Ch108- Brat
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Tsunade rose smoothly from her seat, crossing the distance between them in a few graceful steps. While words often faltered, actions spoke volumes. She reached out, placing a gentle hand on his arm, her fingers brushing lightly over the fabric of his cloak.

"Kai," her voice was soft but carried an underlying strength, "What happened?"

He met her gaze, acknowledging the depth of her concern with a subtle nod. "The Akatsuki made their move on Takigakure. Fu is captured."

Tsunade's brow furrowed. The gravity of the situation was not lost on her. With each Jinchuriki taken, the balance of power tipped dangerously towards Madara's favor.

The young blonde, clearly not one for subtleties, interjected, "Wait, you're the guy from Wave Country!"

Kai's eyes shifted to the teen, the weight of past confrontations lingering between them. "Naruto Uzumaki," Kai acknowledged, his voice calm and measured.

Naruto’s blue eyes bore into Kai’s, the intensity of his emotions palpable. "You took out those thugs. I haven't forgotten."

Naruto's face contorted in confusion, his bright blue eyes darting between Tsunade and Kai. "Wait, why is Grandma Tsunade so close to you?" he blurted out, unable to hold back his shock.

Jiraiya, his face caught in an expression of knowing amusement, cleared his throat. He had always been privy to the nature of Tsunade and Kai's relationship, and given Kai's fearsome reputation — especially after he had effortlessly dispatched Orochimaru — Jiraiya had no interest in earning the man's ire.

Tsunade's amber eyes shifted to Naruto. "Naruto," she began, her voice steady, "Kai is my husband, and he's also the father of my child."

The revelation seemed to hit Naruto like a ton of bricks. "You have a child?!" he exclaimed, clearly taken aback.

Jiraiya, typically not one to step back, seemed to have relinquished his usual playful demeanor around Tsunade. Ever since he had learned of her relationship with Kai, Jiraiya had made it a point to maintain a respectful distance. And it wasn't merely out of a newfound respect for their relationship. It was a direct result of having witnessed, firsthand, the sheer force and intensity that Kai exuded, especially when it came to those he cared for.

Anyone aware of Jiraiya's history knew of his penchant for 'researching' women, especially around Tsunade. Now he maintained a respectful, often exaggerated, distance.

Kai's appearance did little to put Jiraiya at ease. With measured steps, Kai moved to sit beside Tsunade, his demeanor exuding an aura of silent authority. Their fingers intertwined, a subtle but clear testament to their bond.

Naruto's eyes darted between the two, attempting to process the revelations. "Huh? Grandma Tsunade is married?" he mumbled incredulously, glancing toward Jiraiya, who seemed almost too focused on a spot on the wall.

It was Kai who broke the pause, his voice calm and devoid of any unnecessary sentimentality. "You possess the Nine-Tails," Kai's words were directed at Naruto, devoid of any emotional undertone. "That makes you a prime target for the Akatsuki."

Naruto’s brash demeanor was evident as he shot back, "I've trained under Pervy Sage for two years. The Akatsuki can come at me. I’m not the same weakling I once was."

Kai’s gaze didn’t waver, the intensity of his stare enough to make many falter. It wasn't anger or annoyance but a kind of intent focus that seemed to penetrate right through one's soul. "Training and real battles are two different arenas," Kai pointed out, his tone neutral, yet the implication was clear.

Seemingly unfazed by Kai's intense demeanor, Naruto retorted, "I can handle myself."

Kai's voice, though controlled, held an edge. He was trying to protect the young Jinchuriki, and at the same time, ensure the boy realized the depth of the situation. "Then prove it. Spar with me. If you manage to hold your ground for even a minute, you’re free to make your own decisions."

Naruto, always eager for a challenge, especially from someone as reputed as Kai, instantly perked up. "You're on!"

Kai regarded the young ninja with a penetrating gaze. A part of him yearned to puncture Naruto's cocksure attitude, making him truly grasp the magnitude of what they faced. Yet, out of respect for Tsunade's fondness for the boy, he exercised restraint.

Tsunade interjected, her voice tinged with a mix of amusement and concern, "Naruto, are you sure about this? Kai isn't someone you can underestimate."

Naruto waved her off confidently. "Don't worry, Grandma Tsunade! I'm not the same kid from before. I've got this."

Jiraiya, sensing the electricity in the room, tried to ease the tension. "Now, now, let's not destroy the village in the process."

Kai nodded briefly, and in the blink of an eye, they found themselves standing in a vast, empty training ground. The rapid shift in surroundings had a disorienting effect on Naruto and Jiraiya, their expressions reflecting their astonishment.

Naruto, overwhelmed and puzzled, tried to make sense of the situation, turning his gaze around. "How did... what just...?"

Jiraiya, with years of experience, swiftly understood the gravity of what had just transpired. His face was etched with disbelief, not just from the act, but the sheer magnitude of the chakra control it would have required. "This is... How, Kai? You never even made physical contact!"

With a characteristically concise response, Kai intoned, "My chakra was in contact with you."

Although his explanation was brief, the depth of its implication was profound. Jiraiya knew the mechanics of Minato's Flying Thunder God Jutsu intricately, even if he couldn't utilize it himself. The concept of Kai relocating them all by merely brushing them with his chakra was a chilling revelation. If Kai could do this, then on a battlefield, a mere brush of his chakra could be lethal. But before Jiraiya could dwell further on that thought, Naruto's enthusiastic voice rang out.

"That's... that's incredible!" Naruto blurted, his eyes gleaming with excitement and challenge. "When I beat you, you have to teach me that jutsu!" Without hesitation, he swiftly created a barrage of Kage Bunshin. Naruto's clones, with their characteristic bursts of energy, darted in all directions. Within moments, figures emerged from the village's horizon, converging on the training grounds at Naruto's summons.


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