Ch108- I Love You
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Jack laid Amelia down on the bed and opened her smooth legs, looking at her shaved pussy dripping with her juice. He licked his lips, anticipating the familiar taste as she smelled. Amelia was a little shy with his actions but still too horny to deny him.She felt his hot breath on her pussy and she closed her eyes.

Jack licked her pussy lips and she moaned. He traced circles around her pussy as his tongue moved up and down.

Amelia's breathing stopped as she felt Jack's tongue on her pussy. He licked her pussy lips, causing her to shudder. She closed her eyes and moved her hand, tangling it in his hair. He tasted her garden up and down, circled around it, and she moaned in pleasure.

Her hands reached for his cock and she stroked it. She felt his cock grow harder by her touch. He pushed his tongue inside her pussy and she moaned loudly.

Jack pushed his tongue deeper inside her pussy as he licked her pussy lips. Her thighs tightened around his head as she moaned in pleasure. She felt the pressure building in her pussy and she wanted to scream.

She moaned as she felt his tongue touch her lips every time. His tongue moved up and down her slit, scooping up her juices. She moaned louder as his tongue continued to move in circles, tasting her.

Jack's tongue moved to the entrance of her pussy, licking the outer edges. He then moved to the top of her pussy, teasing her clit. She arched her back and he worked on her clit with his tongue, causing her to moan his name.

"Jack, please..." Amelia moaned. Jack smiled as she begged him with her eyes.

He moved his tongue back to her pussy and then thrust his tongue deep into her pussy, tasting more of her sweet juices. His tongue moved in and out, tasting her. She moaned as he continued his tongue-lashing. She moaned louder as his thumb moved to her clit and began to flick it in a circular motion.

Jack sensed that Amelia was about to come as she started to shake, her hand on his cock was moving up and down, despite the intensity she was feeling.Her hips bucked as she moaned.

Jack pulled his tongue from her pussy and she sighed in disappointment. He licked her from her perineum to her clit and she screamed loudly and came. He licked her juices as she screamed his name.

Amelia's back arched as she came. She cried out his name as she felt her juices flow from her pussy. She shuddered as she felt him lap up her juices, his tongue on her clit.

Jack moved up and kissed her, tasting her sweet juices. Amelia kissed him back, tasting herself on him. She pulled him to her, deepening the kiss. She felt his cock against her slit, pushing against her.

"Jack... I want you inside me," she whispered in his ear, and he smiled.

Amelia's hand moved down to Jack's cock, the bulbous head covered in pre-cum. She traced her finger along the pre-cum before licking it off from her finger. Then, she held his cock and brought it back to her slit. It has been quite some time since the last time they slept together and she was yearning for this day. As Jack pushed inside of her, and streched her insides, she felt the climax once again.

Jack groaned as his cock was enveloped in her warmth. He slowly pushed his cock inside her, and an intense pleasure came over him. Their eyes met each other and Amelia couldn't help moaning loudly.

Jack pulled his cock out of her slowly, and pushed it back in, and she screamed in pleasure. She felt his cock move deeper inside her. His cock moved back and forth and she couldn't help the intense pleasure she felt.

Amelia's hands found his chest and she dug her nails into his skin. Jack pulled his cock out of her pussy and then thrust it into her harder. The bed was making loud squeaks as Jack thrust into her pussy over and over.

Amelia moaned louder and louder as he fucked her. Her moans became louder each time his cock streched with her folds, and she couldn't help it.

Jack's hands moved down to her ass, and he squeezed her ass, fondling and playing with them. His rythm was getting faster and harder. The voice of their unition was music to their ears. Amelia felt on clouds. Jack too felt he was close. Here he was, having time of his life with mother of his daughter.

Amelia's nails were now scratching his back. Jack's thrusts were now less controlled. His breathing was getting faster.

Jack's hand moved to her hips, pulling her to him each time he thrust into her. He was now giving it to her, with all he had.

Amelia's moans were becoming more desperate. Her nails moved to his back and were now digging in. Jack's cock was now going in and out faster. Amelia's moans were becoming louder.

"Jack, I'm coming!" She screamed.

"I'm coming too!" Jack replied.

Amelia's muscles clenched, as her back arched. Her toes curled as she climaxed, and she felt Jack's cock twitch inside her as he came too, filling her with his cum.

Amelia's body was throbbing in pleasure, her mind filled with ecstasy. She couldn't help it as she moaned in pleasure.

"Jack!" she screamed as her orgasm hit her with full force, making her whole body shiver.

Amelia's body shuddered as her orgasm hit her. She closed her eyes as her body shuddered in pleasure. She felt Jack's cock throb in her pussy. As her orgasm was subsiding, she felt his cock pumping her full of his cum.

Jack pulled out his cock out of her pussy and fell beside her, exhausted. Amelia moaned softly as the last waves of her orgasm hit her. 

The world outside seemed to fade as their shared passion consumed them. Time seemed irrelevant, with only the two of them and their rekindling connection. As the intensity subsided, they lay intertwined, basking in the afterglow.

Amelia nestled into Jack's chest, feeling the rise and fall of his breathing. "Promise me," she whispered, her voice fragile, "Promise me this isn't just a fleeting moment."

Jack tightened his hold on her, bringing her closer. "I promise," he murmured, pressing a gentle kiss on her forehead. "I can't change the past, but I'm here, now."

She looked up, her gaze meeting his. "I love you, Jack," she admitted, the weight of those words carrying years of unspoken emotions.

He stroked her hair, his calm blue eyes reflecting the depth of his feelings. "I love you too, Amelia."


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