The Start Of Something Big?!?!
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The surrounding sand ninja were confused and slightly angry at this stranger’s words. If their medical nin couldn’t save him, how could he? Temari didn’t care at this point. She has lost the only two people in her life that she could call family. She would do anything to bring them back… Temari appeared in front of Jabie and got on her knees before answering.

“Please… Save my brothers…”

Jabie almost seemed to get a pleasure out of seeing this sight, but not that anyone could tell from his facial appearance. He waited a few moments before answering her. The sand nin also looked at Jabie with hope. Though they don’t understand why, they just wanted some form of hope. Even if he’s just a fat kid that none of them even know about. Shikamaru however remembered three kids yelling earlier. It was those three from the Demon village.

‘They even called him sensei… The girl who knew the eight gates said she learned it from her new village.. Jabie must be involved with a recent upcoming village or he’s a traitor to Konoha.. No matter which option it is I can’t let him get what he wants. But how could I get the sand shinobi to listen to me? Even if I managed to somehow prove that Amai Jabie was the worst possible person to get involved with, how could I persuade them to not save their Kazekage?’ Shikamaru ended his line of thought with a sigh. ‘How troublesome.. I’ll just have to try my best..’

Jabie finally spoke up.

“The price for your Kazekage and his older brother…”

The Sand ninjas held in their breath as they waited in anticipation of the young man’s demand. Some were actively chewing their nails. Others were tapping their foot nervously.


It was at this time the effect ran off for everyone but Temari who still had her head down.

“The complete servitude of the Hidden Sand Village.” Jabie finished with an especially evil smile. His belly bounced slightly as he turned to look at Temari who smashed the sand with her fist.

“A complete joke… You and Yada Esumi are the same. Complete monsters that feel nothing for life and just toy around as you please.. You will pay for insulting our village and my brothers!!!” Temari shouted.

Temari equipped her fan and swung towards Jabie and the helpless golden sand behind him. The sand shinobi and Shikamaru also attacked.

“Release.” Jabie muttered before suddenly disappearing.

He appeared behind Temari’s back and had her by the throat with his fat fingers. Temari couldn’t move. She couldn’t even control her chakra correctly as Jabie’s immense pressure radiated on her entirely. She tried to speak, but couldn’t even get a gurgle out.

“The three children of the Kazekage’s clan all will lose their life if you all don’t submit to the Hidden Demon Village. Unless you have a secret force of strong Sand ninja hiding somewhere, you should drop your weapons and get on your knees.” Jabie threatened as he slightly strengthen his hold on Temari’s neck, causing her to go blue in the face.

The sand ninja quickly surrendered and did as he said with the exception of Shikamaru who walked up to Jabie. Jabie released Temari and almost smiled at her desperately trying to catch her breathe and get oxygen back flowing through her lungs. Tears flowed down her face. She looked at Jabie with pure hatred and slight fear in her eyes. Shikamaru bent down and helped her before standing over her and staring Jabie in the eyes.

“Amai. You have gone too far…” Shikamaru said as he grabbed some sand and crushing it.

“I haven’t gone far at all actually.” He grinned.

“But what exactly do you want? Shikamaru. You can’t be planning on fighting me. It’s not in your data to go looking for fights.” Jabie said as he flashed a strange thick book and glancing at a page inside it before putting it in his backpack.

“Are you trying to cause a war? The Hidden Sand Village is allied with Konoha. If something happens to them, Konoha will prevent it.” Shikamaru reminded.

“Konoha won’t get involved.” Jabie said matter-of-factly.

“Why not?”

“They wouldn’t be able to protect themselves from the aftermath of a war with us.”

“What do you mean…? How could a new village possibly match up to one of the 5 great nations? Are you insane?”

“The Hidden Leaf Village’s greatest fighters are Jiraiya, Tsunade, Danzo, Might Guy, Kakashi, and Naruto if you include his little secret. However, Konoha would never send them all together. Our fighters are smarter, better, and much more unknown with their capabilities.”

He took a second. 

"Well some of them.”

“You’re crazy if you think that you could defend yourself against the leaf village.” Shikamaru said slightly getting nervous.

“Maybe I am crazy. But this world needs a little craziness in it to get something going am I right? No one's ever seen a sane man change the world have they?” Jabie asked before suddenly laughing.

Shikamaru activated his clan’s secret ninjutsu and raced it towards Jabie. It seemed as if Jabie was distracted or something because he didn’t move even when Shikamaru activated his jutsu on him. The surrounding sand ninja looked on intently. Temari was brought away by a medical nin and healed.

