Preparation For War! Assassinate A Kage?!?!
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There were 5 figures inside. Tsunade, Jiraiya, Danzo, Koharu, and Homura.

“All our intel suggests that Aomatsuna Hakuseki, Amai Jabie, and Yada Esumi have betrayed Konoha and have relocated to another village called The Hidden Demon Village. Amai Jabie was seen murdering sand shinobi and kidnapping Temari of the Hidden Sand at the joint chunin exams. He even killed a fellow leaf member. Shikamaru Nara was directly killed by him according to witnesses. What should we do about this?” Tsunade asked.

“My Spy source managed to find their village. It’s all the way out in the Land of Earth. Somewhat near the Hidden Stone Village.” Jiraiya informed.

“I suggest that we assassinate their leader. Send in Jiraiya or Kakashi on an S-rank mission to take them out.” Danzo said.

“I agree. It’s just some unknown new village that is trying to gain attention.” Koharu said.

“Even sending Jiraiya or Kakashi might be too much. Sending a cell of jonin should be enough for some tiny village.” Homura agreed.

“Kakashi is unavailable at the moment. Team 7 has been sent out on a mission to attempt to retrieve Gaara from the Akatsuki. Team Guy has been sent as back-up for support. Jiraiya what do you say?” Tsunade asked.

“I’m not sure how this leader managed to convince those three monsterous brats of becoming traitors.. But I’ll find out from his own mouth. In the meantime, we should talk about how to aid the Sand in their time of need right now.” Jiraiya said.


Jabie sent out 4 clones to watch from each direction with their Byakugan and to dispel whenever they manage to spot someone. Recently many eyes have been on the village due to the disturbance they’ve been causing. And getting rid of some of those eyes didn’t make the senders of them very happy. So now Jabie was prepping the village for the worst-case scenario while also increasing the workers, ninjas, and slaves’ strength. He’s already sucked up most of the knowledge from those they put the crown on. Even some of the academy students have took up to learning some of them. He was about to exit his office inside the Academy, but suddenly saw an unfamiliar face in his village.

Jabie has experimented on his own body and managed to modify some parts of it to become better than ever before. The first thing he worked on was his brain! The ability to never forget anything. So far it has been a godsend in his research and for his village. He went around remembering all the faces of his village and watching those who aren’t familiar. But it wasn’t as if he shut the village down or refused all visitors. That would be bad for business.

‘Capturing all these infiltraitors and possible assassins will be great for when we declare war upon the nations.’ Jabie thought as he headed towards the new entry in his village.

But Jabie stopped on top of a building. He noticed one of the slaves must have picked up on something suspicious about the guest.

“Hehe.. Another invader. Lucky me I got to you first.” A blue-haired androgynous looking boy said.

“Spy? What do you mean?” She asked while seemingly getting into position for something.

The crown wearing boy shook his finger.

“Ah ah ah. None of that.” He said.

The infiltrator’s body suddenly tightened up and looked as if they were tied up by something.

“Gah! How did you… find out so quickly…?” She squeezed out.

“While I would love to tell, I am not able to. Get ready to meet the other infiltrators. Or lab rats! I should say.” He laughed as he dragged her away screaming.

The civilians ignored this as if it was a regular thing and continued to do what they were doing.

“Another one huh…”

“I wonder what the Councilors want with the spies.”

“To get information from them duh!”

“Ooooh. Can we get some burgers on the way home?”

“Sure little brother.”

Jabie left and returned back to the Academy to meet up with the teachers.

“I need you all to make sure that no harm comes to the children if an enemy manages to sneak past the Councilors.” Jabie stated.

“Hai!” They responded.

“You all should know that war is coming soon. So prepare your students for the worst. We may need to send them out if worst comes to worst. I will try to prevent things from coming to that point but anything could happen. Just be ready.” Jabie ordered.

“Hai!” They answered.

Jabie left them and they returned back to their classrooms. Jabie sat at his office thinking about what should he do now. He has the workers, the police force, and the slaves prepared for any attacks and suspicious persons. Suna and Esumi are after Itachi Uchiha. 

Konoha is preparing to send Jiraiya after us, thanks to all the transformed clones I left in Konoha I’m aware of all of their moves. I’m not sure I’m strong enough to deal with the Hidden Stone Village’s kage. I suppose I’ll just train and research some more…’ He thought as he closed his eyes and fell asleep at his desk.


Broly has finally arrived at the Uchiha Hideout. But it seems Sasuke and Itachi managed to have quite the fierce battle. The so called Uchiha Hideout was completely destroyed and most of the general area was engulfed in black flames and some orange flames.

