Chapter 13: Seeing things through.
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Thoughts, "Dialogue", Vvpjlz

Claire Pov

"Dragged? What does that mean?" I inquired, unsure about somethings that Sofia is telling me.

"Let me first explain some basics. You see everything in the hidden world contains or produces a very specific kind of energy. This energy is called many different names depending on who you who ask. The organization that I work with calls it Mana as it is the simplest name that people call it by." Before she can continue Alex returned with drinks, he even got me one. We thanked him, then we all took a sip from our drinks. It was a dark coffee with one cream and two sugar. "Ok, uh where were we?"

"We were talking about mana and being a chosen." 

"Oh thank you. So everything in the world contains Mana and if you don't produce mana you won't be able to perceive the hidden world. So the reason why normal people are unable to perceive the hidden world is because of there lack of mana, and the reason why you can't force someone into the hidden is that you're unable to give someone else mana. They have to produce it themselves, well there are cases where people make mana for a brief amount of time. During those times they might see something and then it would quickly disappear. Most of the time these "sightings" cause ghost, cryptid, or other supernatural experiences."

"So awakened and chosen are people who randomly started to produce mana?"

"Yes and no," She took a sip from her coffee, " Awakened are people who do start to produce mana even though they weren't able to previously. It unknown why this happens and countless people have dedicated a good chunk of there lives trying to solve this mystery, only to end up empty-handed at the end."

"So its different for people who are a chosen?"

"Yes, while awakened gain the ability to produce mana randomly. Chosen like what the name suggests are chosen by an entity and gifted an ability or abilities. They start to produce mana as a side effect of the entities' gift," She took another sip from her drink, "Ok. I think that is the basics gist of things, we can answer a question you might have as we already told you quite a bit. We can answer more however you would need to answer some of our questions first."

I nodded then started to think of somethings I wanted to know the most, after a few minutes I thought up a list of questions I wanted to know the most. "What do you mean by entities, do you mean like gods or demons?"

She nodded with a smile as if she liked my question. "Its really up to you on how you interpret the entities, some call them gods while others demon. So it's really up to you on how you view them. However, you do have to be careful as they are people who worship them as gods and demons."

I nodded as I heard her answer, I took a sip of my now warm coffee. "Ok, you can ask me what you want to know."

"We can do an exchange, an answer for an answer." I just nodded for my reply.

"How many colors does the eye turn too?" I tilted my head, seeing my confusion she tried to make her question more clear. "When the eye looks at you the iris is green the same as yours right?" All I was able to give her was a nod. "Well is there any time where the iris is a different color and is looking at other places?"

"Ah!" Finally understanding what she is asking I answered. "Yes, sometimes it is other colors. There are times when it's blue or red." Alex's mouth twitched which surprised me as this whole time he kept a straight face.

"I see, well thank you for answering. Do you have any other questions?"

"The entity that chose me what is it called, and what does it want from me?"

"Well, that is two questions, however, because I can't fully answer your question I can only tell you what I can."

"That's fine."

"Well the entity that chose you is quite a mystery, no one knows what it looks like or even what its name is. And even though it chose many people in the past it never told any of them what it wants. We just call it Iris as it is the easiest way to identify it."

I was about to ask them what their next question is when Alex abruptly asked: "When you first started to see the eye did it start changing colors?" I was taken aback quite a bit as he was so calm this whole time, and yet he was looking slightly panicked. I looked at him suspiciously wondering why he suddenly wants to know.

"Why do you want to know?" 

"It's quite important so can you answer my question?" I glared at him, a bit ticked off from his urging. He also glared back at me, while tapping on the table. We just glared at each other for a solid minute before Sofia coughed trying to get our attention. She waited for us to look at her before she said what she wanted.

"Alex I understand that you are in a rush to get back and want to finish this mission as soon a possible. I also understand that hearing that this will take even longer got you pretty mad, but you should have learned by now that letting your emotions control you won't make the situation any better." He sighed and nodded at her. "Also Claire I apologize on behalf of my partner, he is just a bit frustrated about how long this mission is taking."

I stared at her for a bit trying to see if she is trying to hide anything, but when I couldn't find anything I couldn't help but sigh. "OK, but can you answer my question on why he wants to know?"

"Very well, first I need to explain somethings. Remember when I said that Iris chosen people in the past?" I nodded, I remembered her saying that but I didn't see anything weird about it. "Well, you see Iris always chooses people in a group of four, one person of each eye color. He won't choose any more people until the last four dies, that's when he would choose a person anywhere around the world to be his first chosen. After which the other three would be picked around the area of the first chosen, this process usually takes about half a  year to complete. That means because you can see other colors in the eye, you're not the first chosen. This also means we couldn't find the other chosen, and the fact that you can see two other colors mean we spent a few weeks finding a chosen. And yet couldn't find two chosen who are in this city.

"I can see how that can be frustrating."

"Well yes, it is." We all just sat there in silence for a few minutes. "Well, what do you say Claire are you willing to join us? We guarantee that we will protect and train you until you can fend for yourself in the hidden world."

I thought about it, I feel like that they are hiding more then they let on and that if I want to know what that is I would need to join them. Also, I barely know anything about the hidden world, so they might be my best bet if I want to learn more about it. So after a bit of thinking I eventually agreed to the offer. Sofia smiled and welcomed me to the N.W.O(New World Organization), we then exchanged contact information. She left after saying that they would contact me tomorrow to tell me something important, but that it could wait so that I can digest everything I learned today. I stayed in the Café for a few minutes processing the last hour, the got up and start to walk home.