“Shadow Possession Jutsu completed.”

“You don’t plan on killing me. I’m sure about that. Konoha isn’t exactly the killing type nowadays.” Jabie stated as if he’s given up on retaliating in anyway.

“I won’t kill you, but I will capture you and put you away and figure out your goals in all this. Even if you were a former leaf ninja, they won’t go easy on you.”

Jabie’s shadow stretched and started to bind around Jabie’s bulbous shape completely.

“Konoha might not be the killing type… And neither am I usually. But you serve no purpose to my research. So, die.”

The shadows constricting Jabie broke apart. And with a simple flick of his finger, a speeding tiny object shot towards Shikamaru.



The sand nin immediately shot towards Jabie intending to kill him. One female ninja was just sitting on the sand crying. When the sand shinobi surrounded Jabie, those same speeding objects that shot towards Shikamaru burst from his body and filled most of them with holes. Jabie flicked his finger and all the tiny spheres returned back to him merged together into one hand-sized water ball. An enemy nin slashed Jabie from behind. With a sharp slice upon Jabie’s neck, his blade broke into pieces. The ninja only saw a jet-black coloring on Jabie’s neck before he saw no more. Jabie finished up the rest of the sand ninja before looking over Shikamaru’s dead body and Temari’s grieving one.

“If your brothers had anything useful about them, I would have spared them. But Gaara can only control sand and Kankuro is a little talented at puppet mastery. Gaara doesn’t even use his ninjutsu to his fullest potential. Pointless. Come along now. Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough to meet the Akatsuki members who got here first.” Jabie said to the lone survivor Temari.

She was in fetal position and silent. Her tears dried on her face. Khael, Sho, and Fu came from the coliseum and appeared before Jabie.

“We’re returning to the village. Preparations must be made quickly. You three might get your first look at real war between villages.”

“Yay…. War.” Sho responded sarcastically as he looked at the numerous dead bodies with a confliction behind his eyes.

“Yay! War!” Fu shouted excitedly.

Sho sighed and face palmed as they walked back towards the village while the remaining important guests quickly hightailed it out of Sunagakure and spread the word of what happened.


“Are you sure we’ll find him here Suna?” A familiar busty teenaged girl asked slightly unconvinced.

“Yea. Jabie’s sources are right most of the time. It seems Itachi Uchiha is preparing for something by waiting at this former base of the Uchiha clan. I’m going to crush him and force him under my village with the crown. His power is strong even without his special eyes. But he will be no match for me now.” Broly responded with a slightly changed appearance. His height has grown! It seems puberty is finally hitting for this legendary saiyan and it’s coming full force.

“Why am I here though!? Shouldn’t I be at village preparing for the leaf’s revenge? Or the Akatsuki’s invasion? Jabie did say they know of the village’s whereabouts’ now.”

“He isn’t alone. Kisame Hoshigaki is also here. I want you to deal with him while I capture Itachi Uchiha.”

“The shark guy? Awesome! I’ll get to take that nice little sword of his! I always wanted a living sword..”

It seems that things were not about to go as planned for the legendary saiyan and his female family member. Four shadows appeared from the sky and landed in front of Broly and Esumi. Esumi hung her head down and sighed exaggeratedly.

“Not you circus freaks again…” Esumi said.

“I’m going to kill her!!” The red-head shouted.

“Go ahead and try. I’m sure she’s willing to cat fight with you.” The white haired guy taunted.

“Enough.” Sasuke ordered. He looked at Aomatsuna in the eyes.

Broly had a slight feeling of taunting the smaller Uchiha sibling. He grinned at Sasuke. Sasuke stared a little bit longer before meeting eyes with Esumi.

“Why are you here? Are you planning on getting in the way of my revenge?” Sasuke asked.

“You’re talking to the wrong person little Sasuke-chan. I’m not here for your brother. He is.” Esumi said while pointing at Broly.

“If you want to know what my plans are with Itachi Uchiha, why don’t you try and find out?” Broly provoked as his battle aura surged.

Sasuke’s eyes slowly turned red as his hand slightly gripped his sword on his waist. Broly’s flexed his fingers and was about to rush the Uchiha, but a sudden sound interrupted him.

“Why don’t I join this party here too…?” A very tall sharkish looking man said.

“Kisame-kun!!!! I’m so happy you decided to gift your sword to me already. You know I was just telling Suna about how I always wanted a living sword and guess who decided to show up with one?! You’re the best.” Esumi excitedly said.

“Hey that sword is mine crazy chick!” Suigetsu shouted.

