Visiting Konoha!
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"Hoki. Ease up on the old man. He doesn't look so good." Juri told Hoki.

Asuma was heavily breathing while looking very injured and fatigued. His face was bruised and bloody while his left arm was bent at an unnatural angle. His face showed no intent to retreat or fall back though despite the suggestions of Famous copy ninja Kakashi and the female jonin.

"He's not so bad. His spirit is sort of egging me on ya know." Hoki responded.

"It doesn't matter if he's dead you idiot. Go easy or he'll die."

Hoki scoffed as he dashed at the basically exhausted Asuma. Asuma raised his good arm with his chakra blade still active and spewed out a thick black cloud.

"Gunpowder?" Hoki muttered as he took a sniff.

Asuma ignited the cloud with his lighter.


"Hahah… I'm not that old you little punk." Asuma said with a cough of blood and soon fainting afterwards.

Kurenai and Kakashi looked at their fallen ally before deciding on something. Dan, Juri, and Hoki regrouped and Kakashi and Kurenai did the same with Asuma behind them.

"I told you, you went too hard on him… He even smokes! You think he would be able to last that long against one of us?!" Juri berated Hoki.

"It's fine. He isn't dead. Now, Kakashi Hatake. Are we allowed to leave now?" Dan said with a voice that seemed to not hold any manner of politeness and manners.

Kakashi looked back at Asuma's unconscious figure and then back at Dan.

"What is the Hidden Demon Village's goals? Why are they attacking the other hidden villages?" Kakashi interrogated.

Dan stared into Kakashi's revealed eyes.

"Konoha has nothing to worry about." Dan answered.

"That doesn't reveal anything! Are you planning on starting a war with all the nations?! What is your leader planning?!"

"My boss… only wants… the planet."

Kakashi's and Kurenai's face was a mixture of confusion and anger. But Dan has answered enough of his questions and the trio of officers vanished. Kakashi tried to search for them but Kurenai stopped him and suggested they fall back for more manpower. They left to return back to the leaf after failing to support Sunagakure.


Broly stood in the front. Seemingly grown into an entirely different person through these weeks and months of war. He now was much taller than both Esumi and Jabie. With a terrifying growth spurt, Broly has hit the height of 7 ft 7 in (232cm). His Rinnegan and Byakugan eye was in full view. It seems at this point and time the group has decided to stop hiding their eyes. Esumi has her Byakugan and Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan revealed and Jabie with his two Byakugan eyes. Sho and Khael had their single Byakugan in full view as well. Fu didn't have any special eyes though.

They walked into the village and after a few moments were completely surrounded. Tsunade, Jiraiya, Danzo, Might Guy, Neji, and Yamato surrounded them. With a smile on his face, Broly looked at Tsunade in the eyes. The expressions on their faces changed once they noticed the variety in eyes from the Demon group.

"Those eyes…. How… how did you get those eyes….?" Jiraiya asked considerable shocked upon looking at Broly's face.

He smirked as he looked at the one-armed Sannin. He then ignored him and looked at Tsunade.

"How did you three turn out this way…..? Stealing from the village…. Waging wars... Killing innocent people…." She asked.

"How did you find out? My defense about enemy information gathering was quite excellent." Jabie asked intrigued at the fact that Tsunade managed to find out the big secret.

She pointed towards Esumi and everyone looked at her.

"Teehee. It turns out I can't control my mouth when I get drunk." She said innocently while rubbing her head.

Jabie sighed and Broly chuckled, not really caring that they found out or not.

"Well?! Answer me!" Tsunade asked.

"I didn't come here to talk about meaningless things. Tsunade of the Hidden Leaf. Will you surrender under my rule?" Broly asked.

"Were the lives of all those shinobi and innocent civilians truly meaningless to you three…?" Tsunade asked as if she was being forced to do something she didn't want to do.

"Yes. I only care for my family and friends. Everyone else is either a tool for me to use or someone I need to fight. What will you choose to be Leaf village? A tool for me to use or another wasted village?" Broly asked while flexing his fingers.

"You forced me to do this…" Tsunade said reluctantly.

"Arrest them!" She ordered as multiple ninja came from hiding.

"Summoning Jutsu." Broly said and summoned a cloaked figure.

"Do it now?" It asked in a strange voice. Broly nodded and the figure started to go through hand seals.

The leaf nin attacked at this time and gigantic purple cube formed all around. Trapping both Broly's group and the leaf ninja. Jabie stood in front of the group and casted a water wall jutsu, blocking off the leaf nin from attacking. Broly reverse summoned the figure back to wherever they were previously.

