The Final Really Really Last Chapter.
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In the courtyard of a nearly forgotten saiyan. Children were seen playing around. The sun was shining brightly and the wind was blowing gently.

"Hahaahah! You can't beat my power Luffa!!" One black haired child said while waving his tail happily.

"Shut up before I make you idiot!" Luffa responded back while slamming her tail on the grass.

"You can't defeat the great Celeron with words sister! Taste my super ultimate jutsu!" Celeron said as mini explosions started to explode all over his body.

He jumped at his slightly older sister and quickly found himself tangled up in vines.

"No fair!!!! You can't use that jutsu!!" Celeron whined.

From the sky, another child entered. This child's body was covered in a wood armor and also had a monkey's tail. He launched a sneak attack on Luffa and forced her to dodge and release Celeron.

"Dakon! If you two idiots don't leave me alone I'm going to break every bone in your bodies!" Luffa threatened.

Dakon and Celeron laughed mockingly before attacking their older sister. Soon the courtyard became a madhouse. The garden was uprooted and the flowers were either sliced apart, combusted, or skewered. The beautifully designed metallic gate destroyed. And it seems the house was the next target as Dakon and Celeron locked hands. They aimed at their older sister and charged their attack. Glee, excitement, and cruelty seemed to personify their entire being despite them being only 5-year-old children. Although Luffa's face seemed only angry at her annoying little brothers interrupting her playtime, she also seemed to enjoy destroying the courtyard and fighting with her brothers. She surged her chakra to use a jutsu to combat against her brothers.

And when it appeared that both jutsu were about to be launched, a ripple eyed and blank white-eyed boy appeared in the sky. With a wave of his palm, Luffa, Dakon, and Celeron were blasted away and forced to the ground.

"Stop messing around. Go get ready for school." The figure ordered.

The three siblings groaned loudly.

"But the Academy is so boring Matsu-onii." Celeron whined.

"All the girls just gossip about me and they always get scared or run away when its time for sparring!" Luffa also whined.

Matsu glared at them and they quickly submitted. He released them from his jutsu and they grudgingly walked into the castle to get ready for school. A red-headed woman walked over to him with a smile on her face.

"I would never be able to keep them under control without your help Matsu-kun. Thanks so much."

"No problem mom. I got to go meet up with Haku though. We got a squad mission to subjugate another area of resistance. They should understand that the Demon Kingdom that Auntie Esumi and Uncle Jabie built will never topple down!" Matsu replied before taking off into the sky and flying away.

Karin was left alone for a few seconds as she looked at her first child.

'He resembles him so much… Even after what he did to me I still can't get over him… Aomatsuna… where have you gone all these years…? Are you still fighting and causing chaos everywhere..? I can't imagine you doing anything different… I still haven't told him who his father is…' Karin thought to herself.


"All right. No funny business. Hurry up and get what you need." A soldier part of the Demon Kingdom ordered.

A tall blonde spiky-haired man stared at him. The guard felt someone's eyes on him and glowered into the crowd of subjugated shinobi.

"Now!" The blonde spiky-haired shinobi yelled.

The guard immediately created a bone armor to protect himself and disappeared. The clones of the rebelling shinobi were pierced through and the original nearly was skewered as well.

"Naruto Uzumaki. A well known trouble maker who has already been given his second warning due to past altercations with guards." The guard said as he systematically destroyed all of the clones and appeared behind Naruto with his bone knives.

Another clone burst from the guard and tackled the guard in the air.

The guard was forced on the ground and Naruto and a group of other shinobi surrounded him.

"We will gain our freedom back. Even if you healed me from my crippled state all those years ago.. I won't forgive the Demon Kingdom for putting my village through this…" Naruto said.

"You won't succeed you fools. She has been watching this entire time. If you don't get on your knees and lower your heads in forgiveness, you will die soon. Or at least wish you were dead.." The guard warned.

Naruto and gang looked around and didn't see anything of the sort.

"Bluffing won't save you now." Sakura told him.

The guard just started laughing and suddenly with a gleam from the sky, a black lance landed in the middle of Naruto's group. The tried to get some distance away from the strange object but realized their feet were tangled in bones! The guard!

"Hahhahahahaha! You're all doomed!!" He manically shouted.

The black lance shot out shadowy black hands that phased through all the rebels, no matter how hard they tried to run or fight. Once the hands pierced through all of them it ripped something out.

