Infiltration Of The Stone Village! Masked Man!?
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Esumi was having trouble deciding on if she should burst inside the village and cause complete chaos and mayhem or be a super-secret kunoichi and assassinate her target. But then she thought about which one would be the most fun for her. With a giddy smile on her face, she was about to rain lightning and swords upon the village but remembered Suna’s words about the Tsuchikage’s Dust Release being really powerful. If she happened to get surrounded and caught, it would be game over for her! With a sad sigh, Esumi used the transformation jutsu and turned into a simple fly.

She flew all the way towards the Hokage’s office and gently flew through the open window and saw the Tsuchikage napping at his desk. She smirked devilishly inwardly before deciding on her next move. She flew in front of the kage’s desk and transformed back into her original appearance.

“Tsuchikage-Sir. Wake up please.” Esumi asked.

“Huh.. What.? I’m up! I was just resting my eyes..” The Tsuchikage said as he rubbed his eyes before locking eyes with the intruder in his office.

“Got you…” Esumi grinned as she poked his forehead.

The Tsuchikage and Esumi were suddenly inside a whole new world. A world that was brimming with life and sunshine and all sorts of pretty colors on a grassy plain atop a giant green hill. A bright yellow sun with a smile on its face hung over Esumi and Ōnoki.

“Where am I…? Who are you!? Why can’t I move or use my chakra!?” Ōnoki shouted as he was fixed to a “stylish” cross made from Esumi’s taste.

“This is my new technique. It’s called Tsukuyomi. For the next…” Esumi started to count her fingers.

“48 hours I will be trying to convince you to surrender your village to the Hidden Demon Village.” Esumi said with an innocent smile as she put her hands behind her back.

“You mean that little upstart village in the north that I could’ve destroyed in an instant!?” Ōnoki started laughing.

“Little girl. This better be some sick joke. Because when I get out of here, your entire village will be wiped from the stains of history!”

“So, I’ll put you as a no for now?” Esumi said with a giggle before taking out Samehada.

“This technique usually goes for 72 hours, but with your age I believe you might have a heart attack as soon as its over. So, I had to reduce your time. Be glad for senior’s privilege. Hehehehe!”

Esumi laughed as she started shredding Ōnoki’s small body with her blade. Ōnoki was feeling terrible, unbearable pain but he would rather die than show this little girl his pain. He wasn’t known as a old stubborn “rock” for nothing. He gritted his teeth as she started to shred and tear through his skin, bones, and organs even faster as time continued on. Her innocent-like laughter started to sound demonic and eerie as time passed on and echoed through his ears beyond the sounds of shredded flesh and bones.

‘In this devilish technique of hers, it seems that she can control the entire world. Even if she rips through my intestines, my body instantly recovers what was loss. I don’t feel any relief in the regeneration because as soon as it’s fixed it’s shredded by that infernal weapon once again.’

“It’s only been a couple of hours Gramps! You got more stamina than that don’t you? Do you need a pick me up for the next 36 hours?” Esumi mockingly laughed at him before continuing to shave through his body for the rest of the time left.

The 48 hours were up and Ōnoki was limp. He didn’t die though. Oh no, Esumi couldn’t allow that. Esumi broke her technique and returned back to Ōnoki’s office.

Ōnoki was immediately comatose and Esumi was slightly tired.

“Oh boy. That took out a lot of chakra.. But I should be good for another 1 or 2 uses today. Even more so if I use some Tailed Beast chakra. But let’s get this old stubborn dumb ass under my control already.” Esumi stated as she grabbed Ōnoki’s head and stared into his unfocused eyes.

Ōnoki’s eyes turned into the same spinning Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan eyes as Esumi. Esumi soon left the Tsuchikage’s office and started to head back towards her village. But on her way towards her village, a strange man suddenly appeared. He had an orange spiral shaped mask on and an Akatsuki cloak. Esumi activated her Byakugan and managed to see his face, sharingans, and strange white half of his body.

‘Another Uchiha was alive? I thought Itachi killed them all.., but then again Jabie did say something about one man killing his entire clan was sketchy. So maybe this guy helped Itachi or was spared like little Sasuke-chan. Unless those sharingan in his eyes are transplanted like mine.’ Esumi thought.

“Yada Esumi. What are your plans in holding the Jinchūriki? Why does the Hidden Demon Village want to acquire them?” The masked man asked.

