Chapter 3
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Chapter Three

Spoiler Warning * Chapter three is a little * steamy * PG rating.

An An was dreaming about sweet childhood memories.

'Bao Bao run slowly!' Li Mu said.

Li Mu's voice was soothing. An An felt the gentle wind on her favourite beach. Li Mu was older than An An by ten years, An An's adolescent body back then was no match for Li Mu's tall frame. When Li Mu smiled it was like a halo surrounded his body. Li Mu was An An's sun and she felt like she was his sunflower always facing his direction. Li Mu was An An's prince inside her heart, her true love and it was hard for her to describe the love between them.

An An once asked her dad why someone with his intelligence would name his daughters 'An An,' 'Xiao Xiao,' nicknamed them 'Bao Bao' and 'Xiao Bao.'

An An's dad drank his sweet coffee before looking up at An An's blank face.

'An An, Xiao Xiao were names given by your mum,' dad said. 'As for Bao Bao, Xiao Bao...' Her dad lifted his newspaper. 'Can you refute when someone calls you Bao Bao softly you're not thankful toward me for your nickname?'

After her dad's rhetorical question his expression stayed neutral and continued reading his newspaper. An An could only smile in response...

'Bao Bao...' An An's dream state was disturbed by a prince's voice mumbling sweet things into her ear, she could barely register each word heard... but she felt a heavy pressure on top of her body and a steady stream of exhales that didn't belong to her. How could a dream felt so real... she opened her eyes and the heavy pressure on her body was a guy with wide shoulders and long legs. An An let out a pitch bleeding scream but her scream was swallowed by his lips. What a creep! She couldn't speak but she was cursing him loudly in her heart. Gu Yang you deserve a brutal death!

'I'm not going anywhere...' Gu Yang said.

As if he could read her heart, he eased off some pressure off her lips. 'Any place that doesn't have you there isn't a place I want to go to. I'll never let you go. Don't you dare think you can escape me in your entire life.'

She felt his hot breath and his serious tone. She was scared in his angry state he'd choke her dead so she didn't dare scream again or make any sudden movements that would flame his temper.

'Gu Yang...' she said shakenly. 'It's me, An An...'

'I know it's you,' he said and smiled. 'Bao Bao... you're my Bao Bao...'

His face leaned into her face, he nibbled on her lips, his teeth grazed her lower lip and he suckled on it as if it was a lollipop. The scent from his wine mingled with her saliva or was it she who was in a drunken state of mind otherwise... why did she felt hotter each second that passed, it made her reluctant to push him off her... his hands felt hotter than his body, anywhere his hands touched on her bare skin it felt like he branded scorch marks there, as if his hands had the ability to melt her skin. When he was removing her nightgown she automatically lifted her hip off the bed to cooperate with his movements then their bodies touched skin to skin. And she realised even his lower body was scorching hot... he wasn't wearing underwear...

'Bao Bao...' he murmured in her ear and it made her too weak to move.

He whispered many promises to her that she belonged to him for life and something about... love. The intensity of the heat between them made her forget how long her body was trapped underneath the pressure of his body. His erection gave her a shock. He bit her lips, with one hand he gripped her wrists above her head and his other hand roamed over her body.

'Bao Bao!'

He entered her but his progress was hindered by a tight barrier.

'A! A a a a!'

Her senses returned and her heart beat accelerated. He gripped her wrists tighter. She couldn't see his expression in the dark but she felt the icy sweat from his face dripped down onto her.

'Scream again and I'll enter deeper!'

His temper guaranteed her silence. Gu Yang released her and she put on her nightgown before opening her door. Li Mu was behind her door in a position as if he was about to break down the door.

'What happened?' Li Mu asked.

She hid her shaky hands behind her back and tried to calm herself before replying.

'I was sleeping,' she said.

Under the light outside her room her nightgown was see through. Li Mu turned away from her and coughed.

'Mmm... your dad called me and said he couldn't get through your phone. He asked me to check on you,' Li Mu said.

'I'm ok,' she said.

'Mmm... then I'll go back to my room. Goodnight Bao Bao,' Li Mu said.

Li Mu calling her 'Bao Bao' was a lightning strike straight through her heart. She closed the door and slid down with her back against the door. Gu Yang was hidden in the shadows, in his hand was her phone and he smiled coldly.

A knock disrupted the tension between them followed by the Liang family's oldest triplet, Liang Yue's voice.

'An An, your dad...' Liang Yue said.

'Get lost!' Gu Yang said.

Outside the door became silent.

She wrapped her arms around her knees and lifted her head to look at Gu Yang. He was a young, broad and tall lawyer. His usual charming smile was wiped from his handsome face, replaced by an angry expression, his jaw clenched tightly to keep silent and hold back his temper.

End of chapter three.