[Vol. I] 5. First Battle
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Before leaving Johto, Joe went ahead and bought an over-the-shoulder bag to store items in. It was a simple red and white design that mimicked the colour scheme of a Pokeball. He also found a simple attachment for his belt that held 6 Pokeballs. He bought some more balls just in case and stored them in his bag, alongside a potion and food for his team.

Joe rushed onto a ferry that was stopping by Pallet Town just before it departed, all while Cyndaquil cheered from its position of being held in its Trainer’s arms and Absol ran alongside him. On the ferry, he took the opportunity to have Absol claim a spot on his team by entering a Pokeball. Absol quickly let itself out though, seemingly not okay with being kept on standby. Cyndaquil was fine with being in its ball, but for now Joe was happy to carry the little Pokemon around.

It would take some time for the ferry to reach Kanto, so Joe simply wondered about, eventually getting to the front of the ship. There he found a battle in progress, a white outline on the wooden floor to show the area in which battles should be held.

He silently watched, like many other passengers were, as a Blaziken fought against a Mega Sceptile. His floating RotoPhone took the sight in too but saved the Dex readings for later.

Joe was content with watching, deciding that smaller scale wild Pokemon battles would be better for his debut.

A few days later and, finally, Joe set foot in Kanto. It’d been almost two weeks since he finished work for his year-long holiday. He moved straight along, entering Route 1. There were so many Pokemon roaming around, but one in particular caught his attention. A Shinx. He looked down. “You ready, Cyndaquil?”

“Quil!” It nodded, jumping to the ground and aiming to face off against the half blue, half black Pokemon.

For the first time since he met the Johto fire-type starter, the red circles on it’s back erupted with fire, making it look like Cyndaquil had spikes leaving its body.

The RotoPhone hovered around the bottom right of Joe’s field of view, telling him what his Cyndaquil could do. Joe found the RotoPhone to be a curious device. Despite the Rotom inside not being present during the battle between Absol and Raikou, it still knew everything about Joe’s Absol. From just a quick scan it could tell Joe the moves, gender, ability, height and weight of a Pokemon. He had more thoughts about what Rotom could do, but he’d think about it later. Right now a battle had started.

“Cyndaquil, Tackle!” With the help of Rotom, Joe could see that his Cyndaquil only knew Tackle and Leer, so of course, an attack was the correct option. This Shinx was probably quite weak, there was no need to waste time making it weaker with Leer.

Cyndaquil charged at Shinx, but Shinx dodged to the side and used Tackle in return, hitting Cyndaquil in the side.

“You okay?”

“Cyndaquil!” The little bundle of cute sounded fine, the fire on it’s back burning brighter than before.

“Then, Tackle again.”

As ordered, Cyndaquil charged forward again. Its opponent seemed to use Leer while standing still, making it the perfect target. Cyndaquil got a solid hit and sent the Shinx tumbling backwards.

Hopefully that’s good enough… Joe thought, using his left hand to reach for one of the spare Pokeballs on his belt. He pushed the button, making the ball grow in size, and threw it at the Shinx which was still recovering from being tackled.

The Shinx disappeared into the ball. One shake. Two shakes. Joe could feel the adrenaline, it was kind of fun being a Trainer. The third shake happened and then the ball lay still before the white button flashed. A great big smile grew on Joe’s face as he ran to his fire-type starter and picked it up. “Good job, buddy!”

With an ecstatic Cyndaquil in his arms, Joe retrieved his new Pokemon, letting it out of the ball immediately. It shook its body and looked up at Joe.

“Welcome to the team, Shinx.”

Seeing the smiling human made Shinx happy and it began prancing around Joe’s feet as Rotom started talking.

“Shinx, the Flash Pokemon. All of its fur dazzles if danger is sensed. It flees while the foe is momentarily blinded.” After that, it began listing information specific to this Shinx that now belonged to Joe. “Jolly, male. Height is 1’12”, weight is 23.3 lbs. Current moves are Tackle and Leer. Ability is Intimidate.”

While he was listening to Rotom, Joe noticed Shinx went to greet Absol. The Disaster Pokemon didn’t seem too welcoming at first, but it just needed time to warm up to others. It wasn’t too friendly to Cyndaquil before the ferry trip, but by the end of the boat ride, Absol had warmed up to the little fire-type and was using its tail as a toy.

In regards to his Absol, Joe found out something interesting and then something odd. His Absol was known as a shiny. The image displayed on his RotoPhone was a different colour to his red and white Absol, and when asked why Rotom said sometimes a Pokemon can be found with different colours.

The part that was odd though was Absol’s ability. Rotom didn’t know what it was. There are 3 possibilities for Absol’s ability, yet this shiny Absol had none of them. Rotom explained that sometimes a Pokemon does or has something that isn’t recorded in its database. For example, there has never been a sighting of a Cyndaquil using Fire Fang. However, that doesn’t mean Cyndaquil can’t learn it, it’s just that there’s never been a sighting of one knowing it. It works the same for abilities. Joe’s Absol simply has an ability that isn’t recorded in the database. The ability should eventually become obvious and then a 4th ability will be listed for Absol’s Dex entry.

But enough of that. Joe returned his Shinx to its ball, but still held on to the little Johto starter. As the sun set the team arrived in Viridian. They ate together at a restaurant and then stopped in a hotel for the night. Tomorrow they should make it through Viridian Forest and begin preparations for the first gym battle.

On the ferry ride, Joe had discussed it with his Absol. Since the reason Absol was tagging along seemed to be to have a team to help it, Joe decided that he’d participate in gym battles to make his team stronger. However, they were to drop everything the moment Absol sensed danger and go to the source of the problem. That was the agreement they’d reached.