Visiting Konoha! Part 2!
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"Last time Mr.Sannin you had to fight against our henchmen. Now you get to go against one of the big bosses. Are you excited or scared?" Esumi asked in a happy-go-lucky tone.

"How did Aomatsuna get that eye?! Who did he take it from?!" Jiraiya asked more intensely.

"You know information doesn't come cheap." Esumi said while rubbing her fingers.

"Pay up with an entertaining fight and I'll maybe spill the beans."

"Fine! Don't go back on your word little thug!" Jiraiya shouted.

The famous Sannin dashed towards the empty-handed kunoichi. His outfit's left sleeve flying in the wind. Esumi smirked at the sight of her opponent's lost appendage. Jiraiya kicked towards Esumi's stomach and she dodged without trouble, but he followed up with rasengan and shoved it towards her chest. Esumi realized something at this point. This battle with the legendary Sannin will actually be very easy. So easy that she won't even need to release her gravity seal. So, she decided to try and fix that.

She dodged his rasengan and hopped a few feet away.

"Mr.Sannin-san. Activate your Sage Mode or this won't be very fun for me."

Esumi saw his shocked face that was confused and eventually somber.

"I don't know how you know about Sage Mode, but it doesn't matter at this point. If you kids could truly wage war with Sunagakure, Kirigakure, and Kumogakure and come out on top. There is no point to holding back against you. Don't regret letting me do this Esumi-chan." Jiraiya said as he held his one hand in a weird position.

"My cute little Manda-chan told me about Sage Mode. I was planning on visiting Mama Snake soon for the thing myself after this. Sounds interesting ya know." Esumi revealed as a purple snake slithered from behind her neck and on her shoulder.

"Hmph. I would never have told you if you never bested me in that rocky desert." Manda informed.

"Hehe. I know you took it easy on me due to how cute I was."

"I wanted to crush you into paste."

"You're the sweetest Manda-chan." Esumi said while rubbing her face on Manda's shrunken face.

Only sounds of discomfort and annoyance came from the boss summon of the snakes. A couple of minutes later and two smoky poofs. Jiraiya's aid has arrived in the form of two grumpy old toads. One grandma toad and one grandpa toad from what Esumi sees.

"What did ya summon us for Jiraiya-boy? This little girl and is that the boss summon of the snakes on her shoulder?!?" The grandpa toad asked in disbelief.

"I think he's introducing us to his daughter.." The grandma toad said quite hopeful.

"That's not it Boss Ma'am. This little girl here that has an unseen form of the Sharingan and Byakugan is strong. Strong enough to force me to call you two for help. Manda is just an extra fact I've had no idea about." Jiraiya said as his appearance changed with a number of toad-like traits.

"What happen to your arm boy?!" Grandpa frog asked.

"Hehe.. Lost this in a battle with that little girl's ninjas." Jiraiya revealed.

"So, she is a powerful foe…"

"You guys done chatting yet? Me and Manda-chan are itching for a fight not a reunion between oldies." Esumi said as Manda's eyes took on her sharingan form and transformed into a human?!

Manda turned into a devilishly handsome tall figure with an arrogant look in his eyes. As if sage mode meant nothing to him. Esumi smacked Manda on the back and a fierce orange aura surrounded him.

"I was skeptical of the modifications you mentioned by the round one, but it seems I wasn't wrong to allow you to talk me into it. I feel much stronger now..." Manda said.

Jiraiya charged and kicked towards Manda's stomach. Esumi appeared behind Jiraiya and was met with a very sharp tongue of the grandpa toad on his shoulder. Manda blocked Jiraiya's attack and was slightly pushed back by his increased strength. Esumi clashed with Grandpa Toad's with a bright pink hammer. The clash between them broke off due to Manda grabbing Jiraiya's leg and tossing him in the air. Jiraiya and the toads started weaving through hand seals before firing oil, wind, and fire out of their mouths into a combination jutsu. The combination jutsu formed into a burning wave crashing down towards Esumi and Manda. Esumi looked at Manda and he seems to have got the message.