"Before you guys go crazy inside your own village, let me tell you what this cube jutsu is. This jutsu will allow us to go as crazy as needed without entirely destroying Konoha. Everything inside this cube is blocked off from the rest of the village." Jabie explained.

"Do you kids really think you're able to fight against the leaf village and come out on top?" A ninja asked.

"We'll be fine. After all, Konoha was our home ya know." Esumi explained.

"Where is Naruto?" Broly asked.

No one decided to reveal his location but it seems they very well knew where he was. Broly decided to find out later.

"Jabie deal with clan heads and other jonin. Esumi you get Jiraiya. Fu, Sho, Khael, deal with the small fries. I'll handle Tsunade." Broly ordered.

"I thought we didn't come to fight…" Sho whined.

"Well you see how negotiations turned out when they found out the truth." Esumi told her apprentice.

"I still think we could have…. Actually, never mind. We definitely were going to get attacked." Sho realized after thinking about the damages his master caused.

Khael summoned numerous animal skeleton puppets from the ground. Sho sat on the ground behind Khael and started drawing multiple cartoonish things. He equipped Khael's puppets in armor and Fu's entire body in armor. Fu took out her golden shield and spiked Morning star before standing in front of Khael and Sho. Khael got to work and started controlling her puppets to attack. A giant centipede skeleton burst from the ground and knocked numerous shinobi in the air. The centipede then spun around and knocked them away. The centipede was then smashed into pieces by a certain pink haired shinobi.

"Get the cloaked one! She's controlling them." A dark blue haired Byakugan wielder shouted.

"Traitor…." Sho muttered. He remembered that Jabie was teaching that girl.

"Aim for ones listed by Jabie-sensei." Khael said.

A green jumpsuit wearing shinobi appeared in front of Fu and tried to kick her in the jaw from below. Fu used her shield and easily blocked the attack. She then shoved him away and saw Yamanaka user aiming for her. She laughed innocently and spat a spiderweb at her face. Her eyeballs bulged and she got a face full of chakra enhanced webs. Her head was knocked back and she impacted against the ground painfully. She soon fainted soon after. Khael's bone snake was currently constricting the pink shinobi while her teammates attempted to save her. It seem this was part of the plan because the armor around the snake melted into a bunch of chakra-infused ink and then swallowed everyone into an ink bubble. The ink bubble full of enemy shinobi then rose to the sky, unable to be harmed by any ninjutsu or sharp weapons.

The previous green jumpsuit wearing guy appeared in front of Fu once more and punched at her. She deflected his hit and nearly uppercutted him in the chin. He managed to dodge and Fu only got a passing graze on him. He then continued to attack Fu multiple times. But he couldn't force her to move a single step back or forward as she either deflected or blocked his attack. But all of a sudden, a monkey shaped skeleton's arm burst from the ground and grabbed the green jumpsuit wearer's leg. He was considerable surprised but not as surprised when Fu spun him into a webbed mummy. She kicked him into the ink bubble that captured the other shinobi and stood in front of Khael and Sho once more. Sho stopped drawing once his armor was attached to all his allies and only focused on manipulating them in crucial times.

A Hyūga member appeared behind Sho and easily pierced his ink creations into pieces. He appeared above him and tried to strike Sho in the heart.

"Scary…" Sho stated as he stretched his torso back and almost kicked Neji's wrist away.

Neji caught his leg and poked it 3 times before he was forced to let go by an incoming giant ink shark below. Sho recovered on his feet and had trouble standing on his poked leg.

"I didn't think he could beat my ink jutsu so easily. Haha." Sho said as he rubbed his aching leg.

His cartoonish shark returned to his side and floated around him as Neji stared him down. He charged once more and Sho's eyes widened as he saw his enemies plan. Neji suddenly stopped before he could complete his attack and flipped backwards.

"Yahoo!!" Kiba shouted as he and his large canine drilled towards Sho covered in Tenten's weapons.

But it seems he wasn't the only one aiming for Sho. A bug-covered Akimichi was crashing towards him from above.

"This is going to hurt..…" Sho whined as he saw Khael and Fu busy as their formation fell apart.

"Gate of Joy… Open…" He said reluctantly.

