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[Shout out to Javier R and Akifuyuu!]

Hollywood What If Chapter 184

"Kazir~ Baby~"

Cameron Diaz snuggled up next to Kazir and kissed his neck. She was intoxicated by his scent and rubbed her skin against him. 

The couple was naked under the sheets, quite steamy and sweaty. 

Kazir chuckled. Then he looked at his phone on the table and realized that someone had contacted him. 

Cameron Diaz pouted and decided to give him a hug. 

"Let's stay in bed."

"Cam, I have to get the phone. Maybe it's important."

Kazir realized that Cameron Diaz had been acting strangely yesterday. Even her performance in the afternoon was bad. Kazir talked to her and the woman just clicked her tongue and glared at him. 

Kazir had no choice but to stop filming for the day. 

To make sure Cameron Diaz would have a good night, Kazir decided to "tease" her. They had a great night and Cameron Diaz returned to her bubbly self. 

It was still early in the morning and they had two hours before the day's filming began... Actually, they only slept for a few hours because they had been 'exercising' for quite some time. 


Cameron nodded and decided to leave the phone to Kazir. As always, she was pleased with Kazir's performance. 

Kazir made sure that his partner was satisfied after the session. Although Cameron Diaz knew that their relationship was only contractual, she knew that she would miss the man. 

So while they were still an official couple, she decided to have some fun with Kazir. 

However, she found that when it came to work, Kazir Grey was very professional. He didn't let his emotions get in the way of filming. 

In fact, when the kissing scene with Matt Damon happened, almost everyone on the crew felt uncomfortable. 

Even Cameron Diaz and Matt Damon were not sure what to do. 

Only Kazir Grey was serious about it. He didn't care if his current girlfriend was kissing another guy. He was not immature. This was a job and they got paid for it. 

Kazir's passion for filmmaking was strong. He didn't care what others thought.

In the end, Cameron Diaz and Matt Damon decided to do the kissing scene in one take. Kazir was so pleased with their performance that he didn't ask for a reshoot. 

Everyone on the crew understood that Kazir would ask for another kissing scene if the first shot didn't satisfy him. 

As for Cameron Diaz, she felt that Kazir Grey was not serious about her at all... Maybe she was right. 

From Kazir's point of view, they were not a real couple. As long as Cameron Diaz didn't sabotage The Bourne Identity, the man would let her be. 

Frankly, Cameron Diaz was hurt by this. Her pride as a woman was hurt. 

Fortunately, Kazir gave her a great experience that same night, so she easily forgot about it. 

'Yesterday, however, a beautiful, elegant woman appeared and spoke to Kazir. The woman seemed to be smart and she talked to Kazir about business. '

Although Cameron Diaz knew that the woman was just doing her job, she could not help but be jealous. 

She knew she was becoming childish as well. Affected by this, her performance yesterday went down. 

Again, after this incident, Kazir focused his attention on her. Cameron Diaz realized a way to get the man's attention. 

'Unfortunately, he will easily realize my intention if I try to cause trouble.' She sighed in defeat.

Kazir Grey picked up the phone and realized that Salvatore Barlowe was calling him.

"Salvatore? Yes, I'm in the hotel room. I see... Thanks, I'll call you later."

Kazir grinned and hung up the phone. 

"Why did your agent call you?" 

Cameron Diaz was curious.

"If it's not important, you don't have to tell me." She added. 

"It's okay. It's about a movie I tried to acquire. Unfortunately, someone bought the movie before I could get it."

Cameron Diaz raised her eyebrows. She was interested in the movie that had caught Kazir's attention. 

"Hehe, it's actually not a good movie." Kazir felt the woman's gaze and explained further.

"It's shaky footage about college students who went into a forest and disappeared."

"Sounds interesting..." Cameron lied. 

"No, it's actually quite boring. I didn't like it at all. My eyes almost went blind." Kazir said his opinion. 

"If it wasn't for the amazing publicity, I might not be interested in the movie.

The Blair Witch Project was a huge success because of its viral publicity. It was the first successful "found footage" movie, paving the way for Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield at the box office. 

Kazir was amazed by the hype surrounding the film. It was unique. 

So when he remembered that The Blair Witch Project was coming out this year, he decided to try his luck and make the most of it. 

"Salvatore said that The Blair Witch Project has been acquired by Miramax. However, it seems that they are going to contact another distributor to distribute the film."

Miramax had worldwide distribution, but they didn't dare distribute The Blair Witch Project. The answer was obvious.

'They are afraid of the backlash.'

He chuckled. Suddenly he thought of something funny. 

"We still have two hours, how about we have some fun?"

"Fufu, Kazir~"

Cameron Diaz giggled as Kazir pounced on her. She didn't care about the glasses woman anymore. All she wanted to do was have some fun with Kazir. 




A month after Stella Willow returned to the United States, the crew of The Bourne Identity finished filming and everyone was happy about it. 

For the actors, the quicker the shooting was finished, the better. They were paid by the project, not by the day or the hour. Now that filming was over, they could focus on other things. Their salary was already paid. Although they still had to go to the studio to dub their lines. 

Just like that, the month of June came and the summer schedule was full as always. 


[I realized that the MC's first name is actually Kazir Gray instead of Kazir Grey! I hate myself for making a huge mistake... anyway, let's all forget about it, okay?]