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[Shout out to David H!]

Hollywood What If Chapter 174

Palenque Simone rubbed his eyes as he watched the movie on the big screen. 

Normally, watching movies was entertaining and relaxing, unless the movie was a horror movie. Horror movies were for the purpose of scaring the audience. 

In this situation, the movie in front of Palenque Simone was a horror movie. However, he didn't feel scared at all. In fact, he was bored and sleepy. 

'It really hurts my eyes to watch such a movie! The camera shakes so much that my head hurts! Besides, I feel like this is not a movie at all. It's like footage! Not a professional movie at all.'

Around this time, the found footage genre did not exist. The Blair Witch Project was the first kind of its genre that became successful. It basically popularized the genre. 

Besides Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield were also found footage movies. 

Anyway, Palenque Simone didn't know why his boss told him to watch this movie and try to buy the rights. 

Palenque Simone was an intern five years ago. He graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in psychology. But he didn't want to go to a hospital or become a counselor or anything like that. 

Instead, he was interested in the minds of movie characters. He loves to study the psychology of movie characters. 

He studied Catherine Tramell, a fictional character from Basic Instinct. He especially likes to study Hannibal Lecter... The guy was quite interesting. 

Of course, Palenque was not crazy. He just wanted to know how psychopaths think. 

Because of this hobby he decided to work in Hollywood. The first project he took part in was a great success. It was none other than Napoleon Dynamite. 

Remembering his life in Hollywood, Palenque Simone felt that he had it better. At least he had a steady job and the salary and bonus were amazing. Since all the films that Director Grey made were successful, the bonus he received was also considerable. 

In addition, his job was now the director's assistant after his friend, Fremont Smith, started his own movie. 

Palenque could not help but sigh. It would be a lie to say he was not jealous. 

Palenque and Fremont were on the same starting line, but now his position was higher than his. 

Well, Fremont Smith had experience in filmmaking because he had graduated from a film school. 

In addition, he signed a contract with Salvatore Barlowe, which made his way easier. One of the reasons why Kazir Grey decided to help him. 

'At least my salary increased...'

To be honest, Palenque was interested in making a movie, but his experience was not enough. He needed more time to gain experience and knowledge to be a director. Not that being a director is easy. 

Before becoming an assistant director, Palenque was part of the props team, responsible for making and preparing background scenes. 


Suddenly, he realized that the horror movie was over and stood up as the credits rolled. He was still confused as to why he was here and why he had to buy the movie. 

'Director Grey watched the movie two days ago while hiding his identity. Then he called me and said that I must buy the movie, but I must not show any intention of being interested in the movie so that the price won't be high.'

In order for this to happen, Director Grey told him to buy the film on the last day of the screening.

The Sundance Film Festival lasted ten days, and today was the last day. 

The audience clapped tiredly and left. In fact, only a handful of people watched the movie. The answer was obvious, the movie was not good at all!

Still, Palenque Simone decided to face the director of The Blair Witch Project just to finish the job. 

With a business smile, Palenque found the director and opened his mouth. 

"Hello, are you the director of this movie?"

"Me? Yes, I'm one of the directors of this movie. I'm Daniel Myrick."

Palenque nodded. Most of the time only one director is credited in a movie. That might have something to do with the Director's Guild rules that only one director be credited on a movie. 

Still, others have co-directors in movies, such as the Coen brothers and the Wachowski sisters. 

In The Blair Witch Project, two directors could be credited because they were not registered in the Director's Guild of America. 

"I'm Palenque Simone, and I'm interested in buying your movie."

Director Grey said that Palenque could not say his affiliation at the beginning, to keep the information hidden. 

Hearing Palenque's words, Daniel Myrick was stunned at first. But he smiled bitterly and shook his head. 

"I'm sorry, but I can't, not anymore. Someone already bought the movie yesterday... I apologize."

Daniel Myrick thought this movie was nonsense. So when he heard that someone was interested in buying his movie, he didn't think twice and sold it for $15,000. 

He thought the buyer would back out, so he sold it quickly. 

Now that someone was interested, he could not help but feel helpless. Life was never fair. 

"I see. Then can I know the company that bought it?"

"I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to tell you."

Palenque sighed. He just wasted his time here. He was not even sure how to explain this to Director Grey. 

With no choice, Palenque Simone left the Sundance Film Festival and found the opportunity to call his superior. 

"I'm sorry, director, but the film is already sold."

"It's okay. You can go back now."


Kazir was not very interested in the movie. He was interested in the profit, but cheating the whole country with viral marketing was pretty dirty in his opinion. It was different from his fake relationship with Cameron Diaz. Well, their relationship was not technically fake because they were actually dating, albeit with an expiration date...

"I wonder who bought the movie..."

Kazir thought to himself.