Sol shot arrows
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It was about two feet long all together but weighed practically nothing at all in his hands. 'Ugh! This is going to be one of those annoying things where I need to figure out how to shape the final product into a ring isn't it?' Nick thought with a groan. After carefully checking the analysis of the process he was slightly relieved to notice that the final shape could be manually changed after it started. Nick checked the appraisal for the arrow that the system gave and was rather surprised at what he found.-

[Arrow: Sol shot

Grade: Rare

Abilities: Light construct , evil purification , sun fire burst 

Description: An arrow crafted using a strange and unorthodox magic that condensed the suns light into solid form. This arrow is the bane of all evil beings and can eradicate even the amortal should it be evil.

System appraisal: A circumstantial weapon that is either very powerful or very weak depending on what it is used on. ]

'This thing can kill amortal creatures so long as they are evil? Did I just accidentally make a dementor slaying weapon? No , not just dementors but Lethifolds and maybe even other creatures as well!' Nick thought with conflicting emotions. On one hand he was happy that he could now work on getting rid of the foul things rather than contain them like the ministry did. On the other hand though this arrow painted a huge target on his back for every evil creature in existence.-

Ironically though this arrow also made Voldemort stupidly easy to get rid of now as the man definitely counted as an evil creature and if this arrow can kill things that don't even have souls like dementors then horcrux or not he would also die after getting hit with it. 'Nice , now I don't even need to worry about Harry dealing with the soul shard. Instead I just need him to stab the noseless bastard with this thing to fulfill the prophecy.' Nick thought with a smirk.-

Nick wasn't satisfied with only having a single one of these arrows however since there were hundreds of evil amortal creatures that he wanted to get rid of so he needed hundreds of arrows. This was how he spent all his free time for the next month when he wasn't in class or hanging out with his friends who were very unhappy about being left out of the dangerous stuff he has been doing.-

They got over it pretty easily when he distracted them by giving Harry the Gaunt ring with the resurrection stone in it. He of course didn't tell them what the stone was but he did say that it was an artifact belonging to Harry's bloodline which interested all of them. The only one who immediately figured out what it was was Luna but she kept quiet about it likely because of how that knowledge had affected her father over the years.-

Poor Xeno had been consumed with the desire to see his wife again and had fallen into the trap of searching for the hallows all this time. Such a mindset was to be avoided at all cost in the girls mind and so she didn't expose the artefacts origin. Hermione being the bookworm she was tried to find any and all information on Harry's bloodline but was surprised to note that the trail ran cold at a certain point in the family tree. It was an unnatural stop too , like all the information about that particular topic had been purposefully removed.-

Nick was fairly certain that that was Dumbledore's doing as probably the one person in the castle with a reason to hide that particular piece of history. Still by the end of the month Nick had close to four hundred sol shot arrows. Thanks to his constant refining of the suns light he had improved the base technique so dramatically that the before and after techniques barely even resembled each other anymore. At this point Nick could draw enough light to form three arrows per collection he did. As a result he had been generous and started to sacrifice some of the light material to the realm causing it to form a tiny marble sized sun at it's edge.-

It wasn't much but it brightened up the realm by quite a bit as the ambient light increased several folds. After what was basically half a month of almost constant refining Nick was feeling a bit worn out on the process and took a break to take on some commissions from students and staff members. It was funny how after the events of last year all he needed to do was have the twins pass out the information on him taking limited commissions for Nick to get dozens of visitors in the same day.