Ch108- Commander on the Field
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Rose, shaking off the aftermath of the Kurohitsugi, played a haunting melody on his zanpakuto, trying to ensnare Aizen in a world of illusions. But the evolved Aizen simply walked through it, his form unaffected. With a mere wave of his hand, Rose was sent flying, crashing into the ruins.

Shinji, adjusting his cap, activated his shikai. "Sakanade." The world around Aizen began to reverse, trying to disorient him. But even this twisted reality seemed to barely phase Aizen, who walked steadily forward. Their eyes met, a clash of wills. Shinji lunged, only to be repelled by an unseen force. Blood dripped from his mouth as he struggled to stand, the weight of Aizen’s reiatsu pressing down on him.

Kyoraku and Ukitake joined forces, their twin zanpakutos releasing a barrage of combined attacks. Waves of energy, shadow traps, and relentless strikes sought to pin Aizen down. For a fleeting moment, it seemed as though they might have the upper hand. However, with a smirk, Aizen released a shockwave that sent both captains sprawling.

Soi Fon, with her unmatched speed, managed to get close, her blade shimmering with intent. She struck, aiming for the mark she had made earlier. But her blade simply rebounded, unable to pierce the transformed Aizen's skin. Without a moment's hesitation, Aizen countered, sending her crashing into the ground with a single blow.

The battlefield was becoming a spectacle of despair. The strongest of the Gotei 13 and Visored were falling one after the other. Hisagi, seeing Tousen by Aizen’s side, shouted in desperation and charged, only to be halted by the sheer pressure of Aizen's evolved form.

Hachi tried to construct barriers, but they shattered even before they could fully form.  Kensei, with all his might, managed to land a punch. Yet, it had no effect. Instead, Aizen retaliated, sending him crashing with a wound across his chest.

Only Hitsugaya, Unohana—helping the injured with Isane—Byakuya, and Kenpachi remained from the Gotei 13, aside from Yamamoto who watched the battle with a mixture of wonder and trepidation. From the Visoreds, only Mashiro and Lisa, who were breathing heavily but largely uninjured, stood defiantly in the air. They launched coordinated attacks against Aizen, but every move seemed futile.

Kenpachi, a grin etched into his face despite the situation, charged, attempting to pierce Aizen's seemingly impenetrable skin. “You think this form of yours is enough?” he taunted. But even his brute strength could not leave a mark.

"Interesting," Aizen mused, swatting Kenpachi aside like he was no more than an annoyance. Kenpachi crashed into a building, creating a cloud of dust, but he soon emerged, laughing. "That was fun!" He said, his wild energy radiating.

Byakuya's face was a mask of concentration as he released Senbonzakura. Thousands of blade petals swirled in a mesmerizing dance. "Feel the wrath of my zanpakuto," he stated coldly. But Aizen simply stood, allowing the petals to rush towards him. When they made contact, they simply fell, as if they had lost all their cutting power.

As Hitsugaya activated Hyorinmaru, ice dragons snaked around Aizen, attempting to bind and freeze him. But Aizen effortlessly shattered them. Hitsugaya panted, eyes wide in disbelief. "How... How is this possible?" he murmured.

"It's simple," Aizen smirked, "You are all simply playing in a league far below mine."

Mashiro, with a yell of defiance, lunged at Aizen, her kick charged with energy. However, just as her foot was about to connect, an unseen force deflected her. Similarly, Lisa, using her zanpakuto, attempted to cut Aizen down. But her blade was repelled.

Aizen, without any visible effort, sent a powerful wave of reiatsu toward them. But just as it was about to hit, a mysterious ability seemed to shield them. Aizen's eyes narrowed, the only sign of his slight surprise.

"Kai!" Lisa exclaimed, recognizing the distinct energy. Sure enough, Kai appeared in the air beside them, looking nonchalant.

“Kai, you…” Mashiro began, realizing he had been silently protecting them all along.

Kai swiftly sent Mashiro and Lisa to the Mirror Dimension, ensuring their safety from the direct combat ahead. The skies darkened further as the Hogyoku at Aizen's chest pulsed, elevating his power even more. Kai's gaze then shifted to Yamamoto, his annoyance apparent. "Why are you just standing there while your subordinates give everything they have?" he asked, his voice dripping with irritation.

Yamamoto's gaze was distant but piercing. He didn't respond.

"You don’t trust me, do you? You believe that Aizen’s illusions still affect you. You’re hesitating to act, fearing you might harm your own people, instead of the enemy," Kai observed, his voice cold but accurate.

Yamamoto snorted. His silence confirmed Kai's suspicions.

Aizen chuckled, his eyes darting between the two. "Mr. Kurogami was kind enough to assist, but you've wasted precious time. Accelerating the Hogyoku’s power was unplanned, but it's too late for you now." As he said this, he launched himself at Yamamoto, sword aimed straight for his heart.

Yamamoto barely had a moment to react before Aizen's blade found its mark, piercing through him. Yet, the Captain Commander, with a surge of strength, grabbed Aizen’s blade, preventing it from going deeper.

"You can fool my senses," Yamamoto grunted, pain evident in his voice, "but I cannot be fooled by the sensation of reiatsu piercing my body."

Kai almost yelled in frustration. 'I already removed his illusion effects from you,' he thought, glaring at Yamamoto.

Flames roared from Yamamoto, seeking to engulf Aizen entirely. However, before the blaze could make contact, a dark portal appeared behind the rogue captain. Out stepped a menacing Arrancar, unlike any they had seen before, its reiatsu immense and foreboding.

"Ah," Aizen began, his eyes sparkling with malevolence, "Mr. Kurogami stole the piece I specifically crafted against you, so I had to improvise." As he spoke, the new Arrancar opened its maw and began absorbing Yamamoto's formidable flames with an unsettling ease. The sight left the others aghast.

The ground rumbled beneath them, signaling the shift in power dynamics. In one swift motion, Aizen twisted the blade within Yamamoto, forcing the old captain to gasp in pain before being sent hurtling back.

Gathering his resolve, Yamamoto tried to retaliate, but Aizen nonchalantly pointed at the now bloated Arrancar. "Do you wonder where all your flames go?" he asked, a hint of mocking in his voice.


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