Another Infiltration?!?!
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Broly was inside his room with a half-naked Karin on his bed. The look in Karin's eyes still held hate, but it seems she has realized her situation. She had a complicated look towards Aomatsuna. Although he is a cruel, despicable, and disgusting person. He hasn't really mistreated her with the exception of taking her whenever he feels like it. She is well fed , taken care of by numerous palace maids and butlers, and allowed to roam and do whatever she wants except leave the village. Aomatsuna has even forced her into shinobi training to become stronger.

"One of my concubine can't be so weak. With your bloodline, becoming powerful is nothing. Your people were even wiped out due to their famed strength." He said.

So, for a while now Karin hasn't exactly felt like she was being treated as a slave and plaything for Aomatsuna except when he's in that mood. She pulled the crazy soft covers over her chest. The maids told her that it was made out of some modified animal the smart kid created.

She watched him testing his new powers he got from the leader of the Akatsuki. He currently had a black rod (chakra receiver) being created from his hand by pushing out of his palm. He quickly reabsorbed it before holding his palm out towards Karin, forcing her to be pulled towards him with one of his eye's new powers. He wrapped his tail around her waist to stop her from knocking into him.

"Seems like you still need more practice with it." Karin said while refusing to look in Aomatsuna's multicolored eyes.

"Practice won't be as good as a battle with someone strong. My race thrives in fighting. We get stronger with fighting. Even if we're brought to the brink of death, our blood will scream at us to keep fighting till the end. Remember this for the children." Broly told her.

Karin's face reddened.

"What do you even mean race? You're human just like everyone else stupid..."

"Mhmm" Karin accidentally moaned out as Broly grabbed her breast. Her entire face turned red as she unwillingly "let" this happen.

"I am a saiyan. A race bred for battle, conquer, and destruction! We have an inborn need to fight. To prove ourselves in combat."

"What… You just sound.. crazy.." Karin managed to squeeze out as Aomatsuna started to become even more rambunctious in his actions.

"It doesn't matter. You'll understand in the future." Broly said as certain noises started to exit from his room.

A couple of red-faced maids swiftly left with blankets after hearing these noises and decided to come back later.


Jabie was finishing up his research on Konan's paper ninjutsu and Suigetsu's Hydrification ninjutsu. He and his clones started to write down possible applications for them but he was soon interrupted by an unwanted sight. A certain member of a legendary trio has just entered his village.


'Huh so this is the village of that manipulating bastard.. It looks quite normal and nice..' Jiraiya thought as he walked down the street, looking at all the friendly vendors.

He walked up to one of the vendors selling a delicious smell of meat he's never smelt before.

"Hey man, what are you selling here?" Jiraiya asked.

The cook turned around and revealed that he was only had one arm while flipping the food. The cook smiled happily at the customer before answering him.

"This is a new product sold by the Councilor! It's called Supreme Beef! Since you're my first customer of the day and look new around here I'll give it to you on the house!" The one-armed hardened criminal looking chef said.

"Hey, I appreciate it!" Jiraiya said happily.

"What kind of beef you want? Blazing Hot? Flowing Waves? Tough Fighter? Or Breezy Beef?"

"I'll take a blazing hot."

Jiraiya waited for the chef to finish cooking his food. He was surprised about how seamless and easy he's making it seem, cooking with one arm. After the chef's brilliant food show, he was given his meal. With an enticing smell and absolutely fantastic appearance, Jiraiya grabbed his meal, closed his eyes, and bit down.


Jiraiya bit down on his teeth. He quickly opened his eyes and saw a blue-haired child getting away with his meal on some strange metal device. The chef gave a hearty laugh.

"That little numbskull is a known troublemaker on these streets. We all tried to stop him at first, but he's just too quick. Even if we managed to catch him, he would use those strange techniques he learned at the Great Academy and get away from us again. You would be doing us a favor stranger if you managed to catch him for us." The chef requested.

"Haha I wouldn't be known as the Greatest Toad Sage under the heavens if I couldn't manage to capture a single brat. Watch me." Jiraiya said as he took off towards the child.

As the Toad Sannin left the vendor and his cart, he turned around before speaking in a low tone.

"Mission is a success. Target is heading west towards the old abandoned park." The chef spoke.

Jiraiya and the kid were seen heading towards a seemingly empty part of the village with no one around. They reached an empty park and stood face to face. Jiraiya took note of the child's pinkish cheeks that made him looked as if he drunk a little too much. His strange metallic board that had a blue light glowing from the middle of it. His mocking face that sneered at him while he ate his burger.

"What's your problem old man!? Can't a kid try and get a meal for himself without being chased by dirty perverts!?" The kid shouted shamelessly.

"This sage here is a pervert yes. But only for beautiful women! An unequalled Super Pervert! My favorite hobby is spying on women while they bathe! Now prepare yourself boy to be caught by this old man." Jiraiya said righteously.

