Chapter 15: Search continues, all eyes looking at one place.
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Thoughts, "Dialogue", Vvpjlz

Next day.

Alex Pov

Today we will be meeting with Claire at a café near her school, its called Dragon's Heart Café. We decided to meet her here because its the closet place we can discuss that's near her school. Of course, we only decided to meet at the café after we made sure that there is nothing connected to the hidden world at or near the café. After our search, Sofia texted Claire where we will be meeting, and she responded that she will be here when her classes are finished. We arrived at the café 15 minutes before we are supposed to meet Claire, we ordered some coffee and discussed what we deem Ok to tell Claire about the hidden world and what we deem to be too much for her right now.

Our discussion was cut short with the chime of the bell notifying us that someone entered the café. When I looked there was a group of people entering the café, one of them was Claire. I tapped on Sofia's shoulder to get her attention and pointed towards Claire. She called out to her which got her attention, after which she walked towards us and took a seat in front of us. I quickly cast misdirect on all 3 of us to make sure that the normal people in the café will just completely ignore anything we do or say, just to be safe. It didn't take long for my decision to prove to be a wise one as quite a lot of people decided to sit down on tables near us.

"Hello Claire, I'm very happy that you agreed to meet us here to suddenly," Sofia said with her usual calming smile, I could never understand how she can put on such a warm smile on command. Well, I guess that is why she is in charge of the actual recruiting while I'm just here for my ability.

"I don't mind this is beneficial for all 3 of us anyway," she replied with a similar smile. My ability didn't pick anything up, so that means she isn't lying. Sofia and I decided beforehand that anytime she lied I will notify Sofia by taping her on the leg.

"I'm glad to hear that we're not  bothering you too much, so we don't take too much of your time lets begin."

"So what do you want to talk about?"

"Remember our talk yesterday about the hidden world and how you one of Iris's chosen?" She nodded, "and how we spent the last few weeks looking for any chosen, but somehow missed 2 of them this whole time," she nodded once more. "Well, that's what we need your help with, like how the eye's gaze would follow you. It would also follow the other 2, so you should be able to see the general location of where they are. So how about it, are you willing to help us? Of course, we will compensate you for your troubles in either money or information."

Claire sat there tapping the table with her index finger, staring at us. She broke her silence when she responded to the offer. "OK, I can help you, is there any signs when it is looking at the other chosen?"

 "Yes, you should have noticed that the iris of the eye is green when it's looking at you. When it turns a different color than that means is looking at another person."

"Hmmm. Yea I did notice that. I didn't have many opportunities to look at the eye that closely, but I did notice that every time that it's a different color while I'm at school it would still be looking at the school. While I'm out of school it would be looking at very different locations from where I'm at." 

She isn't lying which means that there is a high chance that the other 2 chosen go to her school, and most likely the last chosen will too. That greatly narrows down the area we have to look at. I'm glad that means we won't have to ask my little sis for her help, but that also means that it will be a while until I will be able to see her again.

"Thank you for the information, so is there anything you want to know or do you want the money?"

"I would rather have the information but there isn't anything I need to know right now so I will just text you when something comes to mind."

"Very well, I think that concludes this meeting. I hope you can continue helping us find the other chosen of Iris and if you want you can also help recruit them too."

"I rather not help with the recruiting of the other chosen, and I doubt I will be any help anyways," She stood up from her chair, "I will also message you anything I find on the other chosen."

"Thank you for your help," Sofia stood up and extended her hand, in which Claire responded by grabbing her hand and shaking in. She shortly left the café leaving both of us to discuss our next move. "So is it true she didn't lie this whole time?" Sofia asked as she looks at me for my confirmation.

"Yes, my ability didn't activate once, meaning that either she is telling the truth or that she thinks she is telling the truth. I think that the former is more likely than the latter right now."

"I see, well let's go we need a plan on how we will investigate the school, and how we can recruit Iris's other chosen when we find them." Sofia stood up then left the store, I followed closely behind after I deactivate misdirect.

The ring of a bell notifies that the two left the café. It also alerted someone who is sitting directly behind the table that Sofia, Alex, and Claire were sitting at that it's ok to finally relax. Her long black is tied up in a ponytail, and her red eyes are staring at the coffee in her hand in front of her.

Kiriana Pov

When I was walking home from school I noticed that the eye was green, and unlike other times it isn't looking at the school. Usually when its green around this time it would still be around the school or in the opposite direction of my house. There were countless times where I just wanted to chase after it to see if I could find green. But every time I decided against it as it might increase the chance that the cloaked figures find me it would be quite noticeable if  I just randomly run in a direction of where green is for no reason. Of course, that only implies if the cloaked figures are actually looking for me but I rather not risk it.

As I continue walking I noticed a person might just be green. She had short brown hair was wearing a black shirt with grey jeans. She looked familiar but I couldn't seem to remember who she might be. I followed her to Dragon's heart café when she entered I stayed close to a group of people who were entering trying to not stand out. As I waited in line I stole a glance at the girl I was following, I immediately knew she must be green as her green eyes are the same shade of green that I see every day. Green sat across two other people, a blond woman and a guy with messy brown hair.

After I got my coffee I took a seat at the table behind them while trying to make sure they don't notice me. I then eavesdropped on what they are saying, I missed some info from the beginning but I understood the general discussion they were having. I would be lying if I said I wasn't conflicted after hearing what they said, I would also be lying if I said I wasn't super tense during their whole conversation. 

I left the café wondering if I should revel myself, it seems like that they are not looking for us to cause harm. But I can't be 100% sure right now, I will also need to discuss this with Cecil when I get home. There is only one thing certain, that I'm finally about to learn the nature of the eye and why I can see it.