Attacking Kirigakure!!
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Broly's army was on their way towards the Hidden Mist Village. The two aides of the Tsuchikage stared at Broly throughout the journey. They looked at him with curiosity and a large unwillingness to follow along with his orders. But since it was an order from their Tsuchikage there was not much they could do about the shirtless boy who had a mysterious aura and an army of crown wearing vulgar shinobi. It was truly strange traveling with them and the fact that they acted like no ninja should. One example of this was when their previous acquaintance Deidara was seen making a group of followers that used the same kinjutsu he does. They didn't have a name but they frequently said the phrase "Art is an Explosion.", during their fights.

The army was resting for the night on the count of the Iwa-nin needing rest more often than the slaves did. The Iwa-nin took notice of how rarely or not at all the mercenaries rested. They usually just stayed up and chatted all night or played card games and such. Some even fought and trained during the night. All this increased the agitation for Broly's slaves and tensions were being secretly being raised beneath the surface.

"A few worms want to attack now do they?" Broly muttered to himself as he saw Kiri's famed hunter-nin surrounding his army.

A misty rain rolled in and the slaves immediately reacted. The Iwa-nin were not as jumpy and just tried to go back to sleep. Broly informed his slaves that it was nothing. Although they knew something was up, they knew better than to defy against Aomatsuna's orders in the open. They returned back to whatever activities they were doing and Khael and Fu looked at Broly. He told them to rest before creating three wood clones out of his back. Broly and his clones disappeared and headed towards the four groups of hunter nin surrounding his army. Broly himself headed for the group north of his army and smashed in the middle of the enemy group.

"Come!" Broly said while motioning the ambushed group to come forward.

Their bodies started levitating and were sent flying towards Broly's lone figure. Numerous masked shinobi were flying at Broly from all around him. Broly's chest glowed bright green as the hunter-nin were mere inches from him.


A large explosion came from that part of the area. It was obviously seen by Broly's army and they immediately got into defensive positions. Fu told them it was just her master "Training" and to not worry. The slaves believed this very easily while the Iwa-nin stayed on alert and ignored the little girl. After 3 more similarly loud events with some human screaming, yelling, and pleading, Broly returned back to the camp by morning time. Looking no different from when he last night. The slaves expected him to be covered in blood, guts, and even some limbs but nope. He was completely fine and had no change in his expression.

Broly ordered for them to move forward towards Kirigakure and was met with regular hit and run attacks. Eventually Broly became very upset with this type of cowardly fighting and decided to take control of this "battle". He ordered Deidara to come to him.

"Hey my current master! What do ya want?" Deidara asked.

"Create something that can carry all of us together and fly." Broly said before forcefully injecting a massive amount of chakra into Deidara.


But Broly wasn't having it. He injected more and more chakra into Deidara who was eating as much clay as possible with his hands and mouth until he put up his hands and formed them into a cross. Broly stopped giving him his chakra and everyone watched as Deidara burped up a hand sized bird creature. Deidara looked completely exhausted and nearly fell over from expending such a massive amount of chakra he wasn't used to handling. He formed a single hand sign after throwing the bird in the air and it enlarged into a massive flying bird that shadowed the entirety of Broly's army.

"Grab him and let's go." Broly told Khael and the rest of his army.

Khael used the skeleton of a gorilla and had it pick up Deidara before being lifted in the air along with all the other army participants. Broly used earth from the ground and made them into flying platforms so that everyone could immediately get on the flying clay bird.

"Holy shit dude. Are we really going to fly this giant fucking bird?! I never been so pumped to be apart of a war until now!!"

"This is your first and hopefully last war you little brat. Although I will admit this is amazing. Maybe I should learn that mouth jutsu when we get back…."

