Author’s Note: Fanfic Redo
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I've always had a problem with fan fiction because it makes me feel like I can't call it my own. As fanfics normally pay homage to the original works they are based off, it made me feel as if the story I'm telling was was someone else's than 'mine'.

I guess this is the reason why I dropped Sakura Is Reincarnated even though I was able to capture the tone and feel of the original Anime while adding my own flare to characters. The feeling as if I couldn't call that work completely 'original' gnawed at me...

Now you guys may be wondering why I'm even bringing this up if I'm so against doing a fan-fiction of my own. I mean, saying it like this is basically looking down on fanfic writers in general.

In fact, that's not what I'm trying to say. I actually like how people can change only tiny bits of the original to create a brand new storyline. That's why I'm going write the most fanfic-y fanfic imaginable not by modern standards, but by its definition!

I'm going to write Amalgam System again, but this time what I'll be setting it inside will be my original fantasy I used in Battlefield Restart 2- An Adventure Beyond Greatness. The 'fanfic' nature of this new story I'll be writing will be older stories.

Instead of a Naruto or Bleach fanfic, this will be fanficing multiple older fictions like the Arthurian Legends, Norse Mythology, Celtic Mythology, and etc. That way I’ll be able to call it my own even if I AM borrowing elements from multiple things just to write a power fantasy. The cool factor will only go up by virtue of the MC being able to fuse them.

It will be the kind of fantasy like Slime Reincarnation but with an Amalgam System!

(Note: I know the difference between a fanfic and reinterpretation, so I won’t be using my BR2 world then... Instead I’ll just edit an existing old myth I find interesting. Don’t get bogged down by the details~)

Whelp, I’ll see ya all when I’m done. Peace! ✌️