Concerning development and resolve
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Dumbledore was not joking about his support in expanding the realm at all as over the next few days he gave Nick no less than thirty miles worth of expanded space items that were feed to the ring dramatically increasing the amount of room the "planet" had to fit in. The headmaster loved sitting inside the realm and casting spells that struck the "edge" of the realm before sacrificing a spatial item and then checking the distance improvement again. The old goat wasn't alone in this either as despite Nick's insistence that he could afford to get the stone himself Flitwick had purchased a large hills worth of mixed soil just for this purpose.-

Helpless Nick could only indulge the two older wizards and watch the "planet" double in size. After the third day though things got busy for everyone as something came out of nowhere ruining the peaceful school year. Harry woke up screaming at midnight on the night of November fifteen having received a vision of someone in black robes and a skull mask sacrificing nearly twenty people to repair the decrepit body of Voldemort. Nick , Harry and Ron immediately broke curfew to seek out Dumbledore.-

The old man had a grave expression after hearing the tale from Harry "Are you certain about what it was you saw?" he questioned severely. Harry still had a horrified expression as he nodded and despite noticing the old goat using legilimency on Harry , Nick said nothing because of the perspective of the vision Harry received. 'Voldemort had turned Nagini into a horcrux two whole years early and also had someone serving him when all his followers should be either locked up or ignoring him.' Nick thought concerned. This was a massive change from the events of canon and made Nick very worried.-

Voldemort's early return spelt serious trouble for the future because not only was the mad man aware that Nick had destroyed one of his horcruxes but he was also likely to start checking the rest of them as well. Considering Voldemort would definitely rehide the ring once he noticed that all but that one had been destroyed Nick guessed he had at most three days to get rid of the thing as well as retrieve the resurrection stone. "Harry , Ron , you go ahead and head back to the dorm , I need to talk to professor Dumbledore alone first." Nick said seriously and Harry looked a the headmaster who nodded with a smile before both boys left.-

Nick knew that what he was about to say was going to open a huge can of worms but he was pressed for time and Dumbledore was the only person who could help him. The moment he was sure that Harry was gone Nick spilt the beans about Voldemort's horcrux's , about how he had been hunting them down , about how Nazgul had turned into an actual creature by eating the soul shards , everything he knew about the dark lord. At first Dumbledore was in disbelief  , then anger and finally acceptance.-

"I won't lecture you about how serious this matter is since it's clear to me that you are well aware. Know however that I very much disapprove of you keeping this information to yourself and even the actions you have taken knowing it. Right now however as you have said we have a more pressing concern in the form of the last inanimate horcrux. You say you have tracked it down but have not had the time to collect and destroy it yet , correct?" Dumbledore says sternly. Nick nodded "It's located inside the residence of the Gaunt clan which is a shack in little Hangleton" he said seriously.-

"Don't try and go to that place without me as not only do you lack the means to destroy the cursed thing while I have it but the things have a way to ensnare the spirit which doesn't work on me." Nick added shutting that thought down before Dumbledore could even have it. The old goat stared at Nick sternly "I cannot in good conscience allow you to continue to act against Voldemort in such a reckless manner." he said firmly. Nick snorted and immediately started pulling out the ex horcrux's from his realm , the diadem , the locket and the goblet.-

"I am already inextricably involved in this matter and refuse to stop until that man is gone for good , will you help me or must I take drastic measures to get it done?" Nick said staring the man straight in the eyes. The two locked gazes for an entire minute without backing down as the very air felt stifling as their magic pressured and clashed against the others. Eventually Dumbledore relented "So be it but you must follow my orders without hesitation understood?" he said and Nick nodded in agreement.