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Despite these concerns Hermione didn't voice them since as far as she could tell Nick tended to know what he was doing even if it was dangerous. Instead she moved the conversation back to the magic of flight since the topic certainly interested her. She lacked any talent with a broom which was a short coming she loathed but accepted as a fact. But if she learned how to fly without a broom it simply wouldn't matter any more. They chatted about the topic for a while as Nick showed her the progress he had made in finishing the incomplete magic.-

She gave him few insights that he hadn't thought of during the conversation that he didn't hesitate to add to the process. All in all it was a fruitful conversation that lasted until Harry and Ron woke up and came down the stairs of the boys dorm. "Why are you two always up so early , do you just not like sleep or something?" Ron asked with a yawn. "That's not even right , I go to bed before all of you most of the time so I'm not missing any sleep at all thank you very much!" Nick said defensively.-

They all chuckled at that but didn't argue since he wasn't lying as he tended to go straight to bed after dinner whereas they stay up an extra hour or two. After that they all headed to the great hall for breakfast while Nick kept complaining about the cold. He wasn't alone in his complaints either as the Patil twins also disapproved of the temperature. Nick wasted no time at all casting a warming spell on himself and his friends while also generously using it on the twins as well.-

It took a minute for the hall to fill with hungry students but once it was Dumbledore stood up. "Good morning everyone! If I could have your attention I have several important announcements to make!" His voice filled the hall; and all the students stared at the man curiously. "I am pleased to introduce your new defense against the dark arts professor , Remus Lupin!" he said and pointed his hand at a man with a claw scarred face and pale skin that sat under light brown hair. Lupin stood up and bowed slightly at the applause that he got from the students while Snape looked like he had been fed a whole sack of lemons before someone killed his favorite cat.-

'Yeah , i'm not going to get involved in that inevitable clash if I can help it.' Nick thought seriously. In truth he thought Snape would have been an excellent DADA professor since the man was very well practiced in the dark arts. But with Voldemort's return Nick knew that Dumbledore likely thought it was best to leave him as potions which gave him plenty of free time. It wasn't all good news for Lupin to take office so suddenly however as Nick had not researched lycanthropy at all and thus couldn't make a ring to counter it yet.-

This meant that The man would be a danger to everyone until Nick managed to fix that problem. "I am also pleased to say that starting after this coming christmas break Hogwarts will be offering extra electives involving the crafting arts for those who are interested!" The great hall fell into uproar at this announcement and many students shot hopeful glances at Nick likely thinking he was going to be the teacher for one of those. Nick smirked at these people because he knew for a fact that Dumbledore wouldn't do that without informing him first.-

"The final announcement is that as of now the dueling club is being reinstated under the dual teaching of professors Lupin and Flitwick! Please apply with your heads of house if you are interested! For now though eat and have a wonderous day!" Dumbledore said while clapping his hands which caused the tables to fill with food. "What a clever move by the old man!" Nick said with an approving smile. "Whatcha talking about? That crafting thing?" Ron asked confused. "No , rather the dueling club instead." Nick said with a shake of his head.-

"Remember how things have recently gotten much more dangerous after Harry warned us? Dumbledore probably wants to use this dueling club to help us students better protect ourselves when we leave Hogwarts." Nick explained and all his friends at the table had wide eyes as they figured out what he meant. This dueling club was only announced after Voldemort had returned which was likely not a coincidence at all. More likely than not both Lupin's instatement and this dueling club were both done in a hurry to better prepare the students for the inevitable hardships ahead.