Chapter 24: Miku Uzumaki of the Wondering Sword
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From the Chinoike Clan were some members who had decided to wonder to farther lands in order to find a place they can find a 'home'. Well, that's until Sakura found a good place FOR THEM instead.

One girl who had made a massive impact in the Fifth Great Ninja War was the 'Bloodsword Queen' who had brought a disaster to the Lands hidden in the Mist. She was a 'Samurai' who had grew up fighting and hiding her Chinoike heritage all her life. It was only after she mastered her Ketsuryūgan and swordsmanship did she reveal her prowess.

Well, that was the future Miku Uzumaki. As of right now, the young girl was still idealistic and plucky without a hint of worry for her future. She was greatly determined to overcome all hardships and one day make the Hidden Mist pay for exiling her Clan to such a barren location. She didn't know much about the Uzumaki half of her heritage, but she knew it was only thanks to it that she could survive for so long without having parental figures.

The only people she had in her life was a 'Sword Instructor' who only cared about carrying on that woman's legacy and that one person that sold tasty kebabs down the street from where she lived.

Other than those two relationships that were neither unbearably cold or intimately warm, there has never been anyone one who didn't get into conflict with her due to the strangely red colour of her hair or the fact that she wasn't sociable at all...

Recently, she was messaged by her Clan that they had finally found a place to call home. She was extremely happy for them as she had spent a good portion on her childhood hearing about them from her Sword Instructor. She knew her parents had already died and chose to not bring it up, only inquiring about more general things of her Clan.

To her, this was first time those family members she had always longed to be loved by had contacted her. There were times in her life when she felt the internal conflict happening in her Clan was the reason her parents had left the valley.

But that could be it, right? Look at how united they were! She was sure her Clan would always be fine~

From what they told her, their Clan's benefactor had personally requested her assistance. A smile curved onto her lips as she instantly believed that her talents were finally not being taken for granted!

She was a three time champion of a swordsmanship tournament, a three time champion! Let that sink in for a bit because she truly had what it took to be proud of her talents.

So what if she couldn't control her Ketsuryūgan properly yet? She was the best swordsman ever!

With her chest puffed out, she travelled to the meeting place where her Clan's benefactor was going to meet up with her without complaints. It was an honour to meet the mysterious individual who had managed to fix her Clan's biggest issues.

As she approached the designated restaurant, her hand touched the sword on her wait in apprehension as an incredible scene unfolded before her. For some odd reason, there were many Jhonin ninja sprawled outside the establishment.

Some were groaning while the others were unconscious, the only common feature between them was that they didn't even have the chance to fight back against whoever had attacked them...

'What is in there... a hurricane?' The sounds of dishes and chairs breaking stilled her heart as she heard the quite roar of the culprit. Even though the sudden 'hurricane' had stopped, there was an eerie aura around the place which she didn't want to go near. She steeled herself and moved forwards regardless, but her teeth clattered intensely.

'You can do this, girl! You are a three time sword champion, you can do this...!' She spoke in her heart while carefully stepping over a ninja wearing leaf headband. Even though the sun was still up, it was nerve-wracking for her as she took each step.

When she saw what was inside, her mind blanked as a question mark appeared above her head.

Moments ago, the forgotten Rock Lee was waiting in a specific restaurant near the edge of the village with Sakura's clone. They talked about many things together ranging from Taijutsu to recent events, all until an incident beyond her prediction happened.

The tragedy started when Lee saw a liquor bottle with the word 'Elixir' written on it. He curiously took a sip of it without giving much thought, only to find the world around him spinning as soon as he did.

"Lee, please stay as calm as you can."

"Ooooh? Wheee! There's two Sakura's now. Yay! I like both of you equally." He replied with a blush.

"Okay okay, how about you sit here?"

"What is this thing? What is this thing?"

"A chair, and in front of you is a table..."

"They look so awesome! Can I break them?!"

"Please don't..."

"Hey, what happened to that minor?" A ninja who just noticed the kid in a green bodysuit next to her was drunk got up. He seemed to be the upright type who would lecture them for hours if needed.

