attack!


Mo Fan was not able to react in time and swatted away like an annoying fly.





The colossal paw of the dragon struck with devastating force, launching Mo Fan through the air like a ragdoll. He flew across the landscape, crashing through mountains and valleys, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

Finally, his tumultuous flight came to a sudden halt as he smashed into the side of a towering mountain.

The impact was immense, causing the mountain to tremble and crumble around him, burying him beneath a cascade of rocks and debris.

A thick cloud of dust enveloped the area, obscuring the devastation that had occurred.

After a few tense breaths, a brilliant crimson light pierced through the shattered remains of the mountain, shooting high into the sky. The once-solid debris of the mountain crumbled into fine dust, swirling and ascending into the air.

Eight immense mountains of swirling crimson energy materialized out of thin air, hovering ominously where the mountain had stood.


The Black Dragon Emperor fixated its gaze on these colossal structures, its golden eyes gleaming with a mix of curiosity and wariness.

Then, like a comet piecing into the sky, Mo Fan emerged from the heart of the mountain, enveloped in a crimson aura that seemed to pulse with unholy power.

The light radiating from him washed over the entire mountain range, painting everything in its path with a deep, foreboding crimson hue. Despite the destructive force that had just been unleashed upon him, Mo Fan appeared completely unscathed and unharmed!

His eyes glowed with a demonic intensity which seemed to devour and destroy everything in its path! Mo Fan was seriously pissed off!

But his gaze, though demonic, was filled with earnestness. Despite the earlier humiliation, Mo Fan’s true intention was to heal the Black Dragon Emperor. With a resolve in his eyes, he attempted to persuade the dragon once more.

“Listen to me! I’m here to help—"



As Mo Fan’s words hung in the air, a colossal pillar of black lightning tore through the sky, descending upon him with unbridled fury. The pillar of Lightning was so Destructive that it even tore through the Sacred Evil God’s Energy Mountain!

The surrounding area was engulfed in a blinding, searing light as the pillar struck its target, unleashing a cataclysmic explosion that reverberated through the land.

The force of the explosion was so immense that it seemed to warp reality itself. The ground trembled violently, sending shockwaves rippling through the air.

Trees were uprooted, rocks were pulverized into dust, Monsters regardless of their ranks were evaporated and the very fabric of the earth seemed to groan in protest at the sheer devastation unleashed upon it.

The deafening roar of the explosion echoed for miles around, drowning out all other sounds and filling the air with a sense of impending doom.

The force of the blast was so intense that even the sky seemed to darken, as if the very heavens were mourning the destruction below.

When the dust finally settled and the echoes of the explosion faded into silence, all that remained was a smouldering crater where Mo Fan had once stood.

The once majestic mountain range lay in ruins, its beauty and grandeur erased in an instant by the merciless wrath of the black lightning.

But amidst the destruction and chaos, a faint glimmer of crimson light flickered.

Mo Fan’s indomitable will had not been extinguished.


With a groan, he pushed himself up from the ground, his body battered and bruised but his spirit unbroken.

As he surveyed the devastation around him, a fierce determination burned in his eyes.

The Black Dragon Emperor may have struck him down, but Mo Fan was far from defeated. This was only the beginning of his battle.


Mo Fan’s voice thundered with a monstrous intensity, resonating with a primal fury that seemed to transcend his humanity.

The Eight Energy Mountains, shattered by the earlier onslaught, now surged forth with renewed vigour, casting their crimson hue across the land.

They pulsed with an intensity that mirrored Mo Fan’s own rising rage, their radiance burning brighter than ever before.

Mo Fan’s injuries began to mend, his body bathed in the crimson glow of healing energy. But there was no solace in his restoration, only a seething anger that simmered just beneath the surface.

His demon blood boiled with an intensity that seemingly dwarfed even the remaining lightning flickering around him! Mo Fan was already a hot tempered guy, but when he was in his Demon form, it was extremely difficult for him to stay in control since the Demon within him was utterly relentless and dangerous! His desire for death and destruction were amplified in his Demonized state.


The air crackled with anticipation as Mo Fan’s form became enveloped in a swirling maelstrom of crimson lightning with black hue!

Mo Fan’s body had absorbed most of the energy of the Black Dragon Emperor’s lightning, and now he had made it his own!

Fucking Lizard Bastard! Know your place!

His words echoed with venomous fury, each syllable dripping with disdain and contempt.


The sound of the Blackish Crimson lightning was deafening, mirroring his wrath as it surged around him.

The air crackled with an ominous energy as the Lightning Element from a hundred kilometres away gathered around Mo Fan, swirling and coalescing into a seething mass of power.


With each passing moment, the energy grew more intense, until it enveloped the entire sky above him in a dazzling display of raw power.

Mo Fan raised his hand toward the sky, a smirk playing on his lips as if he was looking at lower life form.

As he focused his will, the swirling mass of lightning condensed into hundreds of massive dragons, each crackling with untamed power.

You need to know just who you’re standing in front of, you lowly lizard!" Mo Fan grumbled.

With a thunderous roar, the lightning dragons flew towards the Black Dragon Emperor!

The Black Dragon Emperor, also didn’t stand on the ceremony!


With a deafening roar, it lunged forward ferociously and its massive claws slashed at the Lightning Dragons!

The sky was illuminated by a blinding light as the lightning dragons struck, their power rending the very fabric of reality.

The ground trembled beneath the onslaught, unable to withstand the sheer force of the attack!