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Hollywood What If Chapter 181

Stella Willow was pleased that Palenque Simone had a car for them to use. She didn't want to use a taxi, maybe her perception of traveling changed after watching Taken.

What happened two years ago made citizens understand the dangers of traveling abroad.

The news about kidnapping and sex trafficking was quite strong two years ago, almost every form of media joined in. It made people in North America aware of their surroundings. It spread awareness, which was a good thing. 

In fact, before Stella Willow got into the car, she looked at the license plate. 

Then she sent the plate number to her boyfriend, just to be sure. Maybe she was being paranoid, but it was better than being kidnapped, right? 

Palenque Simone noticed that the woman had a solemn expression on her face, so he decided to talk to her to improve the atmosphere. 

He knew that this woman was going to be the General Manager of Grey Pictures. In a way, her position was higher than his, so the woman was his boss. 

'I want to make a movie and a connection with people is a good thing.'

Palenque Simone and Stella Willow were talking. Stella looked like a knowledgeable woman and her answers were informative and proud, almost as if Palenque was talking to a genius. 

Maybe that was why Stella was hired. 

A few minutes later they reached their destination. 

In a wide alley, Stella got out of the car and looked around. 

She secretly sighed as she confirmed that this was the filming location. 

She could see the tents used by the film crew. The trailers that the actors used to relax and change their makeup and appearance. 

A few meters away from them, Stella saw a number of cameras pointed in a certain direction. 

She also saw Kazir Grey sitting in his chair, staring at the seven monitors. Each monitor showed different angles, but they were all pointed at the car with two people having a conversation. 

As a veteran of the industry, Stella Willow was used to this sort of thing. 

Shooting a scene is always quiet. No one on the crew talks unless they are far from the set. 

The silence is deafening, very different from what people imagine. 

In this situation, only the actors can speak. 

Stella Willow silently approached the set to get a better view. 

She adjusted her gold-rimmed glasses. She saw two people acting in front of the cameras. 

Cameron Diaz and Matt Damon had a scene together. 

After Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) arrived at the bank indicated by the bullet, he realized that his name was indeed Jason Bourne. 

But his happiness quickly faded when he realized that he had so many identities and passports that he could not be sure which identity was real or fake. Or maybe all those identities were fake. 

Nevertheless, Jason Bourne decided to use his "Jason Bourne" identity.

He wanted to go to the United States to find out more about himself. But he found that the police were looking for him. Moreover, even the people in the US embassy were looking for him. On top of that, a certain secret organization was also looking for him. 

Jason Bourne felt as if the world was against him. 

After escaping from his pursuers, Jason Bourne found Marie Kreutz (Cameron Diaz) and tried to convince her to help him get out of the place. 

Marie Kreutz was reluctant at first, but Jason Bourne gave her ten thousand dollars to convince her to use her car to get out of town. 

In the end, the woman could not say no. The two traveled together. 


Kazir announced and the shooting paused. The weather was a bit chilly. Matt and Cameron's assistants quickly came over and gave them warm towels. 

Then the actors didn't have much interaction and went to their respective trailers. They were obviously strangers. 

This was normal in the industry. 

On The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Will Smith and Janet Hubert, the original Aunt Viv, didn't like each other despite their interactions on camera. At the end of season 3, Janet Hubert disappeared and another actress took over her role.

After all, actors and actresses were people. They could like or hate another person. That was nothing new. 

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. They didn't have a good relationship during the making of the movie. In fact, they hated each other... But the thing was, during the release of The Notebook, they became a couple! Maybe this was a promotional method to hype the movie. It was a good move because The Notebook was a success. 

There were many cases of actors having secret fights on the set. 

Luckily, it seemed that Matt Damon and Cameron Diaz were just strangers and there was no obvious beef. 

'Maybe Cameron Diaz is aware that her boyfriend is the one directing the movie.'

Stella Willow thought. 

When the shooting stopped, assistant director Palenque Simone informed director Grey that the general manager they had hired had arrived. 

Kazir Grey nodded and looked at Stella Willow. He rose from his seat and greeted the woman. 

"Miss Stella Willow, we spoke on the phone."

"Indeed. You are my boss, so I should hear your thoughts first."

"Very well. Before we talk business, would you like some coffee?"

"I prefer tea." The woman shook her head. 

"Then I must disturb the crew."

Kazir motioned for one of the crew to bring Stella a cup of tea. 

"We have Lipton tea, I hope that's okay with you."

"No problem."

"Then let's get down to business. 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros and Paramount are trying to come to an agreement right now." Kazir became serious.

The two found a table they could use. 

"Sometimes allies become enemies," Stella muttered after nudging her glasses. 

"Hm." Kazir nodded, agreeing with her.


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