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Hello everyone! ...Well, this is awkward, umm... The god honest truth is I've been quite busy with Kingdom Hearts 3 as of late.

Combined with my real work during the day, my after work hours that I usually left empty to write the novel has been filled with the game (sorry).

But I do still write it(albeit really slowly)! So here's the deal, after I am finished with it (most likely within this week), I'll do a better release rate (2 chapters/day) for a while before going back to the regular schedule of 3 chapters/week. I am truly sorry for this, KH3 is something that I've been waiting for a long LONG time so I couldn't help but put all my available time on it. Thanks for understanding.

The novel will be back next Monday with 2 chapters/day until my pile is depleted then back to 3 chapters/week.