"Like hell I'd follow a stinky old idiot like you! Take this!" The boy said as his arm detached with blue threads and shot towards Jiraiya like a rocket.

Jiraiya's eyes grew serious for a moment but quickly returned back to their natural state as he grabbed the child's fist easily.

"Hahaha! I hoped you would do that!" The boy yelled.

The hand Jiraiya caught had the boy's blue threads shoot out from his hand and start to wrap and restrain Jiraiya up until he was nothing more than a blue mummy. The child laughed boastfully as he stepped on the restrained old man.

"That'll teach you to try to mess with the future Councilor when you're so weak!"


Jiraiya hit the child on the head and stunned him.

"How did you escape my jutsu?!" He asked with stars swirling around his head.

"If the great Toad Sage could be taken out by a little brat like you, all my long years of living would be for nothing. Now tell me why you are being a little thieving rat or I'll hang you up to cook for those vendors back there."

"I was hungry."

"Why didn't you ask your parents to feed you?"

"My parents are dead…"

"My bad kid.. But look you don't need to go around robbing people to feed yourself. There are plenty of ways a kid like you could earn money with this jutsu of yours." Jiraiya said as he put his arm around the boy.

"Oh yeah like what?" He asked unconvinced.

"You could---"


Falling blood could be seen dripping from the Sannin's chest. Nothing but the soft blowing wind was present around the old man and child.





The young boy's figure was enveloped in smoke, just like the transformation jutsu and was revealed to be a young adult woman in a vest with the Hidden Demon Village symbol on it. She held Jiraiya's heart in her hand.

"Mission completed. Officer Rio is out." She said into the strange tiny device in her chest pocket. She stared at the beating heart in her hands greedily and licked her lips before shoving it inside her chest and moaning loudly.

'My sixth heart.. I love this jutsu so much..…' She thought but suddenly felt the heart she had disappear and hear something behind her, she immediately hopped away as Jiraiya's corpse poofed away.

"Shit! A shadow clone. Target has been alerted and is currently Mis-----" She was cut off as she was kicked in the jaw by Jiraiya.

The police officer was knocked into the air and Jiraiya formed a single hand seal that caused his hair to grow longer and snake towards the Hidden Demon officer.

'I don't stand a chance against this target according to Councilor's Jabie's report. I have to use "that" to not get taken out immediately..' Rio thought.

Rio's chakra changed suddenly. A red aura of chakra coated her body. She latched on to the ground with her blue threads and grappled towards it, dodging Jiraiya's hair. She was about to dash towards Jiraiya, but it seems he beat her to it first. He kicked her in the stomach that launched her in the air once again. Jiraiya appeared behind her with a spinning blue orb in his hand before thrusting it into her back. She was sent spinning towards the ground at high speeds and crashed into the earth. Leaving behind a visible body print, Jiraiya appeared above her grounded body and attacked again with an even bigger rasengan.

Rio was sent further down into the ground. The rasengan made a large crater in the ground as Jiraiya landed outside the crater. He saw Rio's unconscious and nearly dead body poof into smoke and three people attack behind him. He hopped away and saw the three attackers wearing the Hidden Demon police vest.

"I've been discovered already huh. This mysterious leader of yours is quite good." Jiraiya complimented.

"You were found the moment you entered the village. Rio, Jiro, let's go." The tall buff looking guy stated before getting on all fours and having his teeth grow sharper like an animals.

His fingers and feet became more claw-like. And his pupils turned into slits. He drank a suspicious bottle filled with clear water which made his chakra suddenly burst and become visible.

'That jutsu looks like the Inuzuka's secret technique..' Jiraiya noted.

Rio's blue threads thickened and increased in numbers and size. Her threads started to expand from parts of her body with a tailed beasts chakra around her and her threads. Jiro's entire body turned into blazing hot lava. He stretched his lava arms until they nearly reached the ground and dripped sizzling hot lava droplets on the ground, burning holes in the ground. His feet were gone and replaced with a goop of lava that somehow didn't just burn through the ground.

"Quite the party just for this old man. It seems you were prepared for my arrival somehow." Jiraiya noted as he took a strange stance.

"I'll take center Kane." Jiro said as he stretched and thrusted his lava hands into the earth, forcing lava to burst from the ground around Jiraiya.

Rio dashed in along with Kane to combat Jiraiya. Jiraiya stomped his wooden sandals and formed to hand seals before turning the surrounding area into muddy swamp that nearly swallowed up both Rio and Kane. Jiro was safely outside the range of the technique and started shooting pellet-sized lava bullets at Jiraiya.

'A highly compressed piece of lava?' Jiraiya thought before barely managing to dodge and jumping away. His outfit was slightly burned through on his arm.


