The End?!?!?!?!?!!?!?
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Sasuke unbelievable speed finally reached its peak as he made contact with Broly's standing stature. He sliced through Broly's midsection and once he made contact with the ground turned around to slice Broly into pieces. After finishing his attack, he turned around and sheathed his blade. Only to hear the sounds of falling wood behind him. Startled, he looked around for Aomatsuna and just as he managed to locate Broly it was already too late. Broly appeared from his left with his hand held out to grab Sasuke's face. Broly saw Sasuke's brief look of surprise and he grinned. But it seems Broly wouldn't be getting his way quite yet. Sasuke was pulled out of his range by another sharingan wielder.

"You…." Broly said before realizing he couldn't come up with a name.

"Kakashi Hatake!" Esumi finished for him.

"Thank you."

"That's the first time, I've haven't been recognized." Kakashi said as he and Sasuke stood side by side.

Naruto eventually caught up with them and stood with them against Broly.

Broly's group stood on the side with the captured or incapacitated leaf shinobi behind them. Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi exchanged words and looked at Broly. The three took off in three different directions towards Broly. Naruto stood in front of Broly before creating two clones. The two clones started to shape the previously known Rasengan jutsu into a completely different one. This rasengan was in the form of a shuriken.

"So, these two are distractions so you could hit me with that jutsu…" Broly muttered to himself.

Sasuke jumped high in the sky while going through hand signs.

"Fire Style: Dragon Flame jutsu!" Sasuke said while blowing out a dragon head-shaped fireball at Broly.

Broly didn't think much of this attack and held out his palm intending to destroy it easily. But this attack was only a diversion for Kakashi's attack! Kakashi trapped Broly inside an earth style jutsu. Broly's methods of escape was only through brute force or escaping underground. But with his Byakugan, he saw everything he needed. Naruto's jutsu was thrown towards him and would reach him in seconds. Sasuke's fire jutsu will be coming through the roof soon. Kakashi was waiting for something while crouched and staring at his position.

The Rasenshuriken sliced through the earth prison. It was as if the earth jutsu was nothing more than a piece of tissue against the jutsu. Broly touched it with his palm and was soon engulfed in a vortex of microscopic wind blades. The blades pierced through his body on a cellular level and damaged anything they could. Like a wild pack of feral beasts, the invisible needles pierced anything they could and ravaged through Broly's chakra pathway system.

"Interesting…" Broly murmured to himself as his body rapidly healed the damages of Naruto's attack.

Kakashi's earth cage erupted into flames and Sasuke's fire mixed into Naruto's wind jutsu, increasing the destructiveness of the attack. The tiny swords caught ablaze and Broly's body caught on fire from the inside and out. His cells were directly burning alive but the only sound coming from the vortex was a maniacal laughter. This deeply unnerved Naruto, Kakashi, and Sasuke.

"That jutsu was suppose to finish this.." Naruto said.

"This battle is going to be a lot harder than I thought it would if he survived that jutsu." Kakashi stated.

"It has only just started.." Sasuke said.

Sasuke watched the wind vortex blast away. Sasuke saw Broly's transformed state. His hair was golden yellow. Just like before when they were children. The amount of chakra emitting from his figure is such a unbelievable sight. The green chakra waves that were strong enough to cause cracking in the barrier caused a ferocious gust of wind that blasted their hair and clothes back. Rocks were sent flying at dangerous speeds and forced Team 7 to dodge or destroy them. Jabie just put up a floating water wall that stopped the momentum of any rocks that touched it.

"Try to survive for as long as you can. I intend to have fun crushing you three." Broly warned.

Broly disappeared and reappeared in the middle of Team 7. Their surprised expressions were all too noticeable. Sasuke sliced towards Broly's neck and only managed to have his sword break into pieces. Kakashi hopped away while throwing kunai that bounced harmlessly off Broly's skin and Naruto prepared an instantaneous rasenshuriken from his hand and shoved it into Broly's gut. There was no wind vortex this time. Broly coated his hand in green chakra and crushed the rasenshuriken. He stood over Naruto unharmed.

"How could you do this Aomatsuna? To our friends and family?!" Naruto questioned.

"My friends and family are unharmed."

"Did our friendship mean nothing to you then?!"

To answer this Broly kicked Naruto in the chest and watched him fly away and crash into the barrier.

"A clone…." Broly said after watching Naruto poof into smoke.

"Kamui!" Kakashi said to himself.

Broly's head was suddenly detached from his body and turned into a wooden dummy.

"Dangerous." Jabie stated.

"We could use that eye for little Fu-chan." Esumi said a little bit excited.

