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Nick returned to the dorm room after that while Dumbledore said he needed to prepare for the trip. Harry and Ron grilled Nick when he got back to the dorm about what he talked with Dumbledore about. Nick chose to trust them and told the truth about the matter and they got mad at him for keeping it from them. "It didn't have anything to do with either of you until now so there was no reason why i should have told any of you." Nick defended himself. "Besides what good would it have done huh!? None of you could help at all and would have just been in danger instead!" he added angrily.-

How could he not be mad when they didn't care about their own safety and even had the nerve to say he was wrong to keep it to himself. His words stung at his friends and they couldn't help but look hurt. They wanted nothing more to help him but he flat out told them that they would be nothing but a burden instead. It stung and made them feel like bad friends as Nick stormed out of the dorm as well as the common room. Half of Gryffindor heard them and woke up from the commotion.

Nick went straight to the room of requirement and vented his anger on some defenseless targets. Shattered and burnt wood littered the room within the hour as he violently attacked the dummies with his elemental abilities. "HUFF HUFF HUFFF , Again!" he yelled while out of breath but the room no longer reset itself. Nick was confused at this until Helena spoke up from behind him. "You know when mother made this room she added a special rule that we could always enter it regardless of what the person currently occupying it wanted." she said calmly.

"What do you want?" Nick asked venomously as his anger got the best of him. Helena merely chuckled at that "I was angry and bitter for hundreds of years , having someone else get angry at me is nothing." She said and Nick snorted and turned to leave since she had decided to play the part of therapist. He didn't need nor want it and refused to accept it but the door of the room vanished entirely. He growled in frustration at that and raised his wand at the wall "BOMBARDA!" he shouted and a wave of concussive force flew from the tip of his wand into the blank wall.-

He wasn't angry in the same way as when Lockhart attacked him or when Dumbledore stole his blood to get his heritage revealed. This time it was more frustration than anything else and thus he hadn't accidentally created bad weather or released his magical energy haphazardly. The thing about frustration is that it can be a tricky thing to get rid of permanently , like it can get buried for a long time before something triggers it and it erupts like a volcano.-

That was the state Nick was in at this moment and so his mind wasn't very clear when he decided that since the wall stood in his way it deserved to be destroyed. Nick had felt the pressure of Zeus and the recovery of the earth weighing down on him , Voldemort returning early was the last straw that broke the camels back and caused him to snap. The force from the spell didn't destroy the wall though as the rooms wards sprang up and blocked the attack entirely. He was stumped by this enough to regain his sanity and clarity of mind.-

"Feeling better?" Helena teased and Nick looked embarrassed since he must have looked like an angsty child to her. This wasn't to say that he was suddenly happy or anything , merely that he could at least rationally think about why he was upset now. "Is it so wrong that I kept all this stuff from them?" he asked slightly lost. Helena shook her head "It's not wrong at all but that doesn't mean it didn't hurt to get told that they were basically dead weight. In time I'm sure they will understand but for now you all will need time to settle." she said honestly. -

Nick sighed "You're probably right , but man if it isn't irritating." he complained. She let him leave the room after that and Nick spent the night in the workshop with Nazgul , Dusk and Steve all nearby or literally on top of him in Steve's case. The next morning he ate breakfast in his workshop before Dumbledore arrived to head out and retrieve the ring from it's hiding place. The man looked exhausted when he arrived outside the workshop but considering the pressure he was under it wasn't all that surprising.