Broly's face only grew scarier as a very fun thought entered his head. The slaves and somewhat Fu fed off of Broly's terrifying aura and set off on the gigantic clay bird towards the Hidden Mist Village! The excitement of the slaves and Fu seemed to grow into a frightening aura of some sort of demonic figure above them that flew along with them. The animals that they flew over immediately shit themselves in terror and cowered away shivering. Any people or villages that encountered this aura hide themselves away filled with fear. Some people froze on sight. And very few managed to not be affected by this aura. But Broly and his army saw none of the problems their enthusiasm caused and got ready to battle.

Deidara woke up some time when they were nearing the Hidden Mist Village and laughed gleefully at his masterpiece. He locked eyes with Broly and instantly understood. He laughed hysterically and stood up like an excited child about to receive his birthday present. A couple hours later, Broly's army arrived outside Kirigakure.

"They've gathered like a bunch of ants…" Broly muttered.

"IT COULDN'T BE MORE PERFECT!" Deidara shouted.

"Begin the slaughter.." Broly ordered as his army jumped off the bird and the clay bird started torpedo diving towards the Hidden Mist Village.

The Kiri-nin attacked with a combined water dragon jutsu that swallowed the clay bird.

But the momentum of the city-eclipsing clay figure wouldn't be stopped so easily. It tore through the water dragon and crashed into the Hidden Mist Village.

"HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH ART IS TRULY AN EXPLOSION!!!!!" Deidara exclaimed before activating his jutsu.


The resulting destruction couldn't be explained with simple words. Deidara's hysterical blissed-filled face. Broly's cruel satisfied grin. Khael's slightly saddened face. She looked at her master's expression and then looked down at the ground, avoiding sight of him and the aftermath. Fu looked at the explosion, the outcome, and the resulting faces of everyone else who also witnessed the sight. She didn't know how to feel about this. She saw a multitude of expressions and couldn't decide on which one matched hers. So, she just comforted Khael. The soldiers of the Hidden Mist Village broke down while others stared completely frozen. Some cried tears of blood and looked at Broly's army with their souls filled with nothing but the thought of vengeance.

Broly saw the Mizukage dashing at him in a mad dash with tears running down her eyes. She started running through hand seals. Broly slowly walked towards her. A humongous water wave was fired towards Broly. Broly fired a small bright green orb from his palm. The orb exploded and splashed the water jutsu apart. But from that explosion, the Mizukage kicked Broly in the jaw. Broly only smirked before being kicked once more by her other leg. But once again this did no damage towards Broly.

The brown-haired kage effortlessly weaved some hand seals and spat out some strange mud-like jutsu on Broly's chest. The mud splashed on Broly and instantly started to melt through his skin. Broly forced the mud off by using chakra from his body to push it away but while he was doing that the Mizukage formed another jutsu. She was above Broly and blew out a large cloud of mist that engulfed Broly and the area around him. His skin started to melt as he stood in the acid-like jutsu. He noticed that she was immune to the effects of her jutsu because she started to fight with him while inside the acid mist.

A kick to the ribs, a punch to the jaw, and a half-turned kick to the chest unleashed on Broly's figure as the acidic mist melted his skin. But his regeneration seemed superior and managed to heal the damages faster than the mist could cause. After taking an elbow to the forehead, Broly grabbed the Mizukage by the throat with a particular scary smile. His somewhat melted face stared into the Mizukage's with interest. He raised his hand and absorbed the acid mist jutsu, but at the same time three ninjas attacked Broly. He was forced to release the Mizukage and stood opposite from her and 3 other figures.

"Why...?" The Mizukage asked trying to hold back tears.

"Come and find out after you defeat me. If you manage to satisfy me, I could even bring them all back." Broly said.

"Don't fuck with us!" A short blue-haired ninja shouted while holding a bandaged blade with two handles.