"Yeah yeah! I'd like to do that!" Fu agreed.

Broly appeared in front of Kakashi and grabbed him by the face. He then started to drag him through the ground while running.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto yelled.

The famous copy ninja turned into a log after Broly stopped running with him and regrouped next to Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke fired multiple fire dragons into the sky and then with Naruto, ran towards Broly. Kakashi burst from the ground underneath Broly and had his kunai aimed at Broly's throat, intending to stab the blonde saiyan. Broly didn't even bother to dodge. He let the kunai fail to penetrate his skin and whip his leg into Kakashi's mid-section. With another poof, Naruto punched towards Broly's face and Sasuke stabbed towards Broly's heart. Broly let Naruto hit him as he grabbed both Naruto and Sasuke. His hand glowed bright green and exploded, launching both the Jinchūriki and Uchiha member away. Kakashi heard the boy laugh in joy and disappear once more.

'Tch. He's after them!" Kakashi realized.

Kakashi activated his Raikiri and dashed towards where he believed Broly would show up next. And it turns out his prediction was correct. Broly appeared behind Naruto and Sasuke and received a hole in his chest, thanks to Kakashi's lightning jutsu. Although Kakashi hit his target, he missed his heart just by a few inches and soon paid the price for this small error. Broly grew a mechanical arm and it grabbed Kakashi by the throat. He tried activating that space-time jutsu that decapitated Broly's wood clone earlier but only gained a hand through the chest, disrupting his focus and cancelling the jutsu. Broly grabbed Kakashi's heart and ripped it out. Naruto, Sasuke, and Tsunade watched as Kakashi's heart beat slowed to a crawl and stopped entirely before being crushed by Broly's hand.

"Kakashi-sensei….." Naruto murmured..

Broly let the famous jonin's body fall to the ground.

"That power was such a waste on you." Broly said as he slowly reached for Kakashi's sharingan eye.


Broly heard an explosion behind him and felt a massive chakra increase from behind him.

'Six tails. Good.. I was starting to get bored.'

Naruto had the tailed beast chakra cloak over him and bones forming over his cloak. He seemed to have lost his sense of self. He only growled and roared. Sasuke's eyes seemed to have evolved into the Mangekyō Sharingan… Broly didn't expect the traitor to still have such strong feelings for his former friends. The clouds came rolling in above and a heavy rain started to fall. Thunderclouds began to rumble. Sasuke glared at Broly as he rose his hand into the sky. Naruto took off and appeared next to super saiyan Broly. He clawed towards Broly's face. Broly leaned to the side, avoiding the attack, and punched Naruto in the chest, almost knocking him away. But the beast Naruto turned into, stabbed its tails into the ground and started to create a tailed beast bomb to fire at Broly.

Broly fired a green orb at Naruto and disrupted his attack. The blast from the incomplete tailed beast bomb and Broly's orb caused a huge explosion that launched Naruto far away. It was also at this time that Sasuke's jutsu was complete. His hand was sparking with lightning chakra and shot into the thundering clouds. What it brought down with it was like something out of legends. A lightning creature made out of natural lightning and chakra lightning shot down towards Broly.

"Hahahaahaha! Show me more!" Broly shouted in excitement.

The natural lightning was absorbed into Broly's body and wreaked havoc on his body. Both inside and out. Sasuke dropped to one knee as his chakra reserves were getting low.

"Finishing this is up to you loser..." Sasuke said as he tried to recover his strength.

The natural lightning that was consistently destroying Broly's organs, bones, and body stopped after several moments.

"I'll have to thank you Sasuke Uchiha for this gift you sent me…." Broly said aloud as his body started to heal from the damages and become even stronger through their destruction and rebirth.

Naruto appeared in a seven-tailed state and tail swiped at Broly. Broly dodged as the tail was mere inches from his face and grabbed Naruto by the throat. He started to take away his chakra and infuse it into his own body. The Nine-tails pierced Broly multiple times with its numerous tails but this did little to stop the taking of it's chakra. Broly's own aura began to change. His bright green chakra was becoming mixed with the nine-tails's chakra until it became similar to Naruto's chakra cloak. Naruto was rapidly losing tails while roaring, growling, clawing, and stabbing at Broly. Eventually the nine-tails chakra was completely absorbed and Naruto went unconscious. Broly threw Naruto down and reigned in the Nine-tails chakra. The aura around his body dispersed into his body and he dropped his super saiyan form.

"The tailed beast's powers are all mine.." Broly summoned the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path.

He forced the beast to extract the nine-tails from Naruto. The beast had 8 eyes opened already with one eye closed, revealing that only this beast was the last one missing.

