Collecting light
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Nick might be irritated at the creators choice in this regard but he also understood why they did it as well. See crafting is an art and much like painting or sculpting each crafter went about the process in a different way depending on how they learned the craft. By giving only the barest minimum in basic information the creator of this inheritance forced Nick to truly make the style his own as he needed to do everything using his own methods. For example it was probably possible to mix different lights together but Nick needed to figure out how on his own and whatever he came up with may be totally different than the method the inheritances creator used.-

To put it bluntly Nick had the foundation for this crafting style but whatever he built on top of that would be his own work exclusively. 'Well at least it shouldn't take me very long to master this new style' he thought with a shrug. "That reminds me for whatever reason but does this mean you might be getting a new roommate in my head?" Nick asked the old elf currently taking up residence in his mindscape.-

"That depends on the creator of this new style of crafting , if they are willing then their being will be pulled in by the "system". Otherwise you will not be gaining another tutor at all. Judging from the inheritance however I very much doubt that this person will agree to guide you." Celebrimbor said seriously. "Oh? Does that mean you agreed to teach me when I drew your own inheritance?" Nick asked interested in the answer. The old elf had a sad smile "After I died my legacy was forever tainted by the foul hidden plot of Sauron and I had hoped that by guiding someone with my inheritance I could redeem it somehow , you have so far proven my decision correct." he said honestly.-

Nick chuckled at that answer since he was very aware that he was by no means perfect and had plenty of flaws. Compared to what Sauron used the style to accomplish though he was certainly redeeming it as a grand crafting style and not a evil thing. Hell his most recent accomplishment was using the style to forge a miniature realm of all things , an untainted one no less! Nick dismissed his ego inflating thoughts though and focused on a new plan.-

He wanted to create his first ring with this new style and so needed to first collect light. The method to collect light was a sort of wandless silent magic involving handsigns. He first needed to extend his senses until he "felt" the light before slowly and very precisely weaving the correct hand signs to draw it into the material plane and harness it. This created the "ore" that he needed to "forge" his creations. With this in mind Nick wasted no time at all leaving the workshop for the astronomy tower that was empty at this time of day.-

The basic information of the inheritance stated that the sun and moon were the easiest sources of light to harvest from due to their close proximity and ever present nature. Thus Nick's first attempt at harvesting light will be with the most abundant source of it , the sun. No one even noticed Nick as he walked the halls since students moving about at this time was totally normal and not worth mentioning. The astronomy tower was in fact empty just like he had expected so he reached the exposed top of it easily.-

Once there he felt the heat of the sun touching his face and closed his eyes to extend his senses in the way that his new style dictated. It was a strange feeling as it felt almost like the world around him faded away like a blurry image while a certain "something" started to stand out in the image that was always there but not at the forefront. Nick focused on this thing and slowly and awkwardly began to move his hands in the way that the style dictated to drag the light into the material plane.-

He felt his magic flow into his hands on it's own as he performed these hand signs and extend from his finger tips like strange threads that felt odd to him but he couldn't say exactly why. The threads crept through the air and wrapped around the light loosely before retracting as he cycled through the different hand signs. He was rapidly losing mana as they did so since the light seemed very resistant to his actions and in the end he only managed to retrieve a pebbles worth of the stuff before exhausting the majority of his mana.