Chapter 14: Blind search for red and blue. Foggy journey for green.
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Thoughts, "Dialogue", Vvpjlz

Sofia Pov

After the meeting with Claire Alex and Sofia went to the hotel they are staying at. As soon as she entered their room she cast misdirect so that any commotion that they might cause will be ignored. As she has predicted Alex started punching the walls and yelling at the tops of his lungs. It's during these times she wishes that Eve, Alex's younger sister is here as she is the only one who can calm him down when he gets this mad. 

I couldn't help but sigh at this scene, I'm kinda used to it by now but that doesn't change the fact that it gets kinda annoying having to wait for him to calm down. He is usually calm and collective but he quickly loses his temper when he gets too stressed out, and finding out that we somehow missed two chosen must have put him over his limit. Well, I can kinda see where all his frustration is coming from, the fact that after weeks of searching we couldn't find two chosen kinda hurts my pride. This also raises some questions like how did they stay hidden for so long?

As I was thinking about my concerns Alex finally managed to calm down. "Are you down freaking out?"

He glared at me and was about to say something but he decided to hold back on what he was about to say and just replied with a weak "yea".

"Well let's begin with the most pressing issue, how did two chosen manage to hide from our radar?" I asked as I sat down on my bed.

He sat down on his bed and started to rub his temple, "I'm not sure but I think that they must have used misdirect."

"Misdirect is the easiest answer, but even if misdirect is the easiest skill to learn to the point that most people learn it by accident. That still doesn't explain how they could have stayed hidden from us while showing no odd behavior. Misdirect can only hide their actions from normal people or people from the hidden world, not both."

"That is what I'm trying to figure out." 

"Maybe they know we are looking for them and are hiding, and only using misdirect when we are near, " I shook my head, " No that can't be it, they shouldn't have been able to use all their abilities yet, especially sky sight which is the hardest one to use. It took the previous chosen of Iris months before they could use it." 

After over an hour of thinking, and trying to figure out what to do next I decided that only one person can help us at this point. "Alex I think that we have no other choice but to ask Eve for help."

"No no no no no, we can't ask my little sis to use her ability for this, we can handle this our selves."

"I understand that you are a little worried about Eve getting hurt because of her ability, but we're not trained to find chosen who are seem like they're hiding from us. Eve's ability is our best shot on finding them before someone like Puppet show can find them."


I once again am glad that I used misdirect on this room, or we would have a lot of explaining to do on why there is so much yelling. "Ok ok let's do this instead. We try to do this our selves for another two weeks, and if we can't we ask for Eve's help. We can't risk anyone else finding them, you should know how powerful Iris's chosen can be, and look on the bright side. This way you will be able to see your little sis a little bit sooner." 

Alex started to bite his nail as he thought, eventually he gave in, "Fine but if she doesn't want to do it we won't force her."

"Yes, I understand." So our search continues, and hopefully, we can ask Claire for her help tomorrow when we meet up.

Kiriana Pov

Its been a few days since I refrain from using sky eye or cloak. I want to use sky eye to see if the cloaked figures are still around, but Cecil is right when he said that it might be risky as they might be able to find where I am if I do. But, I can't worry about that right now, a few days ago something changed with the eye. It started to turn green, which can only mean one thing. There is another person like Cecil and I. When I brought the subject up with Cecil he just said that we should just leave them alone, however that is something I can't do. Like how getting into contact with Cecil ended up giving me some clues about the eye. Maybe if I find the other person I can become one step closer to getting to the bottom of this.

But there is one problem with that, it's quite a challenge tracking down the other person. I figured somethings about them over the last few days, like their eye color is green. Like how the eye turns red for me or blue for Cecil it must mean that when it turns green it is looking at the mystery person. So I have been looking around the area that it is looking at to see if I can find them, but all I figured out is that they go to our school which wasn't much help. I now realize how lucky I was when I encountered Cecil, I can't imagine how long it would have taken to find him with him not caring at all about figuring out what the eye is so I doubt he would have been out looking for clues.

After a few days of searching, I decided to call the third person Green. I can't use sky eye or cloak to help find Green, I can't risk the chance that the cloak figures are looking for people like us and that if I do use my abilities they might be able to track us down. So all I can do is play it safe and try to find the Green myself. I just hope that I will be able to find Green before the cloak figures find them, and if they do I hope that they are not here to cause any harm.

Cecil Pov

Lately, I been spending quite a lot of time with Kiriana lately so I have gotten to know her quite a bit. Because of that, it was easy to tell that Kiriana has been a bit stressed out lately. I wasn't the only one who has noticed as her friends and classmates have been asking her what's wrong. She would always respond that she is working on a new piece of art and that she is struggling to make it look the way she wants it. It seems that most of her class as been convince with that excuse, while her friends saw through the lie but decided to wait for her to be ready to tell them what's bothering her.  

Unlike the others, I know what is bothering her but I doubt any of them will believe me even if I tell them the truth. It all started the day that the eye started to turn green. Because it turned green like how it turns blue when it looks at me or red when it looks at her, she's convinced that it means that there is another person like us. She also narrowed down where they can be to our school, as it would continue to look in our direction even when its green and we are still at school. 

I told her that she should just ignore it, but she completely disregards what I said and continues her search for "Green" which she calls the third person. I'm glad that she at least heed my warning about the cloaked figures she saw and using her abilities when they might still be near here. Well, that's what she told me, she doesn't seem like a person who would lie about something like that but I can't be 100% sure that she is telling the truth. Especially with the fact that I used "Sky Eye" without wanting to, so for all I know she can be using it by accident and just doesn't want to tell me. But I decided to trust her anyways, I just hope that she doesn't do something too reckless in her search to find the truth about the eye. The last thing we need is people wondering how she might have gotten injured if she gets hurt by something others can't even see. 

So, in the end, I decided to just wait and observe what happens. If I'm lucky nothing will happen and I can continue spending my days enjoying a good book or two. While doing my school work and passing my courses, while occasionally going to the gym or hanging out with my friends. If something does happen I will just try to keep the damage to the minimum, well let's just hope that it doesn't come to that.