Sho's skin turned red and a large burst of wind expelled from his figure. A humongous fiery tornado surrounded him and sucked up Kiba, Choji, Tenten, and nearly Neji and Shino. Three bodies fell from the blazing "natural" disaster and appeared lifeless. But Neji checked for any signs of life and realized they were still breathing, albeit barely. He looked at the source of the jutsu and realized that his opponent's turn wasn't yet over. Sho disappeared and appeared behind Neji. Neji could barely keep track even with his Byakugan. Sho kicked towards Neji's chest and Neji knew he wouldn't be able to survive that kick. He used his clan's jutsu.


Unfortunately for him, Sho pulled his attack at the last second and changed his stance before kicking rapidly multiple times. His attacks were repelled by Neji's rotation, but they continued to come faster and faster and hotter and hotter. Neji tried to continue his rotation for as long as he could while Sho's attacks turned ablaze by the pure speed behind his kicks.

"How could that kid be able to use the Sixth Gate to that extent…? What kind of training has he gone through to be able to withstand the drawbacks of the Eight Gates jutsu..?" Might Guy asked to no one in particular.

Sho's kicks outlasted the amount of chakra Neji could continue to use and he was rendered helpless against the seemingly final kick of Sho.

'Impossible… This kid is even more of a monster than Lee…' Neji thought as the final kick was headed towards his face.


Sho's attack was caught by another green jumpsuit wearer. His skin was turned red as well.

"You did admirable Neji. But this opponent seems even too outrageous for you. I'll handle the rest. Take a break." Guy told his former pupil.

Neji simply fell over and looked towards his old sensei.

"Hey we don't have to fight you know… I'm almost reaching my limit for this jutsu. I think it would be better if we just call it quits here huh..?" Sho suggested.

His opponent apparently wasn't hearing any of it because he disappeared and reappeared punching towards his face. Sho just groaned in response and burst into spraying ink.

"A clone won't save you boy." Guy said as he turned around.

"I might need some help here guys.." Sho said as he saw Fu finish dealing with Shino and Hinata before moving on to support Khael.

Khael was using her animal puppets to swarm three jonins. Shizune, the head of the Yamanaka clan, and Yamato. She wasn't doing so hot.

"I guess I have to deal with this myself.. Compared to them, my opponent should be easy… right..?" Sho said to himself.

"Gate of Wonder… oh man… Open.." Sho muttered as a green aura enveloped his figure and he started feeling the painful effects of the Eight Gates kinjutsu.

Guy's eyes enlarged in complete surprise and disbelief.

"Truly Outrageous!!!" He shouted as he upped the number of gates he was using.

A fiery aura surrounded Sho and a Panda figure made of flames hovered behind him.

"I'm not that good at close combat so.. Sorry."

Sho grew fiery wings from his back and started flying high in the sky. He started to draw using the flames around him and sending fiery constructs at Guy. Guy dodged the sometimes exploding, chasing, and sometimes droplets of fire?! Guy jumped in the air and kicked straight through Sho after dodging his ranged attacks. Sho exploded in a flaming explosion and reappeared a feet few away in the air flying slowly. Guy appeared with harsh burns upon his skin, but still seemed good to go. Sho created 3 human figures in flames and sent them after Guy. Guy kicked one of the flame figures and expected it to burst apart but the fire human blocked his attack and Guy was punched in the gut by the second flame figure. Guy was sent sliding away and increased the number of opened gates he had.

Sho audibly sighed once more as the drain on his mental state and physical state increased. He rubbed his forehead and saw as Guy easily got rid of his flame constructs after opening more gates.

"I'm tired.. I would rather be apart of another war then deal with this…" He said before getting kicked into the ground by Guy.

"Owwwwwww…" He groaned painfully as blood leaked from his mouth.

Guy stood over him in a threatening position.

"Don't move." He warned.

"Master you mind lending me a hand… The test is over now right…? I'm hurting bad…" Sho whined.

Guy looked around but didn't notice anyone nearby.


A spiky haired Esumi appeared in front of him and made eye contact with him.

"Got you…. This is for bullying my cute little pupil." She said in a teasing tone before whisking him off to the land of Tsukuyomi.


Guy was face down on the ground and Esumi poofed into electricity. Sho stayed laying on the ground until he was shot with a water arrow.

"Guh!" He was about to quickly move until he realized his body was being healed.

He sighed at Jabie-sensei's manner of healing and looked up to see Khael and Fu standing over him.

"You're like an old man Sho-kun." Fu said with a giggle.

"I felt like an old man a couple of seconds ago.. and I'm out of chakra."

