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*The information provided in this page are not a requirement to start reading the novel*
*The same information will be slowly provided through the progression of the novel*



Alter Norn

Future: A retired B-list Bookman of The Archive that now spent most of his days training their younger recruits. One day, he was suddenly assigned a mission by Anastasia to save the organization by assassinating and protecting a list of individuals. What he didn't know was that the mission required him to accomplish it tens of years ago.

Past: A young orphan preparing to enroll into the prestigious Frontline Institute for Soldiers. According to history, he's going to fail his first entry to the Institute, causing him to be enrolled one year after the 'Shining Generation' despite being of the same age. When his future self went back in time equipped with all the memories of future events, the course of history was destined for change, either for the better or for worse.

Bloodline Ability: Absolute Measure (awakened at the age of 36). His Body and senses are highly sensitive to changes, allowing him to precisely calculate any form of measurement his body can perceive, calculating distance with his eyes, measuring force and wind with his body, or differentiating decibels with his ears. (Not heightened senses, his measuring ability is limited with how detailed can his normal senses perceive)


Anastasia Silvergard

Future: Current Head of The Archive. She was in a secret relationship with the National Hero Arthur and had a 3-year-old daughter with him. Realizing too late the danger that lurked against the organization, she resolved herself to use her Bloodline Ability to turn back time and save it. However, unable to bear the burden of "erasing" her own daughter, she decided to appoint Alter to be the one to carry off the future memory.

Past: One of the highly anticipated people to enter the Frontline Institute for Soldiers, being that she's the sole heiress to the Silvergard family. According to history, she's going to go and become one of the Shining Generation of the Institute.

Bloodline Ability: Time Reversal (one-time use). The godlike ability to turn back time as long ago as the wielder's age, capable of choosing one vessel to carry the memory of the future. The scale of the Ability is the whole world!


Arthur Faulkes

Future: The Hero of Calistran Kingdom that almost single-handedly prevented the kingdom from losing in the most recent Continental War. He was also Anastasia's lover and the father of her child. Unfortunately, the social standings of the two prevented them from officially announcing their relationship to the public.

Past: Arthur was a commoner who possessed boundless potential and charisma. Even though he had no prestigious background within the kingdom, according to history, he's going to go and become the strongest figure among the Shining Generation of the Institute.

Bloodline Ability: Enhance


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