Manda's head transformed back into his usual large snake head and he unhinged his jaw and swallowed the jutsu whole. The three toads widened their mouths in complete shock. Manda smirked as his orange aura increased in size and force.

"So this is what senjutsu chakra feels like…" Manda stated.

But it turns out that was the wrong choice to make! Manda's body started to turn into stone. He grimaced as he tried to control the natural chakra inside his body. He put his palms together and the petrification of the boss summon slowed down. The orange aura that was surrounding Manda started to furiously pour into his body. Esumi didn't know if it was intentional or not but it seems to have helped him stop turning into stone.

'I guess since the Reiki (The orange aura) uses willpower, Manda-chan is using it to put that sage chakra under control..' Esumi thought.

"Get that sage chakra Manda-chan! Show it you're the boss!" Esumi cheered.

Jiraiya didn't want to take any chances of Manda, the boss summon of the snakes and previous summon of Orochimaru, his rival, gaining control of senjutsu chakra. He created a giant rasengan above the stationary Manda and dove towards him.

"Don't forget about me Mr.Sannin!" Esumi reminded.

Esumi swung her hammer at the Rasengan and was nearly blown away by the power of it.

"Release!" She shouted and managed to regain her ground against Jiraiya and the two toads.

"That Sage Mode is really strong. Can you imagine how strong I'll be once I get it?! I'm pretty excited now." Esumi said with a wide smile.

The strength between the two were equal until Esumi infused lightning-chakra into her hammer and slowly started to tear the giant rasengan apart. The grandpa frog shot his sage chakra-infused tongue at Esumi after she successfully beat Jiraiya's rasengan. Esumi had barely any time to react. She was pierced through the chest with a splatter of blood staining her clothes and the ground behind her.

"I got her Jiraiya boy."

"Good one Pa! I don't think it was necessary to call us in first place sonny!" Grandma toad said.

An innocent giggle broke their thoughts of victory. Grandpa toad felt his tongue being grabbed and suddenly a shocking feeling vibrated throughout his body.

"Not so fast toadie. You can't just violate an innocent virgin girl like myself and not expect to take responsibilities." Esumi giggled as she shocked the elder toad painfully.

Jiraiya rushed towards Esumi. Grandma toad fired powerful senjutsu sound waves at Esumi while Jiraiya kicked towards Esumi's face. Esumi increased her grip on the grandpa toad's tongue and skillfully dodged both Jiraiya's and Shima's attacks. The electricity firing from her hand persisted to flow into Fukasaku's body until he was nothing more than just a charred corpse.

"I hope he wasn't needed for your sage mode Sannin-san. Cause I think he may be a little burnt out." Esumi laughed.

Esumi figured he wasn't because the sage mode hasn't worn off but only enraged Jiraiya and the grandma toad. She nearly forgot their goal here as Jiraiya was unleashing consecutive kicks at her and the hole in her chest was healing nicely. Esumi smashed Jiraiya in the chest with her hammer. He was sent flying away with most of his ribs broken. Esumi appeared behind the soaring Jiraiya and was about to slam her hammer into his back but Jiraiya managed to weave a jutsu with his one hand in time to save himself.

Esumi looked at her new surroundings. It was as if she was inside someone's body. The "walls" and "floors" of the place were sticky and threatened to capture her if she moved too much. If she didn't put enough force in her movements, she would be trapped and unable to move around. She noticed white hair coming from the ground. It slowly conjured from the ground and revealed to be a heavily injured Jiraiya.

"You might want to go get healed before one of those ribs of yours stab something important in that old body of yours. At your age, I'm sure you don't wanna lose any more important parts." Esumi giggled.

"You've been swallowed by the rock-dwelling giant toad of Mount Myoboku. This is the end Yada Esumi…" Jiraiya said while coughing terribly and spitting up blood.

He put his palm on the ground and the flesh walls began to enclose on Esumi. The flesh ground entrapped her feet while she stood motionless. She looked all around before focusing her sight at Jiraiya.