“Well we did have a reason for holding them at first, but now they kind of just became apart of us. But hey! Who are you guy? Are you another one of those idiots trying to get revenge on this beautifully innocent teenaged girl for just doing her job as the greatest kunoichi in the world?” Esumi said in an exaggerated exhausted manner.

“What was that reason?”

“To get you Akatsuki idiots to come out of your hiding hole and give us something to do for a while before we do something else.”


“Because of this simple reason.” Esumi said while holding up 1 finger.

“This esty bitsy teenie weenie reason.” Esumi ran on and wasted more time until suddenly.

Multiple sharp threatening blades shot out from the earth beneath the orange masked figure and skewered him multiples times over.

“We wanted to! We wanted to fight! And you guys were pretty mysterious with the recruiting S-ranked criminals. And we were kids back then. Impressionable. Focusing on a single goal was really easy. And Itachi’s really handsome face caused my brother to become really attracted to him, but you never heard me say that.” Esumi explained before realizing her sneak attack didn’t work and that her attacks phased right through her opponent.

“I wasn’t expecting that.....” Esumi responded as the masked man dashed towards her.

Esumi pulled out Samehada and attacked the Akatsuki member. But just like before, her attack went right through him. After her failed attack, she instantly turned around to attack again and again rapidly. She noticed the very small instances of the crushed faced guy trying to grab her wrist or some part of her body whenever she attacked with her Byakugan and Sharingan.

‘Let’s see what you’re playing at weirdo. Not that it would be anything special. Hehe.’ Esumi thought before overextending her next attack and watching the Akatsuki member grab her wrist and stare into her eyes.

With a black swirl and a break in time and space, Esumi was sucked into the masked man’s eye! Esumi reoriented herself and landed gently upon a rectangular platform. She checked out her surroundings and saw nothing but squares and boxes. She felt the platform under her with her fingers and with a slight surge of lightning chakra, managed to create a finger-shaped hole.

‘Not made of anything special. Where the hell did he take me..’ Esumi thought.

She started to jump from platform to platform looking for signs of anything, but mostly a way out. After searching for nearly 2 hours, Esumi realized that crushed face bastard had to die in the most painful and longest way possible. Trapping a beautiful maiden such as herself in such a boring, bland, piece of shit wasteland like this without even making her feel like a trapped princess.

‘I’m going to wring him by his neck next time I see him. But this is enough information. Time to leave.’ Esumi thought before dispelling and revealing that the masked Akatsuki member actually sucked in a clone with his sharingan ability!

Esumi dug herself out from the ground and searched for any trace of the crushed-face bastard. There wasn’t any trace of him left in the area, so Esumi returned home to tell the good news and bad news to her family.


“Esumi. You should have gained as much information about him as possible instead of trying to kill him instantly.” Jabie said.

“Shut up fatass! How could I know that he could make his body untouchable?! If I knew that I wouldn’t have tried to kill him like that.” Esumi defended.

“Instead of trying to kill him in the first place, why didn’t you just hear him out?”’

“Because last time I heard, Akatsuki was on a kill on sight or capture on sight, whichever.”

“We’ve killed the Akatsuki’s leader while you were gone. Their involvement with us is negligent now, just so you know.”

“No way fatty. I’m going to flay him alive for trapping me in that stupid box place. He’s going to regret messing with this one.”

“If you didn’t try to kill the man in the first place, he probably wouldn’t have had to retaliate.” Jabie reasoned.

“Jabie are you sticking up for him!? Over me?! Don’t make me cut some fat off your body and make you look like a flayed fish!” Esumi shouted.

“Try and test me! You’ll regret even thinking about trying to harm this beautiful body.” Jabie threatened as his body became a shiny jet-black color.

“You think have balls now because of that blue haired bitch you got from the Akatsuki?! See if I won’t kick them so far up into your ass you’ll be seeing nothing but hairy balls for the rest of your life.” Esumi shouted as her left eye glowed red and she started to levitate slightly.

Broly watched as two of the only people he could call family argue at each other and threaten to fight each other. Normally he would just let them fight. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve come at a crossroad in opinions over the years of being together. It just seems this time the reason is rather foolish. Broly was about to say something, but Jabie and Esumi started to fight before he could finish. He could wait a little bit before stopping them he supposed.