"Now we wait for our senseis to finish their battles. And then it's a happily ever after.. I think." Fu said.

"Yeah right… It's just gonna be more and more fighting. With our senseis, I wouldn't be surprised if we went to the moon just to fight some aliens…" Sho muttered.

Khael slightly giggled at that comment and all three looked at their senseis' battles.


"Eight opponents.. with two more on the way. This is going to be my first testing session after a while.." Jabie said with a smile.

"Danzo are you sure you want to battle with all these witnesses? We could be trying to destroy Konoha you know? You should use all your power to defend the village you love right?" Jabie said.

Danzo showed no reaction while the rest of the jonin shinobi looked confused at his meaning. Jabie formed a single hand sign and snowflakes formed from the air and floated around him. The ground beneath his feet started to freeze and become ice. The Nara clan member started to give orders and the other jonin moved into place. Hiashi Hyūga leaped towards Jabie with Tsume Inuzuka. One jonin used crows to disguise their movements while Shikaku Nara, Shibi Aburame, and Choza Akimichi were preparing something.

"I can see it all.. with these eyes you know.." Jabie said before dispersing into beautiful snowflakes.

Hiashi Hyūga looked around with his Byakugan.


Frost enveloped Anko Mitrashi's body. She very slowly tried to grab Jabie but could only accept her fate of turning into a block of ice.

"Thank Esumi." Jabie said before dissolving into mud and appearing in front of Hiashi Hyūga.

Hiashi Hyūga immediately attacked the reformed Jabie. Jabie grabbed his wrist. Hiashi countered attack with his other arm which also got caught. Tsume Inuzuka and her ninja dog drilled towards Jabie with their clan's jutsu. Crows surrounded Jabie and Jabie forced Hiashi take the attack for him.

"Hiashi-san! I'm sorry!" She apologized.

Mud covered Hiashi's grounded figure and slowly hardened before encasing him into a mud statue.

"Lack of teamwork? How disappointing. I figured since Konoha is all about looking good and being friendly, you would be much more teamwork orientated. Even between different teams and such." Jabie said as his figure changed forms once again.

"I think I'll end it here for now."

Jabie's skin turned jet black and his hair became white. Amidst his transformation, Danzo snuck behind him and pierced him through the stomach with his wind-infused kunai. He hopped away and the Akimichi member was transformed into a spiky giant ball above him while Shikaku captured him in his shadow possession jutsu.

The ground caved in as sparks flew between Jabie's hand and spinning sharp hairs of Choza's jutsu. Jabie held Choza above his head and encased him in a liquid metal that soon hardened and turned him into a shiny silvery ball. He chucked it at the Aburame clan member who burst into a bunch of bugs. Danzo appeared behind him once more and stabbed him through the chest. Jabie grabbed Danzo's arm by forming a steel hand out of his back and pushed the blade deeper through his chest. Danzo's arm turned a different color and he fell over.

"Poison.. is the best defense against regeneration.. I don't know whose arm you've taken and injected those eyes into, but it's mine now." Jabie quietly said.

Danzo also became a shiny metal statue and the Inuzuka member attacked along side with the Aburame member. Crows flocked and tried to attack Jabie by pecking and cawing loudly in his ears. Metal killer bees ejected from Jabie's metal skin and swarmed towards Shibi and Tsume.

"Don't let the insects touch you!" Shikaku warned.

Jabie disappeared and reappeared behind him.

"I was waiting for this.." Shikaku muttered as he caught Jabie in his shadow possession jutsu once more.

"I was too.." Jabie answered back.

The shadows capturing Jabie suddenly stopped and started to swarm Shikaku Nara. The shadows swallowed him in a shadowy cocoon and captured him whole. Jabie stomped his foot and went through hand seals. He created a huge silver wave that threatened to crush and swallow both Tsume and Shibi. Shibi ejected a humongous swarm of insects to combat against Jabie's jutsu but it was pointless. The waves were made of liquid and when they came into contact with the insects, they solidified and immediately dropped to the ground.


The wave crashed upon the two and statuefied them as well, finishing Jabie's part in this battle. He had water clones gather all the statues and stacked them upon each other in a very unstable and dangerous way. He grinned and looked at Esumi who was almost finished with her battle. Then he turned his attention to the kids and saw that Sho was badly injured. He chuckled at the little lazy fool while pulling out a bow and arrow set made of water. He shot the arrow after infusing it with medical ninjutsu chakra and turned back to Esumi.