"Jabie. Esumi. Delay the Uchiha and the incoming snake and his army while I'm preparing this." Broly ordered.

"I'll get the army!!!" Esumi claimed.

"I guess I have Sasuke…" Jabie said.

Esumi disappeared outside of Konoha and in front of the incoming wave of shinobi. While Jabie appeared in front of Sasuke who was attempting to stop Aomatsuna's jutsu to extract the nine-tails.

"Where is my brother?!" Sasuke demanded.

"He's being put to good use." Jabie answered.

Sasuke's feelings seemingly manifested into a dark purple skeleton being. The skeleton formed skin and eventually armor that coated over it. Also creating a bow and arrow for it.

"Susanoo…. Huh.. Not that impressive." Jabie stated.

Water started to form around Jabie's feet before turning into an equally giant sized figure but made out of water!

"The Susanoo is nothing special. It is just a giant avatar of the user's chakra. All it takes is good chakra control and the ability to release chakra from every individual cell. Well most of the cells anyway." Jabie explained.

"Making a mockery of the Uchiha will be your last mistake!" Sasuke shouted.

Sasuke used his Susanoo to pull back on its bow and fire an arrow at Jabie's giant water avatar. Jabie formed a gourd out of his water Susanoo and captured the arrow within it.

"This jutsu does drain the chakra fast though.. I'm sorry Sasuke. Your journey will end here and your eyes will be taken by me again. But this time you won't get a third chance. Now that I think about it again… I'm not sorry. You're just a weak idiotic fool." Jabie said as his Byakugan eyes turned completely light blue

The water Susanoo became even more defined and formed. It dwarfed over Sasuke's armored Susanoo and wielded a type of cannon. It fired a water ball towards Sasuke's Susanoo.


The water ball erupted with a furious thunderous sound as it was fired out of the cannon. But it seems to have missed it's target as Sasuke teleported behind Jabie and slashed through Jabie's imitation.

"Good try, but not good enough. I've already found the weakness of this jutsu. It's over Sasuke Uchiha."

Sasuke's blade slashed through the copy and it just reformed with more water. A clone of Jabie appeared underneath Sasuke and grabbed his legs. Injecting a fast-acting poison through skin contact and almost immediately knocking Sasuke out of the fight. Jabie released his water Susanoo and stood over Sasuke. Sasuke's right Mangekyō Sharingan eye opened and suddenly his poison disappeared from his system and Sasuke pierced halfway into his stomach with the Chidori technique. Sasuke's right eye turned back into his normal black pupil while his left stayed activated.

Sasuke's hate-filled eyes stared into Jabie's mocking ones.

"I'll save my brother… and destroy your entire village after this…." Sasuke swore.

Jabie coughed up blood.

"Heh… you're still too dense to even think you would leave here alive…."

Jabie burst into a water clone and Sasuke instantly disappeared.

"So the right eye heals you of all injuries while the left eye allows you to teleport to any destination you can see.." Jabie said while appearing unharmed behind Sasuke.

Sasuke instantly teleported again but couldn't shake Jabie from behind him.

"My eyes see all. And you aren't used to using that ability in a proficient manner. Sad to say you never will."

Jabie slashed Sasuke with his Chakra Scalpel jutsu and watched as his body fell like a puppet with it's strings cut off. He could see with his Byakugan as Sasuke tried to send chakra into his eyes but even if he could teleport once more, it wouldn't bring back movement in his body. Jabie severed all the important locations needed to move any part of his body. He couldn't even blink without Jabie healing him. Jabie appeared over the immobile Uchiha. Tears of blood stained his face. Or it could have been the overuse of his new eyes. But regardless of which it is, Jabie extracted his eyes and ended the life of Sasuke Uchiha. But he wasn't done with him completely. He petrified his body in steel for a certain reason back at the village.


"Nice little group you have here Orochimaru copy." Esumi said.

"Do not stand in my way little girl. I require Sasuke Uchiha and won't allow you to get in my way." Kabuto said.

"Lot of famous dead people you got here… I'm getting a little excited thinking about exactly how you brought the dead back to life.. It would be good for my village if we could use something like that.. Say… Kabuto.. If your willing to teach me that jutsu I'll bring you little Sasuke-chan free of charge…" Esumi bargained.

"It seems I did not need to revive them if I could attain Sasuke so easily.. Fine. I agree." Kabuto said.

Kabuto then shared the requirements and information about the kinjutsu, Summoning Jutsu: Reanimation and walked with Esumi into Konoha. Kabuto saw his prize and his greed nearly took over him. This would be a fatal mistake for the shinobi. A pink skeleton arm stabbed through Kabuto's gut with a strange sword. The sword then began to seal Kabuto into the jar it wielded.

