Strange material
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Nick opened his eyes after he felt the light touch his palm and examined its appearance closely. It was an orange red color with a strangely heavy feel to it like it was made of tungsten. Despite that however Nick could easily deform the material with the strength of his fingers alone showing how soft it was. After he was done examining the material he placed it within the ring realm to try and analyze it on a much deeper level and was surprised by what he found. He could feel a a certain "desire" from the realm for the stuff as if it was a piece of it that it had been missing until now.-

It wasn't hard to figure out why either as the ring realm didn't have a sun or any stars but was in a state of perpetual twilight as the light within it bounced around without settling. The material taken from the suns "light" however was basically condensed essence of the sun which the realm wanted to complete and perfect itself further. The problem came in the form of amountage however as Nick could also tell that he required a LOT of the material to satisfy his realm even at it's current size much less later.-

Despite instinctively wanting to perfect his realm Nick chose to ignore that craving since it was a waste of time to focus on doing so at the moment. Instead he focused on understanding everything he could about this new material to see what all the possible applications of it may be. 'The stuff has a very high mana conductivity but also an equally high mana dispersion rate which makes it a poor choice for long term enchantment but excellent for short term magical applications such as rituals or alchemy.' he thought seriously.-

'It seems to inherently posses anti-curse as well as purification power that would also make it ideal for a defensive item though I would need to discover a method of hardening it for such a thing.' he theorized as he got more and more information from his realm. While the style said that it was impossible to tell what abilities the light would have until it was utilized it was obvious to Nick that the creator of the inheritance had not thought about someone with a personal realm gaining the inheritance.-

To be fair though a personal realm was an extremely rare thing to have for someone as weak as he was so that is to be expected. 'At least I won't have to waste much time on lights that I don't want and can simply feed those to the realm instead.' he thought as he left the astronomy tower. Pulling out his wand he spoke "TEMPUS!" and the current time entered his mind '5:45 , I should start heading towards the great hall for dinner.' he thought with a nod. It only took him about five minutes to arrive at his destination and seat himself at the table.-

He was slightly early so there weren't many people in the great hall at the moment so he played around a bit with Nazgul and Steve as he waited for dinner to start. It was a simple game really as they needed to each chase down a small marble of light he summoned and controlled. In Steve's case the marble rolled on the floor while for Nazgul it zipped about in the air. Most of the students watched the two magical beasts playing happily in interest since it was a rare sight.-

The professors started to arrive early and noticed the activity and most smiled warmly at the cheerful mood it provided while others such as Snape chose to ignore it. None of the teachers whose class Nick missed today said anything to him about it since Dumbledore had already given them a vague excuse for it which was enough. The only one that was truly aware of where Nick had been was Snape due to him being the triple agent working for Dumbledore and Voldemort. It was a complex sort of relationship as he fed information to Voldemort while also doing the same to Dumbledore but he was actually working for Dumbledore.-

Still once the students started to arrive en masse Nick dispelled the marbles and brought the two creatures back under control. Poor Steve though was so out of shape that he was panting and looked dreadful from the workout. 'He did it to himself with all that food and no exercise' Nick thought while administering a small amount of workout potion to help the chunky niffler recover a bit. As an added bonus Steve also lost a tiny amount of fat as well so that was a plus if nothing else.