"I wonder if a giant toad's insides are tougher than my cute little Shark Skin." Esumi said while pulling out Samehada.

Esumi started to shred apart the flesh trying to swallow her up. Samehada started to take bites out of the wall and grow in size. Which in turn allowed it to strip the walls and eat more. But even all this didn't stop the closing of the flesh walls around Esumi. Esumi infused swift-release chakra in her body and disappeared. She lacerated the esophagus of the giant toad and slashed her way out while staring at him at the exit.

"Jiraiya-san. Since you did manage to make this a bit fun for me. I'll tell you just a little. He got it from a guy named Nagato. But that's all I'm telling you!" Esumi said as she waved goodbye and returned back to the battle field.

She saw her cute little apprentice in trouble and decided to give him a hand. She sent a lightning clone over to help him and stood next to Jabie and Manda who seemed to gain control over the natural chakra that was inside his body. But now he was in his snake form wrapped around himself meditating with the natural chakra. Esumi grabbed him and put him on her shoulder.

"I see you had some fun fatty."

"I'm not a fan of art, but I'd say this is quite the masterpiece." Jabie grinned.

"4/10. It lacks elegance. There's no direction in this piece. I would say this is more of a circus performance than an art piece." Esumi judged in a super serious voice while adjusting her glasses to look sharp.

"Harsh. But it's a pretty good score for my first piece don't you think?"

"You should give up."

Jabie hung his head down, crestfallen.

"Tsunade is pretty tough. She should know by now that she can't beat Suna even if she's really strong. She's going to need a lot more than strength if she wants to get through him." Esumi said.

"That's all she has unfortunately. I've researched about her exploits in the second shinobi war and it seems she's known for her strength and medical prowess. Unless she's learned something new in these 3 years, she stands no chance against Suna." Jabie stated.

"Our resident Jinchūriki has returned to the leaf just as his leader has fallen at the hands of Suna. Along with the former member of the famous Uchiha Clan, Sasuke Uchiha!" Esumi narrated.

"How will they make their epic entrance to save the day?!" She continued.

Jabie face palmed as Esumi lost herself into narration. Khael, Sho, and Fu came to stand next to them surrounded by the injured, incapacitated, petrified, captured, and fallen leaf shinobi.

"Aomatsuna!!! Get away from Granny Tsunade now!" Naruto shouted furiously.

Broly looked into the sky at Naruto and Sasuke flying on top of a hawk. He grinned before grabbing Tsunade by the throat.

"Intentionally taunting the Jinchūriki of the Nine-tails. I can already see the barrier not being able to hold this incoming fight.." Jabie said.

"What's little Sasuke-chan doing with those eyes…? Didn't we get rid of his..?" Esumi asked after noticing a brand-new pair of sharingan eyes on Sasuke's face.

"Interesting… It must have been that masked man…" Jabie concluded.

Naruto and Sasuke watched as Broly threw Tsunade towards them. Naruto dove towards Tsunade and Sasuke dove towards Broly.


"Even if you're just kids… Your crimes have gone too far… You must pay for what you've done." Tsunade said.

Broly stood still and watched Tsunade jump at him with earth-shattering speed. She had her leg out and intended to kick him. And he let her. Broly was sent sliding back from the impact of Tsunade's devasting kick and had his ribs completely broken and organs nearly ruptured.

"Not bad. If you couldn't do this much, what kind of hokage would you be?" Broly stated as he got up and the damage from Tsunade's attack healed quickly.

"You shouldn't be able to stand after that…" Tsunade said shocked.

"Tsunade. Give me Konoha and you won't have to suffer."

"Never…. I'll stop your ambitions here and now!"