"My chakra… It's nearly all gone!"

"Impossible… How could…"

A black smoke appeared on the battlefield and from that smoke a figure emerged. She had icy-blue hair and two different colored pupils that the members of Konoha know all too well. The sharingan and Byakugan. Her figure was rather lean and her breasts were modest and firm. Slender and silky legs exposed for all too see. Her gaze was like a tiger looking at a group of rabbits.

"This ends now." She said as bones started to come through the ground and bind the rebels up. Since their chakra was taken, they were no more dangerous than civilians.

Except for a certain former Jinchūriki…. He appeared behind Khael with a rasengan aiming at her back.

"Khael-sama! Look out!" The guard warned.

Without even turning around, a large bone hand shot out from her spine and captured the blonde.

"You've had too many chances." Khael said as she used her small dainty and gentle looking hand to reach into his chest cavity and pulling out his heart.

The group of rebels tried to fiercely protect Naruto and free themselves but it was pointless. Khael used her chakra to overpower Naruto's Uzumaki life force and connect to his body. The bones in Naruto's body started to weaken until eventually they turned into dust. Naruto's former body gooped to the ground and Khael let a guard take care of the disposal. Khael felt her bones gaining even more strength and soon left a group of police vest wearing shinobi to take care of the aftermath of both the former leaf shinobi and the rebels.

"Naruto..." Sakura mourned as tears rained fiercely down her face.


"You know… Things just aren't fun anymore without Suna here to cause trouble…" A beautifully well endowed woman said to the largely shaped man sitting in a chair.

"That's because we've become too powerful for this planet. Unless we raise the next generation of shinobi into figures even larger than ourselves, there will be no one stronger than us." He replied.

"Jabie! I'm so bored. Sho-kun is in Sector 7 and he left me all by myself in our home. I wanted to do some fighting or anything that isn't related to housework!" Esumi complained even louder.

Jabie sighed.

"Listen Esumi. If you really want to do something, you should find a hobby that isn't depended on another person. Fighting and killing aren't good hobbies to have in this era. But if you truly can't do that then there's a group of traitors in the south trying to build up a settlement and recruit more traitors to the kingdom." Jabie told her.

"Is there anyone strong there?'

"Esumi. You do realize that after Suna left the planet, we became the strongest right? The only challenges to us are ourselves and each other. And maybe if the kids team up against up one of us with a lot of help. But even then I doubt it. We became too strong for our own good and I've learned to deal with it."

"But how fatass!? I never had a direction like you and Suna. My only goal in life was to kill Orochimaru and he's dead so what do I do now?"

"Why don't you try building a family. Raising kids with Sho. Or become a teacher. Constantly looking for battles with the rebels will only bore you unless you hold back. And eventually there will be a time where there are no more rebels to fight against."

"I feel like we should've left along with Suna sometimes you know… The real us.. not those clones out there."

"That can be arranged.. I can have you and your clone swap places and no one would be able to tell the difference. If you truly want this."

Esumi just sighed as she used Jabie back to support her elbows.

"You know I can't do that Jabie… I couldn't leave Sho-kun here with another woman. Even if she is myself. Can't you just build a device that will let me fight to my hearts content? I mean you built so much other amazing stuff, this should be simple for you right?"

Jabie sighed once more.

"Fine… I'll work on something for you. But you know this won't be a permanent solution!" Jabie yelled after Esumi thanked him excitedly and left.

After Esumi left, 3 children ran inside.

"Daddy! Daddy! Look what I made!" A blue haired little girl said while holding a strange tiny object.
"No no look at what I made!" A blonde haired little girl exclaimed while holding another object.

The skinny glasses wearing little boy said nothing but also held a device in his hand. His hair was brown. Jabie turned around in his chair and had a gentle smile.

"I can take a look at all of them. Come here." Jabie responded as two womanly figures appeared in the doorway.

"Temari. Konan. Did you two look at what they made as well?" Jabie asked his wives.

Temari's hair was singed and Konan's outfit was drenched.

"Have fun Husband! We're going to go shopping for a bit." Temari yelled as she dragged along Konan.

Jabie then got to work on seeing his children's creations and worked along with them to fix it.


"BHAHAAHAHAHAHA! I'LL TEAR THIS OTSUTSUKI CLAN APART!!" A rampaging unstoppable beast in golden yellow hair shouted.

