Chapter 71 Quad Feint
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Baron had just left to engage an enemy army of 50,000 with his 20,000 when another radio message came. This time it came from one of the assigned captains from one of the bases by the name of Captain Sonic.


(CS) “Urgent report, sir. My base is under attack.” Captain Sonic told Baron.


(BM) “What is the damage so far?”


(CS) “Not too bad as of now, but with the size of this army plus all the heavy hitters they brought with them, I’m not too sure how long I can hold them off.”


(BM) “Have a small detachment from some of the other bases nearest to you circle around the enemy and proceed to attack together.”


(CS) “Alright.”


Baron thought to himself how he had fallen for such a basic ploy. While he and Yue Fei were busy dealing with the armies that were meant as distractions, the enemy would take a huge swath of land and bases. The two of them were powerless to stop such an advance and would have to sacrifice one thing to save the other.


They could sacrifice a huge number of men to save the base that was under attack, or they could sacrifice one of the bases they put so much effort and work into. This was a common theme in war, do you go for quality or go for quantity?


On the one hand, if you have a great many bases, it will surely cause the enemy to slow down your enemy. If you lose a few bases, who cares? On the other hand, building quality forts will be able to slow the enemy advancement as well, even if you have less of them. However, losing just one of these bases will sting more.


This was the difference between Baron’s side and Guan Yu’s side. Baron and his team had decided it was for the best if they built a few quality bases since they would be built on or around a small mountain. It was slightly easier to defend this place than it was to attack it. This was due to the terrain, and how vehicles would have a hard time getting into a proper attacking position and being as effective in battle as they should be.


The only thing that Baron could hope to achieve with this new army is to hopefully have his base stall long enough for reinforcements to arrive. This new development meant that Baron needed to move his plans a little bit bigger. Soon enough, Baron had encountered the army he had set out to stall and immediately began his attacks.


No matter what happens now, Baron could not hope to stall this army, he instead had to cripple it enough to force him to retreat. Who knew what other surprises the enemy had prepared for them. The fact that he received the news of the movements of these armies was a testament to his opponent’s skill in moving large amounts of men without slipping up to the spies that had infiltrated their ranks.


Since the army that he was facing included neither Guan Yu nor Meng Tian, he was able to swiftly corner them on multiple fronts and slowly chipped away at their strength. At the end of the day, he retreated his men into the densely packed forest where his enemies would be hard pressed to find him. At the same time, he had many scouts set up so that he would know where the enemy soldiers were at during all times.


All of the soldiers were given orders to immediately get some rest as they would be going back out to do battle in the dead of night. Baron prepared meticulously for this plan for hours. First, he would order an airstrike on the location of the enemy camp. The pilots were ordered to drop only a few bombs on the camp then immediately retreat before the enemy could get their own planes up into the sky. This first part was nothing more than a distraction.


The second course of action was to unleash multiple infantry units around the camps amidst all the confusion. These infantrymen would shoot their guns blindly into the camps to create even more confusion. This too was nothing more to draw the enemy away from the most important part of this night raid.


The actual important part of this plan, or at least half of it, was the 20 or so special forces that would sneak their way into the camp to kill all the enemy tacticians and generals. The other half was the tanks that would roll in and destroy all the enemy vehicles that would be guarded, but most likely unmanned.


With the excellent leadership of Baron and the precise timing that he had given his troops, the plan went off without a hitch and by the morning the devastation to the 50k army was so large that they were ordered to retreat back to their territory.


For this plan, Baron had taken less than a day to drive one of the armies away. For anyone on the battlefield, swiftness was key, and Baron had spectacularly shown that by mercilessly taking out not only the commanders but also many valuable instruments of war.


While Baron was returning back to Yue Fei’s army, he received a rather distressing call from Meng Yi. 


(MY) “Not good Baron, the 100k army being led by either Guan Yu or Meng Tian has switched course after you drove off that army.”


(BM) “Where are they going? To aid the other army that is laying siege to one of our bases?”


(MY) “I wish, that option would’ve been more preferable. They have instead set their sights onto base Alpha, one of our most strategically important bases in the outer region.”


(BM) “That’s even more north than the base that is already being sieged. To the south would be Yue Fei’s battle, and even more south would be my position.”


(MY) “This situation is not too dire as of yet. I have already ordered the reinforcements that I have sent out to instead change direction to base Alpha.”


(BM) “I honestly can’t comprehend what those two plan to achieve by making this move. It is unlikely that they will be able to take over base Alpha until the reinforcements arrive. Unless…”


(MY) “Unless they plan to ignore every other base and directly attack our main base of operations where I am stationed at. If we lose that, we lose the sim.”