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[Shout out to Sydney and KumaBEAR!] 

Hollywood What If Chapter 178

"Mommy! MOMMY! MOMMY!"

Mara Cohen screamed as she walked to the pool. She was a spoiled child who was very childish. She was holding a newspaper, and she was clutching it in anger. 

She was screaming like a little child. Because of too much anger, she bumped into the table and it fell over. Mara Cohen clicked her tongue, but didn't bother to fix it. 

"Honey, what are you doing? Are you okay?"

Eliza Cohen was relaxing by the pool with her martini, in the middle of the day. She clearly had a good life. 

The mansion she lived in belonged to her third ex-husband. He was rich and gave her half of his estate. Eliza Cohen was now a millionaire, though she hadn't worked hard for it... She made her ex-husbands' little juniors hard though. 

"Shenna, go clean up the mess."

"Yes, ma'am."

Eliza ordered one of the maids she had hired from overseas. These overseas workers were very good at their jobs and their wages were very cheap. 

She only had to pay $400 monthly for each maid, and she didn't even have a problem with it. For these overseas workers, this amount was already huge. 

'Sometimes I remember that America is actually a better country than most.'

For a woman like Eliza Cohen, who took advantage of others, these things did not matter. 

"Mommy! Why is this happening? This is unfair! Why? I worked hard too!"

"Oh, honey. You need to calm down, okay?"

Mara was angry and disappointed. She walked in circles, obviously frustrated. 

"Mommy! You said I was going to be a star! That I would be the most beautiful actress on this planet!"

"Of course, honey. Just like your mother, you are beautiful. I think everyone knew that. Isn't that right? Shenna?"

"Ma'am...? Ah, yes, you are beautiful and Miss Mara is beautiful too. You are both beautiful."

The maid, Shenna, was not lying. Her employee and her daughter were indeed beautiful. They were like angels, though Shenna knew that angels were not real. The personalities of her employer and her daughter were not angelic either. 

"Fufu, I like your answer and I can see that you are not lying."

"Thank you, ma'am."

The maid wanted to leave this mansion and return to her country, but she had to feed her family. Besides, the pay here was better than in her own country. 

Shenna started to fix the table that had fallen over. 

"Anyway, your accent is not that good, I don't like it. I suggest you practice your English more. Better yet, don't speak at all."

Eliza Cohen muttered. 

Shenna nodded and silently cleaned up the mess Mara Cohen had made.

"Honey, why are you mad? Who did this to you?"

"This! Look at this newspaper! That woman! She stole my role! It's all her fault!"

The shy Mara Cohen whom Kazir met last year was nothing more than a false persona. Perhaps Kazir dodged a bullet by cutting ties with his mother. After all, his half-sister was no innocent girl. 

"Aww, let me take a look at that newspaper you're holding."

Mara Cohen handed her mother the newspaper. Mara was angry when she read the article earlier. 

The top-grossing domestic films of 1998 were:

1.) Titanic -- $488 million. 

2.) The Hangover Part 2-- $254 million. 

3.) Armageddon-- 198 million dollars. 

4.) Saving Private Ryan-- $190 million. 

5.) There's Something About Mary-- $174 million.

6.) The Waterboy-- $147 million. 

7.) Doctor Dolittle-- $144 million. 

8.) Deep Impact - 140 million dollars. 

9.) Godzilla-- 136 million dollars.

10.) Rush Hour-- $136 million. 

These ten movies were the highest grossing movies of last year. 

Titanic was very impressive, the movie already surpassed 1 billion dollars and everyone knew why the movie was number 1 this year. 

As for The Hangover Part 2, this movie was distributed by Warner Bros. Eliza Cohen pursed her lips about this movie. After all, the screenwriter of this movie was her son, Kazir Grey. 

In fact, everyone believes that the success of The Hangover Part 2 was due to the creativity that Kazir Grey had. Eliza Cohen was proud of this. She believed that her son inherited all his good qualities from her.  

"Mom, Deep Impact is one of the top ten highest-grossing films of the year!"

The worldwide gross of Deep Impact was $349 million. It was an obvious success. 

But Mara Cohen was not happy about it. 

Mara Cohen had actually auditioned for a role in the movie. The part she was trying to get was Sarah Hotchner, she was Leo Biederman's girlfriend. 

Leo Biederman was the teenager who discovered that a comet was going to hit the earth. 

Even though Sarah Hotchner didn't have many scenes, it was still an impressive role. 

Unfortunately, someone stole it from her! It was none other than Scarlett Johansson! 

Because of this, Mara Cohen hoped that Deep Impact would flop and everyone in the cast would be heartbroken. 

Actually, Mara Cohen auditioned for the role, but she never made it past the 2nd round. She was immediately rejected because she didn't have any sense of acting ability. 

Mara Cohen was indeed beautiful, but she was stiff in front of the camera. Her facial expressions were forced and dull! The best she could get were vase roles. A background role, appearing only in the background to make the scene beautiful!

"I hate the casting director! That part should have been mine! Mine! I can't believe it!"

So she had a grudge against Scarlett Johansson because of this...