[Vol. I] 26. Electric Rain
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With the battle over, Joe walked up to Quilava who had since let its legs give way and was lying on its belly, looking relieved. It’d done well to go against a Pseudo-Legendary, a Pokemon far stronger than itself. Quilava deserved all the praise Joe could give it, and as the Trainer did that, Rotom was trying to identify what attacking move had been used. Going through every single move in the database, not just fire-type moves, Rotom came up with nothing. Maybe it was Burn Up? But if it was, then Quilava had found a way to avoid temporarily losing its fire typing after exhausting all its flame. Eruption wouldn’t have done much since Quilava was weakened, and visually it didn’t match Blast Burn. Rotom needed more information.

Sabrina walked up to the Gym’s Metagross and thanked it before putting it back in its Pokeball. It wasn’t technically her Pokemon, Metagross was just for Gym battles, meaning it didn’t have to listen to her when she asked it to stand down. It was there to battle for the League, not Sabrina. 

This was often the case. If they were around the right strength, a Gym Leader was permitted to use their own Pokemon, but most of what they used in official matches belonged to the organisation running the League. For Sabrina, if someone had 6 badges, she’d end up using her own Alakazam.

Thinking about the Gym’s Pokemon made Sabrina question whether she was still good enough to be the leader. She clearly violated rules and ruined an official match for a challenger. Her employer would be justified to fire her if they found out. Perhaps a break was in order.

So she moved up to Joe and once she was by him he noticed her moving anxiously, putting her hands behind her back, looking around the blank room and even taking a few steps on the spot. Either she didn’t know what to say or she was expecting something to be said to her.

It seemed to be the former. “...Um, thank you. You really didn’t have to do anything. It was my problem, not yours.”

Originally Joe was worried about overstepping his boundaries, but he was glad he did. It seemed like his attempt at helping was successful. “Don’t mention it, I just wanted to help.” For a split second after saying that, Joe felt a strange sensation, like he’d heard those words before. But it wasn’t from him, it was from someone else. Who said it? Was it directed at him?

“But I wonder why my visions of you were wrong. They’ve only ever been wrong because I acted differently, not someone else.”

Thankfully, the Gym Leader snapped Joe out of his thoughts before he dug too deep. Joe picked up Quilava and stood, facing the Gym Leader directly. “Who knows.”

“Well whatever the case, I should give you this.” Taking a small item from a pocket of her white jeans, Sabrina went to hand something to Joe, but stopped with her hand partially outstretched towards him. Her eyes widened in shock. “The Silph building…”

Right before Joe could say anything, Absol bit onto his jacket and tugged to get its Trainer’s attention. Once he looked at the Disaster Pokemon, he realised. Sabrina could see the future and Absol could sense disasters. Something bad was about to happen.

“Team Rocket is here!” Acting of her own volition, Sabrina ran past Joe and straight to the door.

Moving quickly, Joe put Quilava in its ball and grabbed the Box Link off his bag, which was lying on the ground near where the Gym challenger stood, and ran after Sabrina out of the blank room, through the reception area and onto the streets. Half of his team were unable to battle so he needed to quickly swap them out and prepare for the worst, a series of battles against Team Rocket. His bag would just get in the way so it was left behind.

Once outside, Joe saw Sabrina sprinting through the gaps between the people walking around, and she was going the way he came from earlier. She was definitely heading towards Silph Company’s building. 

“Is she right, Absol?”

After the shiny Pokemon nodded, Joe started running after Sabrina with Absol by his side.

With barely enough finesse, he managed to send off Quilava, Sandshrew and Gastly to rest in storage and brought out Beedrill, Fomantis and Pidgeotto as he ran. Once he’d done that Joe clipped the Box Link to his jeans and picked up the pace, ducking and weaving between the swathes of people, with Absol bouncing around in front of him.

There was a point on the path with less people, allowing him to catch up with Sabrina as they got closer to Silph Company’s building. And then there was an explosion. A few storeys up, it could be seen from where they were. Shattered glass went everywhere and some concrete descended. Moments after the explosion, everything went silent and Joe and Sabrina had stopped running. All the civilians put what they were doing on hold and looked. Then panic set in. Everyone started running in the opposite direction.

“Are you sure about this?” Joe asked the Gym Leader as people brushed past him.

“You told me to decide for myself, didn’t you? Then I’m deciding to stop Team Rocket. I live here, I don’t want this city to be destroyed because I didn’t act.”

With a confident smile, he replied. “I think the entire city being destroyed is an over exaggeration.”

“I have visions, remember.” Unfortunately she was being serious. If they didn’t act then Saffron City would be uninhabitable. Wiped off the map.

They started running again as people and their Pokemon moved out the way. Instead of following the path that is basically the long way around, they cut through a thin alley covered in the long shadows created by skyscrapers. Bursting back out into the light of day the pair saw the last few innocents leave, and surrounding Silph Co. was a number of Team Rocket members.

What they didn’t expect was the police and their Pokemon had already engaged the evil team, with a man in a brown trench coat leading the charge.

“Looker!” Joe called out as he approached, then ordering Absol to use Ice Beam on a random enemy Pokemon.

The man looked and grinned, then focused on his Croagunk battling a Poliwrath. “You’re timing is impeccable, Joe! Go with some of my men and secure the building! We can’t let Team Rocket do what they want!”

Now wasn’t the time to be asking questions, so while some of the police and Looker kept Team Rocket busy, Joe, Sabrina and a small number of officers went for the entrance to Silph Co.

And they were close, right outside the automatic doors, but bright yellow electricity came crashing down, cutting a large scar into the front of the skyscraper and creating a load of concrete rubble that fell to the ground. All that rubble plummeted towards the entrance, where half a dozen people were. Seeing no other option, Sabrina turned on her heel as they were running. Creating illusions and seeing the future were just two functions of her power. Telekinesis was real, and something Sabrina could handle. With the psychic powers extending from her right hand she pushed Joe away, and with the psychic power coming from her left hand she pulled the police officers into the building with her.

Tonnes of dust was kicked up into the air and Joe was partially winded from being hit by Sabrina’s psychic ability. Coughing, he sat up and realised he was sitting close to the rubble. The entire entrance was concealed by fallen concrete.

“Sabrina, are you okay?!” He shouted through coughing.

“Yeah, we’re all fine! You deal with whatever’s out there, we’ll do what that Looker person said! There’s a backdoor, we’ll get the workers out through there!”

Relieved, Joe placed a hand on his knee and was about to rise to his feet when electricity rained from the skies. Looker’s Croagunk was hit first, then dozens of lightning bolts hit the ground randomly until hitting another friendly Pokemon. This continued and all Joe could do was watch as every Pokemon except Absol was taken out among all the lightning.

A heavy thud rang out from behind Joe and he turned to see a beast he didn’t think he’d see again anytime soon. Asphalt cracked under its 4 large paws, yellow lightning escaped its body and darted across the road around it, all while electricity was spawning from above. With bold red eyes, it glared at Joe and with a hefty roar, it threatened him.

Joe rose to his feet as Absol stepped forth as the only Pokemon Joe had that could go against the Thunder Pokemon, Raikou.