Tsunade leapt towards Broly, intending to punch him in the chest. Broly grabbed her fist and slide back a few feet while holding it. They stared face to face and Tsunade tried to punch Broly with her other fist. Broly kneed Tsunade in the gut. Tsunade was forced to spit out blood from the attack and rise from the attack. Broly grabbed her face and slammed it into the ground with enough force to create cracks in the ground. He lifted the dazed hokage by the hair and threw her away. The 5th Hokage crashed into the ground and created a small dust cloud. Broly watched her slowly get up. She put her hands in a strange hand seal. The previous diamond marking on her forehead dispersed and changed into a purple x marking on her face.

And she took off. The amount of chakra she's releasing is much more than before. Broly and Tsunade clashed fists and she nearly broke all the bones inside his entire arm.

"Hahahaha!! Good! Release!" Broly yelled.

He instantly came back as Tsunade was close to smashing the left side of his body. He pushed back and Broly had an edge over her strength wise. That was until she decided to stomp the ground and destroy the ground Broly was on. She made him lose his balance and took advantage of it. She uppercutted towards Broly's chin. But Broly easily dodged and punched Tsunade in the stomach and knocked her away. But that wasn't the last of his assault. He immediately appeared behind her and used his arm to lariat Tsunade from the back. Tsunade's neck and spine were nearly broken by that attack and sadly for her Broly wasn't done yet. After using the lariat to the back of her neck, his arm glowed bright green before exploding and launching Tsunade away once more.

He saw her lay motionless for some time.

"Get up. Someone famed as a medical ninja wouldn't die so easily. Especially a Hokage medical-nin." Broly stated.

The strange purple X marking on Tsunade face started receding back to her forehead. Broly's disappointment was visible upon his face.

"I expected much more out of you Tsunade."

Broly started to walk towards her body and once he was within touching distance of her, her x marking rapidly extended to her entire body. He saw with his Byakugan how her neck and back completely healed in a few moments.

"Interesting… My people would need techniques like these.. Death is a very easy thing to come by without enough power.. Do you surrender now Tsunade?"

Tsunade punched Broly in the air with a sneak attack.

"My Will of Fire won't allow me to give up so easily! I will protect this village and everyone inside it from you! I will protect Konoha just like my predecessors did before me! Even at the cost of my own life!" Tsunade exclaimed powerfully.

She leapt after Broly in the sky and punched towards his face.

"Omega Push." Broly said.

Tsunade's body was forced to betray her will and she was sent flying towards the ground like a meteor from space.


Her bones were smashed apart on impact but quickly healed back together with her Creation Rebirth jutsu. Broly crashed on her stomach with his two feet after falling from above. Tsunade spat out a large amount of blood onto his sandals. Black chakra rods ejected from Broly's body. Broly controlled them to stab into Tsunade multiple times. Paralyzing her movements and chakra. Her appearance returned to its original form and Broly saw something from above.

"AOMATSUNA! GET AWAY FROM GRANNY TSUNADE NOW!" A familiar blonde-haired Jinchūriki shouted.

Broly laughed as he noticed the new additions. He threw Tsunade towards the hawk. The two figures jumped from it with one aiming for the hokage and the other for him. Sasuke wielded his sword and was diving towards Broly with it. Intending to slice him apart. His two new sharingan eyes glaring at him with hate.

"Hahahahaha! Come then! Devil's Pull!" Broly laughed as he used his Deva path's ability to pull matter towards him, increasing Sasuke's speed against his will.

It looked like Sasuke would become meat paste at the speed he was going at from the perspective of the watchers, but he looked determined to take Broly with him. His eyes never lost focus of Broly and he ignited his sword in lightning. Broly stood on the ground with his arms at his side, looking at Sasuke with an excited grin on his face.

Naruto caught the injured Tsunade and started to pull the chakra rods out of her body, restoring her control over her chakra.

"Granny Tsunade! Are you okay?!" Naruto yelled worriedly.

"I'm… fine Naruto… I'll be good to go in a few minutes… I just need to get my chakra under control…" Tsunade said with deep breaths.

"Don't worry Granny. I'll take Aomatsuna out… For the village… and for rest of the world…" Naruto swore before walking towards Broly.