Esumi ignored him. Kisame’s bandaged weapon seemed to shiver, but Kisame believed he imagined it.

“Only the little brother can pass through. Everyone else will have to wait.” Kisame stated.

“So he is waiting for me… Fine. I will avenge my clan…” Sasuke said as he started to walk towards the abandoned Uchiha Hideout.

“Kisame Hoshigaki. You are known as the tailless Tailed Beast. Interesting but not enough. Your blade will do. How much chakra you have isn’t enough of an interesting quality in my village.” Broly stated as he started to walk towards Itachi.

Kisame suddenly appeared in front of Broly and slashed down with his bandaged blade. Broly continued to walk towards Itachi’s location with his Byakugan activated.


Esumi clashed with Kisame.

“Kiba? How surprising. How did a little brat like you get your hands on one of the seven swords of the Mist?” Kisame asked slightly surprised.

“By stabbing the previous owner through the gut with his own two swords.” Esumi responded back.

Their clash broke off and they slid a few feet away from each other. Broly managed to continue on but once again was stopped. Jugo, Suigetsu, and Karen stood in front of him as Esumi battled with Kisame.

“Whoa there pal. We can’t let you just past by us. Sasuke had gathered us for the sole purpose of having no one interrupt his fateful battle with his brother. If we can’t even do this simple task, then what was the purpose of having us?” Suigetsu stated while pulling out a sort of strange large cleaver blade that had explosive tags and scroll all together in one blade.

“My Shibuki is itching for some nice guts.”

“Interesting… I’ll take it.” Broly said.

Broly disappeared from the sights of Suigestu, Jugo, and Karen and reappeared a few feet behind them with the famous sword of the Mist. He curiously looked all over it before putting it on his back.

“This weapon is good. Even those who can’t use chakra properly could use this and still be a devasting force.. I’ll have to thank you for such a gift.” Broly said with a smile.

This smile terrified Karen. His chakra was immense… It was huge and terrifying.. She started shaking slightly, but Jugo and Suigetsu failed to notice. Suigetsu was pissed his weapon was taken and took off to attack Broly with a regular katana. Jugo charged after Broly with Suigetsu. With a chuckle, Broly deflected Suigetsu’s blade with the back of his fist and kneed him in the gut. Suigetsu burst into water and covered Broly’s body. The water started to crawl up towards his head before forming a water blob over Broly’s head. Jugo’s arm transformed and he tried to slice Broly with his axe hand.

Broly blocked Jugo’s attack with his bare hand and reached for his throat. Jugo however was able to react in time and swiftly hopped away. Suigetsu was still transformed into a water blob around Broly’s head until Broly surged lightning chakra over his body and shocked Suigetsu into a jelly-like state. He was useless at this point in the fight.

“Interesting jutsu… I’ll be taking you as well..” Broly said as he captured Suigetsu in a small green chakra orb.

Jugo’s face turned bright orange until his body started to contort and change. He suddenly turned into a grey monster. He started to manically laugh after transforming into his new appearance before taking off towards Broly.

“You’ve lost it over this insect-sized increase in strength? Worthless.” Broly said as Jugo grabbed his face.

Broly’s hand sparked in green electricity as he slowly tore his way through Jugo’s chest. Jugo squeezed Broly’s head but failed to do anything to stop Broly as he grabbed Jugo’s heart and tore it out of his chest. Jugo’s grip around Broly’s head slowly loosened as he started to fall over slowly.

“I’m sorry…. Sasuke…. I couldn’t… be useful to you…..” Jugo mournfully said as he took his last breath.

Karen was frozen as Broly walked towards her. Her body shivered uncontrollable as tears ran down her face.

‘I’m going to die…. He’s going to kill me…. Just like he did Jugo… Sasuke-kun…. Please save me… Suigetsu… anyone….’

Broly stood mere inches in front of her with a menacing smile on his face.

‘No…. Please…. I… I can’t… I… I won’t!!! You won’t kill me without a fight!!’


Karen clutched her injured hand as she tearfully stared daggers into Broly’s eyes.

“Good. I’ve taken a liking to you. You’ll become my first concubine of this world.” Broly said.

He punched her in the gut, instantly knocking her unconscious. He summoned a clone to take them both back to his village before walking towards Itachi and Sasuke, who seemed to have started fighting without him.

“I won’t let you die so easily Itachi Uchiha. I know how close you are to dying. But it means nothing to me. You will become one of my many slaves as I take over this planet..” Broly said as he headed towards Sasuke and Itachi’s battle.