"You….. betrayed me…..?"

"It happens. The ninja world is just downright cruel sometimes!" Esumi shrugged.

Kabuto was completely sealed into her Totsuka Blade and his undead army returned to the afterlife and dropped any items they were holding on the ground. Esumi showed a thrifty grin before taking all the items and returning back to Konoha.


Broly has finished extracting the Nine-tails from Naruto and the final eye opened. The statue started to transform until it became the Ten-tailed beast. The beast roared and nearly broke the barrier. Esumi activated her pink Susanoo in it's complete form and defended Jabie and the kids with a large round shield that had a smiley face on it. The sound waves of the Ten-Tails deflected over her shield and nearly knocked away all the leaf nin and Broly's group. Broly reinforced the barrier with a large amount of chakra until the beast was finished roaring. He couldn't let Akira and the baby get harmed by his actions. He wouldn't be able to forgive himself for ever putting her in harm's way. Once the beast finished roaring, Broly formed a single hand seal and the beast started getting sucked into Broly's body. Broly felt the beast trying to tear away from him. It was trying to free itself from Broly's body.

'Trying to run beast? Your power will become mine. You can not escape me!' Broly thought as he forced the beast under his will and gained it's power entirely, also becoming the Jinchūriki of the Ten-tails.

Upon becoming the official Jinchūriki of the Ten-tails caused a noticeable physical change upon the Legendary Super Saiyan. His hair became a pure white. Like the fall of snow during an early winter. His skin was grey and had grey spikes on his tail. 10 black orbs floated behind him while he hovered in the air without using any chakra. Broly stopped hovering and landed softly on the ground. His group walked over to him.

"Sunaaaa you still there? We don't have to beat the shit out of you to bring you back to normal do we?" Esumi asked.

"I really hope he hasn't lost it…." Sho said while praying.

"I'm fine." Broly responded after taking a look at himself and feeling the new power he gained.

He used a transformation jutsu and returned back to his normal appearance.

"It's time to finish this." Broly said.

Naruto was barely alive and unconscious on the ground.

"Those Uzumaki genes are remarkable.." Jabie commented.

Broly's group freed the trapped leaf nin and Broly stood in front of them.

"Konoha is now under my rule. The 5 elemental nations will soon follow. Kirigakure, Sunagakure, Kumogakure, Iwagakure, and Konohagakure have been taken by me and my people. The damiyos will be gone and the Hidden Demon Village will soon reign over this entire planet. Goodbye." Broly said as he teleported away with his group and arrived in front of an orphanage.

He walked inside with Esumi and Jabie. Akira was currently breast feeding her baby. She saw them walk in and a huge smile appeared on her face but she held her finger on her lips.

"I just got him to sleep. Try not to wake him." She whispered.

"Hi Auntie. Cute little baby you got there… Is that my nephew?" Esumi said as she got closer to look at the baby.

"You bet Esumi-chan. You're growing into quite a beautiful woman aren't you? If you don't find someone special in a few years I'm going to be very angry with you. And isn't he so very handsome?" Akira said.

"He's gonna be a huge hit with the ladies." Esumi agreed.

"Hello Aunt Akira." Jabie greeted with a smile.

"Hey Jabie. You gained even more weight somehow.." She noticed.

"Yep Aunt. This beautiful figure will never change." He joked.

"Sure honey. If you say so." She chuckled.

Broly looked away while waiting for her to finish feeding the child but Akira wouldn't let this moment pass over so easily.

"That can't be my Suna standing all the way over there and not giving his mom the time of day or any sort of hug or kiss. Not to mention how big he's gotten since the last time I've seen him."

"Tch.." Broly slowly walked over but still refused to make eye contact with her.

"You're lucky I'm feeding this baby Suna or you would get it." She threatened.

"Hmph. Anyway Mother.. Are you ready to move to my village?" Broly asked.

"Yeah.. I can move over there. But you do know I have to take Jhin along with me right?"

Broly's tail whipped the floor at this information.

"I know… I am. Fine with him staying with you. As long as you live in my home." Broly said.

"Okay then sweetie. I have to pack a few things though can you hold him?" Akira asked as she abruptly handed the sleeping baby to Broly.

Broly almost froze upon holding Akira's child. But he soon saw the discomfort on the baby's face as he held it incorrectly. He tried holding him like Akira was and the baby calmed down. Jabie and Esumi were giggling softly at Broly's first interactions with a baby. He whipped his tail at them and smacked them on the head. But the baby woke up at the sound of the impact and saw Broly and his tail. He was about to start crying at the unfriendly looking stranger until he saw Broly's monkey tail. He grabbed at it with his tiny infant hands and held it before making baby noises.