‘I wanted to have a fun battle with Itachi Uchiha, but it seems his younger brother will drain him of all his fighting spirit and strength. With my Byakugan, I can see this fight is already over. Itachi has Sasuke to the wall aiming for his eyes.. and barely is able to walk. I guess I’ll be able to get both Uchiha in my hands.. but first I’ll need to get rid of this weasel hiding in the ground..’

Broly suddenly disappeared and reappeared above a plant-like Akatsuki member.

“How did you?!” The plant-man gasped in surprise before being grabbed by the throat by Broly.

“You’re the little rat that was seen watching Naruto and the little Uchiha before I could catch you. But not this time…” Broly said as he started to absorb Zetsu’s chakra.

It seemed Zetsu had his own form of chakra absorption because Broly felt some resistance in his pulling of chakra from Zetsu. But with Broly’s strong chakra due to the gravity seal easily overpowered Zetsu’s opposition and started to absorb his chakra at a faster pace. Broly saw wood root suddenly shoot out from the ground and wrap around him while the black half of his captured opponent coat over his skin.

“Another one trying to take over my body huh? This world sure has a lot of weaklings in need of a new body. My Saiyan blood won’t allow anyone to control me! Not anymore! Not with the power I have now.” Broly said as the black slime-like coating over his body was unable to continue forming over his body. The White Zetsu body was suddenly absorbed into Broly’s palm as he drained it entirely of all it’s chakra.

The Black Zetsu desperately tried to take over Broly’s body but just couldn’t defeat his legendary will. Broly forced Black Zetsu into a green chakra orb before absorbing him into his body as well by draining it entirely of its chakra.

“Good… You’ve increased my power even more. You’ve even gifted me some new abilities….” Broly laughed to himself as a bright green glowing seedling grew from his hand before crushing it.

Broly ran off towards the fainted Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha. Broly saw that Itachi was practically dead by all means, but he was sure Jabie would be able to revive him without a problem. He collected their bodies and created a clone using the new chakra nature he gained from the plant Akatsuki member. A wooden clone that at first looked like a wooden dummy of Broly, but soon became a complete copy of him and took off with the last Uchiha Brothers. Broly saw a somewhat roughed up Esumi finishing Kisame off with a stab in the heart with lightning lance made of his pupil’s bone kekkei genkai and soon attempting to take his living sword. But the sword shot out spikes from it’s handle and it attempted to attack Esumi.

“Stupid sword. You’re mine now whether you want to be or not! Either become my new main sword or die along with your previous owner.” Esumi threatened as Broly arrived at her location.

The sword shot out spikes from it’s scales at Esumi’s face in response to her threat. Esumi let the spikes barely pierce through her skin.

“Fine. Have it your way.” Esumi put Samehada under a genjutsu with her sharingan and equipped it on her back.

“Mission complete?” Esumi asked.

“Let’s go home. We have a war to prepare for.” Broly said with a grin.


Sasuke Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha had black metal chains wrapped around their wrists and legs that constantly drained chakra from them, preventing any usage of their eyes or ninjutsu. They were forced into a seat and sat before Aomatsuna, Jabie, and Esumi. The new shiny crown on their head prevented them from taking action, even if it would be futile without chakra or any ninja tools in their possession.

“Let’s see if this works. Fatass. Start it.” Esumi said.

“Interesting. Although it’s uses are only useful for combat, it still is quite the intriguing research material.” Jabie said as he poked both Itachi and Sasuke 3 times each and forced their bodies to overfill with chakra. Their skin color turned red as both of their new sharingan activated.

“Mangekyō Sharingan huh… how useful. But don’t worry Itachi Uchiha, since you have further uses for us we won’t end your brother as your final wish. But we will take his eyes.” Jabie said as he surgically took out Sasuke’s and Itachi’s Mangekyō sharingan and replaced them with each others.

So Itachi gained Sasuke’s eyes and Sasuke gained Itachi’s eyes. Broly and gang watched as their eyes transformed. Their chakra recognized the strong blood ties between their new eyes and started transforming into new eyes.

“So it wasn’t a myth.. The Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan was possible without the death of your family member….” Itachi muttered.

“Yep. Your family was too turned on by the thought of murdering each other over it though. Now give me one of those suckers and save the other one. We might find a use for it for someone.” Esumi said.

“I’ll kill you… I’ll kill you all! Release me!” Sasuke shouted.