The thread chick and animal guy managed to escape my Dark Swamp jutsu. The animal guy started going through hand signs while the thread chick appeared in front of me. She kicked towards my face and forced me to block.

"Ultimate Wind Style: Wind God's Frenzy!" The dog guy shouted and had a burst of air expel from his body.

Wind covered his body completely until it became barely noticeable on his skin. The chick with the strings caught my arm and threw me into the sky. She then started to weave through ninjutsu hand signs and the dog guy disappeared. I looked around intently for him, but only saw the woman and lava kid.


"Guh!" Jiraiya was sent crashing to the ground after being kicked in the back by Kane.

But before he could reach the ground, Kane appeared under him and double kicked him back into the sky. Jiraiya spat out blood from this attack and was met with….

"Earth Style: Thread Bullets." Rio's threads started weaving together before forming a drill shape and firing towards the rising Jiraiya.

Jiraiya quickly bit his thumb and filled the entire area with smoke. Jiro, Kane, and Rio regrouped and watched for Jiraiya's next attack. It turns out he just summoned a large frog that towered over them but not large enough to eclipse the village.

"Play time is over kiddies! Toad Daddy Jiraiya needs to clean up his mess before he leaves!" Jiraiya said after sensing all the other ninjas hiding in the surroundings. His toad slammed his staff-like weapon on the ground, creating large cracks in the ground and breaking it into chunks.

The three police officers of the Hidden Demon Village smirked as they joined hands.

"You won't leave so easily Toad Sage." Rio said with a crazed look in her eyes.

"What a terrible first assignment.." Jiro whined.

"Fighting an old monster like this one is making my head hurt." Kane said as he and Jiro were engulfed in tailed beast chakra.

The three shot forward towards the giant toad. Kane swiped his foot across the toad's weapon and knocked it far away into the sky. The toad looked completely confuddled at the strength of the human's foot. The three police officers were headed straight towards the toad and Jiraiya. Kane had a claw-shaped wind aura around his claws. Jiro's fist enlarged into giant lava hands. Rio's threads shaped into a giant blue threaded knife.

"Get out of here buddy! I'll take care of the rest!" Jiraiya told his toad as he started weaving through hand seals.

The toad chose to disregard Jiraiya's concern and blast the three with a giant water jutsu. He looked relieved at taking care of the three humans.

"Despite how clumsy I am, I got them." He said before bursting into giant chunks of meat.

Jiraiya looked at his summon with sadness in his eyes before realizing they also managed to slice off his left arm! Jiraiya suddenly poofed away and a wave of vests immediately assaulted the area.

"Mission Failed. Jiraiya has escaped." Rio reported.

Kane immediately fell unconscious after taking in the effects of the Hero Water. Medical nin inside the police force took him away.

"Why didn't we just swarm him once we got him out here?" Jiro asked.

"Councilor Jabie only told us to intervene if he planned to continue his infiltration. But it seems we weren't needed. Good work you thre-two." The police commander said.

"I really wanted his heart though…." Rio whined.

"We have plenty in storage from that zombie cursing guy. If you want a heart as famous as a legendary sannin you better train harder." The police commander told her.

"Yes chief…." Rio said as she and Jiro was dismissed.


"Well he's weakened somewhat but I doubt Konoha has reached the point where they can regrow limbs." Jabie stated.

"Is everything ready?" Broly asked.

"Yep everything is in excellent condition. You can leave by tomorrow if you want." Jabie said.

"Esumi will you be ready by tomorrow?" Broly asked.

"Yep. Let's get this show on the road." Esumi said.

"You three are coming along. This will be good for you." Broly told to Sho, Khael, and Fu.

"Awh man…" Sho whined while Khael nodded.

"Yay!!! I get to play in the war!" Fu cheered.

"This war isn't a game Fu. You all will have important missions and duties to follow. I expect you all to grow during this period. We won't be around to guide you. Make preparations for tomorrow." Broly said to them.

"Hai.." The three responded before heading off to their rooms.

"I love little Fu's innocence. I just hope it doesn't get in the way of her future." Esumi said.

"She's… not bad." Broly complimented.

"How are negotiations with the Sand, Jabie?" Broly asked.

"We'll be sending a delegate to a meeting with their elders. I planned on sending the police chief and his aides to Sunagakure. If they choose to surrender under us completely we will let them live, if they plan anything other than serving under us then the chief and his aides will forcefully take over Sunagakure." Jabie explained.

"I see. Did Itachi's crow come by yet?"

"Yeah I extracted the sharingan from it. I planned on giving it to the police chief with the addition of Esumi's old eye."

"That's not a bad idea. I'm going to bed." Broly said before heading off to his room.

"Goodnight fatass!" Esumi said as she left as well.

"Night." Jabie responded back before heading down into his labs.