He leapt at Broly and the bandages of his weapon tore off and revealed a concentrated storage of chakra that formed into a long sword shape. Broly coated his arm brace in chakra and easily deflected the attack. The other two jumped into action as well. The masked one swept at Broly's legs and the feminine looking one sliced at Broly's neck. Broly nearly stomped the masked man in the chest and swayed his head to the side to avoid the ice sword. From his front and behind, the Mizukage and the blue-haired shorty attacked. The shorty's weapon changed into hammer and the Mizukage covered her foot in the acid mud jutsu. From Broly's chest, a green chakra manifestation of a hyena chomped on Mei's leg and started to tear at it. From his back, a wood clone of Broly formed out and absorbed the chakra with his Rinnegan Preta Path ability. The wood clone then shot out wood from it's palm and had it wrangle around the blue-haired swordsman's neck.

A mechanical looking arm shot out from Broly's shoulder and grabbed the Mizukage by the throat. She started to choke but that didn't stop her from looking at Broly with nothing but hatred seeped into her bones. She tried to form some more hand signs but Broly shut that down immediately. He smashed her face into the ground and then punched her in the gut with a third mechanical arm that grew out of his shoulder. But she was resilient and continued to try and form those hand seals. The ice ninja and masked figure immediately went to support their leader and stop this monster.

The ice ninja formed floating mirrors out of ice and stepped into one while the masked figure spat out a large water blast into the sky that immediately froze after passing by the ice mirrors. Snow rained down after the water jutsu. Broly was surrounded by the ice mirrors while he held the Mizukage and the swordsman. He reabsorbed his wood clone and tossed the swordsman into the ice mirror with a large amount of force. Fortunately for the blue-hair, the ice ninja shot out the mirror and caught his ally.

"I'm not impressed. This "fight" is over." Broly stated as he grabbed the fallen weapon of the swordsman and held out his palm.

Omega Push

The ice mirrors instantly shattered and everyone but Broly and the Mizukage were sent off like a ragdoll. Broly confirmed the deaths of the three with his Byakugan and looked at the Mist shinobi left. He looked at his army and they understood his message. They ambushed the Iwa-nin next to them, scoring some easily kills. But the Tsuchikage's aides put up more of a fight than the rest of the stone shinobi.

Khael looked reluctant but felt her master's eyes on her and Fu. She started shaking. She held her shoulders under her cloak and felt the intensity of her master's glare increase. But it seems she didn't break.. She looked at her master in the eyes.

"I don't want to kill…" Khael said with tears in her eyes.

Fu stood next to Khael in agreement with her opinion, confusing the two stone ninjas they were meant to kill.

Broly slowly walked over with the now passed out Mizukage and stood in front of the shaking, but determined Khael and the supporting Fu who felt the same as her friend. His full aura was now bearing down upon them both. They started to sweat rapidly and were forced to hold each other up against Broly's pressuring intent. But they didn't waver even if they felt as if their very soul were being squeezed against. Then all of a sudden, the pressure stopped and their master spoke.

"Do what you want." Broly said.

He walked off leaving the two girls hugging each other and immensely relived. They let out the breath they were holding the entire time and looked into each other's eyes before laughing.

"I think that's the first time I've ever seen you laugh Khael." Fu noted.

Khael just kept laughing though while she fell on her back with tears in her eyes.

"Master wasn't mad at me… He didn't think I was useless…. He didn't force me to go away….." Khael said in a relieved tone.

Fu just sat next to her holding her hand as the slaves butchered the Iwa-nin and went to capture the distraught and broken Kiri shinobi. The journey back to the Hidden Demon Village was rather festive in nature despite the war not being entirely over. Broly thought over about how he was going to handle Konoha. But ultimately decided to talk to Jabie and Esumi about it together. He was surprised Khael and Fu stood against him. Those who openly went against him were either dead or part of his family.. He chose not to force Khael and Fu down his path. He knows what it's like to be a weapon, to be controlled, to not have free will of your own. Although he would never tell the girls this, he does care about them and their feelings. They've been with him for 3 years now and managed to grow on him. Enough to feel like family to him.

