[Vol. I] 3. Rainbow Miracle
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Absol sprung up and rushed towards the cliff edge, but before it could get close yet another yellow bolt came from Raikou, hitting Absol in the side. A few small streams of smoke left Absol’s body as it was knocked off its feet and hit the dirt path.

The Pokemon growled in response. It hadn’t given up yet, but Absol was now paralyzed. Static buzzed around Absol’s pure white fur, and the surrounding air, as it got up and continued to struggle, slowly making its way to the edge of the cliff. It hoped that the human hadn’t reached the bottom yet.

Raikou began preparing one final attack to finish off this nuisance of a Pokemon, and the charging process was quick. Seconds later, a large, white beam left Raikou’s mouth. 

Fortunately, Absol was stronger than the average Pokemon due to travelling the world and constantly saving those in danger. A black aura grew around its paw as it prepared Sucker Punch and, as the white Hyper Beam sped towards it, Absol sprinted towards the Legendary. The Hyper Beam from Raikou was split in two by Absol’s Sucker Punch and the two halves travelled past both sides of Absol, with one half hitting the side of the mountain and the other half flying off the mountain. Absol then landed and pounced forward with Sucker Punch still active, prepared to strike the beast. If it struck in the right place, Raikou should be stunned for just long enough for Absol to flee and check on the human.

It’s rare for a plan to be executed correctly in these situations though. The static still attached to Absol became more active, paralyzing the Pokemon and bringing it to a halt before it could hit Raikou. The Legendary took the opportunity to attack its stunned opponent, opening its mouth and wrapping blindingly bright electricity around its fangs.

Absol ducked under the Thunder Fang attack and jumped back, a beam of ice leaving its mouth as it backed away. The Ice Beam hit Raikou’s leg and froze the beast to the rocky path, moving up to strike the Legendary in the face too.

Another Thunder attack struck near Absol, who was still trying to leave. Clearly, Raikou wasn’t going to let its enemy go. The Disaster Pokemon really wanted to retreat and make sure the human was safe, but it seemed like it wouldn’t have the chance. It knew all too well that if it focused on something other than the fight it would lose faster than normal. The two Pokemon glared at each other and growled, preparing to clash.

While that battle raged on, Joe was lying on his back, panting heavily. “Thank god there’s a river here.”

At the base of Mt. Silver, between New Bark Town and the mountain itself, was a deep flowing river. Joe may be soaked from head to toe, but he was still alive thanks to the water that broke his fall.

With his back on the dirt, Joe could see parts of the battle between Absol and Raikou leaking out over the ridge. Blue beams of ice here, yellow electricity there. He was in no position to aid the Absol, but he sat up with only one thought in his mind. It tried to help me, so I need to try and help it. So, in his wet clothes, he sprinted across the bridge and back up the mountain path.

The Absol put up quite the fight, but there was no standing up to a Legendary Pokemon. It lay beaten on the mountain path, barely conscious as the shadow of Raikou loomed over it.

But before a large paw came down on Absol’s neck, the Legendary stopped and looked behind it. Absol followed this gaze to see a human catching his breath, water dripping from his clothes, his black hair sticking to his face.

“Looks... like I made it...” He managed to speak while catching his breath.

The Pokemon of legends turned its full attention to the human, even preparing an electric attack against him. Absol attempted to get up and do something but slumped back down. It just didn’t have the strength anymore.

Standing firm, Joe looked at Raikou. What now?

There was a single word to describe someone like Joe. Fool. He’d run into danger with absolutely no plan, but with the slim hope that luck would, for a change, favour the unprepared man.

And it seemed like he really was in luck. The clouds above parted and fire rained down, specifically targeting Raikou. The Legendary sped away using electricity to enhance its movements and looked up, as did Joe. A huge red and white bird appeared in the sky. As if seeing one legendary wasn’t enough, now there was another.

“Ho-Oh...” All Joe could manage was to speak its name as he watched the majestic bird stare down its opponent, its rainbow wings moving to keep it in the air.

Using electricity, Raikou attacked Ho-Oh and retreated up the mountain as fast as a Thunderbolt. Ho-Oh gave chase from the sky, leaving behind nothing but the sound of the breeze.

“What was that all about?” Joe spoke aloud once everything fell silent, before realising Absol was injured nearby and ran over to it.

He had no reason to worry, however. Ho-Oh may have left as quickly as it had shown up, but it’d helped out a great deal. Not only had it chased off and pursued the Legendary known as Raikou, but it left behind a little gift. Small glowing particles fell from where the bird had flown, and once some of them touched Absol, its injuries began to heal. Joe put a hand out to catch a few as if he were catching snow in his palm, only for the golden particles to dissipate upon impact.

In front of Joe, Absol awoke and rose to its feet.

“Oh, you’re up?” The human looked at the Pokemon. “Glad to see you’re fine.”

The Pokemon nodded slightly in response.

Joe gave a smile and sat down beside Absol. “So what now? Are you going to run off to help others? I get the impression that’s what you normally do.”

Once again, it nodded.

Moving his head to look up at the opening Ho-Oh left in the clouds, Joe spoke frankly. “How about we go together? You can’t help everyone yourself, so let me train a team to help you.”

Neither did anything for a time, but the Absol eventually moved to stand in front of the sitting human. “Sol.”

“Is that a yes?”

“Absol.” This time the Pokemon also gave a nod.

There was no way for Joe to know why Absol accepted his offer. Maybe this battle showed it that it wasn’t strong enough on its own, or perhaps it was impressed by Joe’s willingness to enter a dangerous situation to help out. Either way, the pair set off down the mountain and to the nearest hotel in New Bark Town so Joe could sort himself out.