Jabie took out Sasuke’s sharingan eyes, that was actually Itachi’s previous ones, and put it inside a jar with strange clear liquid. He then placed normal eyes inside Sasuke’s empty sockets before knocking him asleep.

“If I manage to get free, I will bring down this entire village.” Itachi threatened.

“With his illness cured, he should be an even greater force than before and with the crown on he has no chance of escape except in death.” Broly said ignoring Itachi.

“I still think we should kill Sasuke. All he’s going to do is try and get revenge until he dies.” Esumi said with her new beautiful Samehada on her back.

“No. Seeing how the little Uchiha grows without his famed bloodline seems funny. Get the memories of all their techniques and release the device from the little Uchiha’s head. After that drop him off at the leaf village.” Broly said chuckling.

This caused Esumi and Jabie to laugh as well after realizing that Sasuke willingly left the leaf village. Broly left the lab while Jabie and Esumi got started on extracting all of Itachi’s and Sasuke’s jutsus and transplanting the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan into Esumi’s eye. Broly reached his personal quarters and was welcomed with the sight of Karin in a rather suggestive outfit in his room.

Hatred was the only look in her eyes as she looked at Broly, but her body betrayed her as it started to shake in fright of what he could possible want.

“It’s time you start fulfilling your duty as my first concubine. My legacy will live on and my race will thrive. Even if I’m in a new world. The Saiyan race will not end with me.” Broly said as he dropped his sash and shorts.

“No… No. Stay away! Get away from me!” Karin shouted

Karin seemed frozen in fear but desperately tried to resist once Broly grabbed her shoulder. Her struggles were futile though. Broly’s power was infinite compared to her. But before Broly could seal the deal, four darkish gold chains erupted from Karin’s back and pierced through Broly’s chest and gut. Broly was sent flying towards the wall in his chambers as Karin had tears flowing fiercely down her eyes.

She controlled the chains and rapidly stabbed and stabbed Broly more and more until suddenly a laugh erupted from him.

“Good! No concubine of mine should be so easy to conquer!” Broly shouted as his body regenerated rapidly.

He grabbed the chains and tore them apart with his bare hands and reappeared in front of Karen before grabbing her by the throat and forcefully taking her.

‘Sasuke……! Save me…… Please……’

Sounds of crying, moans, and grunts rang out from his quarters throughout the night until morn.

As daylight came, the sounds stopped and Broly’s door opened from the inside. A fully dressed shining Broly appeared and left behind a somewhat destroyed room and a passed out bright red-head on his bed whose face seemed to be crossed between reluctant pleasure and complete sadness. As if she lost something very important that night that was a crucial part of her entire being.


Sho was currently walking throughout the village alone. He stopped by the park and was met with the sight of a giant turtle beast being surrounded, climbed on, and played around by children and Academy Students.

“Seriously… a Tailed Beast in a public park for children to play with…” Sho sighed as he also joined in. He laid down and took a nap on the Three-Tail’s shell.


“It’s time to take them out. We’ve lost too many at this point. Even Zetsu was lost to them. A nearly irretrievable lost.” An orange hair male Akatsuki member stated.

“I’m sure they’re hiding the Jinchūriki inside. We’ll go in and search for the missing Jinchūriki. If possible kill Aomatsuna Hakuseki, Yada Esumi, and Amai Jabie if you spot them. The main goal though is recapturing of the Jinchūriki. Let’s move out.”


“We’ve spotted some Akatsuki members.” A clone of Jabie stated before dispelling.

“Get the slaves ready. Let’s see how useful they are.” Another clone ordered.

The clone left to get the people controlled with the crown to prepare to set out against this group of enemies.

Jabie has just received the memories of his water clone and immediately got both Esumi and Aomatsuna.

“Use the slaves to gain information on their abilities. If they aren’t completely useless they might even defeat this enemy without us.” Broly stated.

“Very well. Esumi what about you?” Jabie asked.

“I guess I’ll get started on this war you were planning. Which hokage should I aim for first?” Esumi asked.

“Assassinate the Tsuchikage if possible. Be wary of his dust release jutsu. Even I wouldn’t be safe from it’s destructive power. I don’t care if you do it silently or alarm the entire village, but make sure you don’t die. That’s all I care about.” Broly told her.

“He is the closest and most dangerous of all the kages. The second strongest we should aim for is the Raikage. After that the others should be no problem.” Jabie stated.

“Alright then. I’ll be off. Time to test this sweet new eye of mine.” Esumi stated as her pinwheel shaped red eye started to spin.

“Let’s watch the show then Jabie.” Broly laughed as he and Jabie reappeared on top of their Castle.