So Broly, his pupils, slaves, and captured enemies flew back home.


Jabie was currently substituting for a missing taijutsu teacher. He was helping the students learn more about the fighting style they chose and practice with them. The academy students were practicing on wooden dummies attached to a stick.

"Niou, your chosen fighting style would be better on a live person.. The Gummy Fist style isn't something that can be practiced alone. Test your moves out on this." Jabie said as he ate some grass with his palm and out from it came a similarly sized grass humanoid.

The roundly shaped boy then started practicing on the grass construct.

"Ogai, try to watch your landing after using the Beast Imitation Jutsu. If an enemy manages to take advantage of your moment of weakness, you can lose your life."

"Hai sensei!" He responded.

"Miwako. Follow through with your sword slashes. Completely let your sword slice through before pulling back. If you attack halfheartedly, you could be rewarded with death." Jabie said.

But at this time Jabie's Byakugan noticed an intruder in the village. A orange mask with a swirl pattern appeared inside the village with some strange space-time ninjutsu. Along with him was a familiar face. Sasuke Uchiha…

'It's the Akatsuki member that Esumi faced off against… The intangible guy.. He seems to be looking for something.. and I think I know what..' Jabie thought to himself before replacing himself with a clone and heading towards the Akatsuki member's location.

"Where are they?" He asked.

"Haven't you heard the news? The Hidden Demon Village has started a war with the 5 elemental nations. What makes you think we wouldn't be using "certain weapons" in this war?" Jabie responded.

"I see. Farewell then." He said before interrupting Sasuke who tried to say something.

Jabie shot multiple water spears from below the Akatsuki's members feet and watched as they phased through him effortlessly. He suddenly disappeared from his previous location and appeared in front of the masked man. He tried to absorb his chakra, but realized that he couldn't!

'His jutsu must send his body to a completely different place during this jutsu of his.' Jabie thought before quickly hopping away and avoiding being captured by the masked figure's hand and Sasuke's sword.

"I'll be seeing you soon Amai Jabie." He stated before disappearing from Jabie's sight with Sasuke.

"I wonder how long he could hold that jutsu for…" Jabie thought before going to his lab to inform Esumi and Suna about the incoming enemy.


Three women were seen together. One with red hair, blue hair, and a blonde third one. They were outside on a hot sunny day chatting.

"I'll kill him if it's the last thing I do…" Konan swore.

"Brides my ass. I'd rather marry an actual pig than become one of his brides!" Temari shouted.

Karin kept quiet though. She hasn't shared her experiences with Aomatsuna to these two yet. Although she hates him with a passion, she isn't sure if that's all she feels… You'd think she would want nothing more than to kill him but she isn't sure she would be able to follow through with it.. Just recently she had a dream about him that didn't involve viciously harming him. It made her feel ashamed and think about other things.

"What's wrong Karin?" Temari asked.

"Nothing! It's just that it's kind of weird that we're allowed to do mostly anything we want. We aren't restricted from most things like you'd think we would.."

"They think we're weak.. It would impossible for us to escape.. Well how about we show them…" Konan suggested before discussing the plan she's been thinking of.

Karin wasn't so sure about this plan.. If something goes wrong, who knows what would happen to them. Would he even care that I left…? He mostly uses me just for that but… He feels something for me doesn't he…?

Konan however didn't care about Karin's internal struggle and created paper wings. She grabbed Temari and Karin and flew away rapidly. Almost immediately they were captured. An arrow pierced through Konan's stomach. She tried to continue flying despite her fatal wound but two members of the police force appeared above them with wings of their own. The female police member had pink crystal wings and the middle-aged man had scorching fiery-type wings on his back.

"Back to your picnic ladies." The lady officer ordered.

Konan crashed landed back to where they were discussing and medical nin came and took her away. Karin and Temari were locked in their rooms for the rest of the day unaware of what will become of Konan. Secretly Karin was relieved but she didn't understand why..