He grabbed one of the horned pale-skin aliens and smashed them into the ground. Breaking nearly every bone in it's body.

"Kaguya! Reveal yourself of face the extinction of your entire planet!!" He yelled.

Slowly a figure floated in the air upon the strange planet. She locked eyes with the invader and within a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of her. The moon appeared overhead behind her as she stabbed forward with a bone from her palm. It failed to pierce him and Broly's gaze was fixed upon the moon. His body started growing fur. Growling sounds could be heard. His figure began to grow slowly and then rapidly. Kaguya sent a barrage of chakra fists at the green-furred beast that has invaded her planet in the form of a human. But just like the bone attack, the attack was ineffective and Broly finished his transformation into a Great Ape. The same cruelty and mocking expression could be seen behind his eyes.

He laughed at his growth of power and fired a green wave of chakra at Kaguya out of his mouth. She teleported behind him before it could hit and was forced to watch as a quarter of her planet was destroyed by Broly's attack.

"Don't run!" Broly mocked.

Broly slapped Kaguya with his tail and knocked her into space. He motioned with his hand and Kaguya was brought to him at an unbelievable speed. She couldn't even move her eyes at the amount of force Broly's jutsu was using on her. She impacted against Broly's furry palm and felt a gigantic suction of her chakra. She hardened her hair and shot out spikes that barely pierced the bushel of Broly's fur. Her massive chakra reserves were being drained by this disgusting beast! Impossible!! Kaguya surged all the chakra she could and let out a massive attack.

Large spikes erupted from her body and forced Broly to be pushed away. He had a cut on his cheek and only grinned. Kaguya was forced on her feet. Her chakra levels weren't even good enough to let her fly away and try to escape. She saw the green filthy alien slowly stomp towards her while ignoring her fleeing, dying, and suffering clan mates. His dirty mocking face looking at her as if she was nothing more than a toy for his amusement.

A green orb left Broly's palm and rose into space. It glowed brightly before flickering and enlarging into a planet-sized attack. Broly laughed as he jumped under his technique and grabbed it with his great ape hands. He threw it down towards Kaguya's planet and laughed as it exploded along with it.

Broly stood floating in space alone and with a shining bright light reduced in size. He seems to have reached an even higher level after conquering his Great Ape transformation. A red fur grew along his torso and tail. His hair grew bigger and more primal. And along with it so did his power..

"HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! I'VE BECOME EVEN MORE POWERFUL! WITH THIS POWER I'LL EVEN BE ABLE TO HAVE MY REVENGE ON KAKAROT AND HIS SONS! ONCE I RETURN BACK TO MY WORLD!" He laughed to himself before disappearing and searching for more alien races to fight and conquer.

The shinobi world was greatly affected by the birth of the Legendary Super Saiyan. Previously the world only had 1 race. The human race. But after the outside intruder left his mark, the world had an increase of diversity. Thanks to His affect on the previous Human, now Anomaly, Amai Jabie, it has increased to an uncountable number in the far future. His various inhumane and cruel experiments led to greatness on Earth. The animal clans he experimented on had an increase in intelligence and allowed to mingle with humans better. Mingled so well together than Jabie got an absolutely disgusting idea to some, but totally romantic to others. He created hybrid humans! Half human and half animal races. Some say he was inspired by his daughter's fairy tale books. But he would deny such claims. Due to the large number of different types of animal species, Jabie could create as many hybrid humans are he wanted with the large number of test subjects the rebels kept donating to him.

While the public initially disproved of the strange beings, Sho managed to calm and integrate them into society. And eventually as time passed and people realized that they were no different from them except with some strange talents they accepted them. In all. The hybrid creatures were able to breed with humans and sometimes even create children with them. Although Jabie claims that the chances of pregnancy between a human and a hybrid were an impossibility due to how low the chances were, the future showed a different result. A different result in which seeing a hybrid child was no different from seeing a human one.

And far far along into the future one wouldn't be able to tell if one's ancestor was a hybrid or an original human at all. But at that point, would it really matter? Would Jabie still allow such a thing even after living so many years? Having gained immortality shortly after Broly left Earth, he still shaped the world far into the future along with his descendants. He had no knowledge of Broly's whereabouts even after searching throughout the universe with his future creations. Esumi denied the thrill of immortality and died a mortal death with her loved ones and watched her lover and children grow old with her. Although she still aged incredibly long compared to normal humans.