Jabie already coated the inside of his central nervous system in a chakra absorption barrier to ward off any genjutsu Esumi might throw at him. And with a flash, Jabie threw a kunai towards Esumi before forming some hand seals. Esumi appeared right in front of Jabie with her Samehada overhead ready to slash down. Jabie finished his hand seals in time and spat out a wave of blue gas right in Esumi’s face.

“Poison?! You fat shit! I should kill you!” Esumi shouted as her sharingan eye started to spin. She held her head slightly as her vision started blurring.

“Amaterasu!” Jabie’s clothes were engulfed in black flames.

Jabie ate some of the black flames with his mouth hand and at the same time sliced off his arm with a water jutsu. His bloody arm fell to the ground and the black flames consumed it instantly. His arm-less limb started to pulsate and thump before regrowing a new arm back perfectly.

“So disgusting! You could’ve just used a clone like me!” Esumi said as the clone of her who took in the blue gas dispelled into a lightning snake and curled up around her neck.

“It’s so much more fun seeing my research progress the way I intended.”

“Research this! Research that! Why don’t you research my ass if your so interested in research so much?!”

“Ew. Don’t be gross Esumi. You’re like a sister to me."

"A sister’s whose behind needs to be straightened out!”

Jabie’s back straightened up and he raised his right arm before poking the air multiple times in Esumi’s direction. Esumi watched with her Byakugan and Eternal Sharingan, the very tiny water droplets made completely of very dense chakra shoot towards her. The attack would be basically invisible to anyone who isn’t a sensor or able to see chakra. Esumi used Samehada and slashed the water droplets apart. Samehada started to grow in size before it nearly towered over Esumi, thanks to Jabie’s attack.

‘Ninjutsu or Taijutsu won’t work against that weapon. I’ll have to rely on other methods.’ Jabie thought as Esumi flew towards him.

“Flying huh. You should be thanking me for figuring out the latent potential in your lightning chakra.” Jabie said.

“I’ll thank you once you lose a few pounds with my shark skin! (Samehada)” Esumi yelled as she slashed down towards Jabie.

Jabie slid away by creating a propulsion type of water construct on his feet. The water construct blasted him to a safe distance and gave him room to think. But not much time for it, because Esumi flew after him nearly instantly as she slashed and swiped with her sword. Jabie dodged and weaved every attack but could still feel his chakra being absorbed by the sword.

“Tch!” Jabie’s Byakugan suddenly glowed white briefly before shooting out a blue beam that Esumi couldn’t react to. She was blasted far across the room and crashed into the wall.

“What the hell was that…?!” Esumi yelled stunned.

“Heheheheheh Give up now Esumi! Or face my ultimate laser attacks.” Jabie said as his eyes glowed even more fiercely.

“You cheating piece of crap! When did you get laser powers too?!” Esumi shouted as if wronged somehow.

Esumi put away Samehada for a second and had her hands glow in a bright yellow light.

Jabie just sighed before looking at Esumi.

“You know I wouldn’t choose some stranger over you Esumi. I think I got most of my frustrations out anyway.” Jabie said.

“I know my own brother. I was just a little irritated from earlier.” Esumi said as she flew next to Jabie.

“I’m sorry Sis.”

“Yeah yeah I guess I’m sorry too.” Esumi said before suddenly kicking Jabie in the head and flying away giggling.

“I won the fight!”

“YOU LITTLE!” Jabie shouted as he chased after Esumi who flew outside the castle and into the front yard of the Castle.

Jabie stopped at the front door of the castle and just looked at Esumi taunting him from the gates. He just glared at her before walking into Broly.

“With the support of the Tsuchikage, we should be able to get started on this war soon. I’m looking forward to testing this eye out in the field. Jabie, I want you to protect the village. Continue building up the village while we’re gone. I’ll be taking the slaves and Esumi with me for the war. We’re going to give the Tsuchikage a visit some time soon.”

“Okay Suna but what about that Akatsuki member Esumi fought with?” Jabie asked.

“He’s just an insignificant ant. But just in case. Be alert.” Broly said.

“Alright Suna.” Jabie said.

‘Hehehe more time for my research. I love staying at the village. Sucks to be you Esumi hehehe.’ Jabie taunted inwardly.

Broly, Jabie, and Esumi then went off to do their own thing as the day came to a close. The day to visit the Tsuchikage to begin the war came closer and closer.