"He accidentally took a sip of someone else's drink and has extremely low tolerance. Sorry for the inconvenience!" She apologised on Lee's behalf as what happened wasn't on purpose. A sigh escaped her lips as she was able to pursued the leaf ninja.

She had to warn him so this doesn't happen again.

"Hey, Sakura, did you cut your hair?"

"...Not recently."

"I'm sleeping." After saying such a thing, he laid down and started snoring as loud as an elephant.

"Wait, Lee-"

"Haha, I was just joking! Did I trick you~?!" His eyes opened again as she couldn't follow his pace.

"Keep calm." She spoke to him again with a more heavier tone, and he obediently put his finger on his lip. His outburst had alerted a lot of people, but the only reason he was sitting still was for her.

"I-I am the calmest person in the w-world!" She was able to get him to sit down again to not act out for a minute. However, something coincidental triggered him to go on a chaotic rampage...!

As she was about to bring him a glass of water from the counter, a strange pink electricity arose on her body before she disappeared. Lee looked at the smoke her clone left before roaring in anguish:

"Y-you turned her into s-smoke! T-turn her back to normal a-already!" Was what he got angry about...

And so, everyone around him was unfortunate enough to be the focus for his wrath. What kind of Jutsus they specialised in or how good their Taijutsu was was irrelevant as went around destroying the place without holding back.

He kinda though she 'died', heh. Not just one Sakura, but TWO Sakura were 'turned into smoke'...

Now, returning to the present time. Miku looked at the sleeping Green Beast in the middle of the restaurant and decided that it was probably best she came back later. She was about to close the door, but a hand came out of nowhere to stop it.

"Hello~" The redhead was scared out of her skin as the sleeping youth appeared like a ghost...!

She screamed some gibberish out of fear and slashed her sword on reflex, only to see him disappear once again before reappearing behind her. A short backhand slammed her into the place.

Miku regained her balance and was about to fight with the strange 'creature' that appeared before her, but despite her exquisite movements, she wasn't able to touch him as he 'swayed' around like a regular leaf being thrown around by the wind.

The girl was an experienced veteran who was of the competitive nature. However, she met the worst opponent she could probably mess with in her lifetime. After all, Lee's Drunken Fist wasn't exactly unpredictable due to his 'creativity'.

Rather, it was because his mind was a mess that his Taijutsu became needlessly more complex.

Unlike his normally forthright and simple fighting style, now he was adding extra actions that sometimes were fiends and other times didn't make much sense...! The fact she was able to keep up with him as he fought was quite admirable.

Slowly, using her great sense for battle, she was able catch on to his 'rhythm', only to immediately lose it again. This caused her to realise that there was something seriously wrong with the way this Green Beast was breathing... It was too 'erratic'.

Not to imply he was breathing heavily. Rather, his breathing was far too fast at times and far too slow at other times. This wasn't as simple as controlling one's breathing, as the body was always honest about whether it was tired regardless of how a person controlled their breathing. However, Lee did the impossible in front of her as they fought...!

A veteran fighter would unconsciously be able to sense and react depending on the signs they could pick up from their opponent. Strength, speed, and other factors would be factored subconsciously as they fought. Nevertheless, her own 'battle rhythm' turned into a mess the more she fought. There were even illusions of his Lee appearing before her the more he interchanged the rate of his breathing.

It went from fast to slow, from slow to fast in quick succession. This was ignoring the fact that this Drunken Fist user even went on a hand stand and started kicking her from upside down halfway through his merciless barrage of strikes...!

She fought especially valiantly, but the last attack was set up with a more 'stable' fighting stance without her noticing. His fist launched from that position and cut through the wind, hitting her chest before sending her flying into the nearby wall.

Lee felt a cut on his cheek and instinctively started to sober up. His eyes looked around in shock as he wondered what disaster made the restaurant he was at such a mess...! His eyes sharpened as he looked around for any suspicious individuals.

Then, his eyes landed on a red-haired girl who was holding onto her sword as if to protect herself.

"T-three times sword champion, three times sword champion..." She was constantly muttering with a broken heart as she looked at the ground traumatically. A strange expression appeared on his face as Lee slowly realised what happened.

This was such a mess...!