Broly felt some sort of strange happiness inside him as he watched the child play with his tail. It even tried to put it in its mouth, but Broly pulled it slightly away from the child's mouth every time it tried to put it in its mouth. As this little game was going on between the laughing baby and the softly smiling face of Broly, Akira returned with a large bag and Jhin. Akira seemed to have lost that baby weight fast because she looks no different than when she did before she was pregnant. Broly would even say she looks even more beautiful now than before.

"Awh look at my two boys." Akira expressed happily.

She gave her bag to Jhin and kissed both Broly and her child.

"His name is Tamon Haku.. Haku from part of your last name and Tamon from Jhin's family name." She explained.

She took back Haku who nearly started crying when he was forced to let go of Broly's tail but quickly quieted down when he saw his mother's face. Broly took them outside and with his group teleported back to his village.


Broly took Akira, Haku, and Jhin to their new home. Jabie summoned Sasuke and Danzo's bodies and headed towards his lab. Esumi shared her jutsu she got from Kabuto with Jabie and Broly before they left and then went off towards Ryuchi Cave with Manda to gain the powers of Sage Mode. Khael, Sho, and Fu went off to go sleep in their rooms after this stressful day.

After Broly promised to take his mother around the village, he returned to his room to find the number of women inside has increased. Some had the mind device on their heads and others didn't. A row of beautiful woman of diverse origins, colors, and shapes were in front of Broly. Karin his first concubine had shown signs of pregnancy and was absent. Mei Terumi was among these women with an ashamed and angry look on her face. But how she felt meant nothing to these vixens and Broly himself.

Some of the women helped undressed Broly and very eagerly began to please him for their own various reasons. Few were there without their own choice in the matter and huddled in the corner. But Broly saw them and saved them for last.


Broly left his place of residence and with physical splits of himself went to take over the Shinobi World. He ended the rule of damiyo's and hidden villages and forced them to surrender under the Hidden Demon Village in the Land of Demons, previously known as the Land of Stone. If they refused to surrender then that would be the end of that village, person, people, group, land, or race. This included summons. He visited the animal summons and took over their homes as well. All on this planet were forced to be under the Hidden Demon Village by the Hakuseki Aomatsuna, the Legendary Super Saiyan. After subjugating the rest of the world, Broly returned home to settle a few matters before eventually leaving this planet and exploring this new world. To find stronger fighters and gain even more power. His overflowing greed for power, battle, and control will never end and never be sated as long as his Legendary Saiyan blood continues to flow through his body.

"HAHAHAHAHA I'll take over this entire universe!!!!" Broly shouted with two figures floating behind him.

"Truly amazing…. I was just a frog in a pond before realizing the sheer magnitude of the world…. I can't believe you were right Suna.. The universe is much bigger than our old planet… I'm going to research it all!! Immortality was just a minor step compared to researching the mysteries of the universe!" Jabie shouted with the appearance of a small child.

"Hehe sending a clone of myself to adventure with you was the right idea." Esumi said. Grown into a fully matured beautiful woman. "There's a lot of fun stuff out in space."

The three flew through space following Broly and his whims while back on Earth both Jabie and Esumi's bodies were also present. Esumi was known to the world as the Councilor of Beauty. Due to her insistence on being called such and with her power, demanding this was no issue. Jabie was known as the Councilor of Life thanks to his many life-saving discoveries and cures. Khael grew up and became the Councilor of Death. This was because of her fierce defense to all the groups and organizations that attempted to overthrow the Hidden Demon Village's rule. Landscapes were turned into graveyards when she entered the battlefield. Sho became the Councilor of Peace. He was the face of the Hidden Demon Village after Jabie left the sights of the public. It was his job to make sure that there are no revolts against the Demon Kingdom. To promote peace, communication, and advancement for the kingdom and those under the kingdom. Fu refused to become part of the councilors and opted to journey across the lands making friends with all she could.

There was a final seat among the Councilors that remained empty for the longest time. The Councilor King. Many rumors were made about this seat on the council. That this seat was being held for the strongest fighter in the village, that the seat was just a gimmick so that the ninjas aiming for it would be under the illusion that gaining the seat would allow them to take control over the world, or that the seat was already filled and the person refused to show themselves. But the citizens of the Demon Kingdom knew of the true holder of the seat. It was the one whose power shook nations and eventually the entire world. They saw him leave on his journey to take over the world and they celebrated his return back. But for some reason they couldn't recall his name. Even his appearance was fading as time passed more and more. There were few that remembered both his name and figure. But that's a story for another time.