Chapter 42 – Defense and Situations
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The United States Navy carries the might and the mission of America to the farthest parts of the world" - President George W. Bush

1046 April 6th, 2020 CE

0823 Sun 6th, 196 AE

Plains not far from the jungles

A magiradio message interrupted Colonel Trakkas’s conversation.

<<<"The damn inferiors are back! It’s one of their weird looking planes again!”>>>


<<<“What was that noise?”

“The human ground attack aircraft are back. We are currently in a very precarious situation. Are there any forces nearby that can provide support?”

“Sorry Colonel, most of the 33rd have already reached the original line of defense. We are now on the move to the second defense line. The two infantry corps are already there setting up defenses. The Air Force can’t reach you either. You are on your own.”

A muffled sigh came out of Trakkas

“Understood sir.”>>>


Colonel Trakkas changed his mana frequency to Colonel Arewakas.

<<<“Scatter your forces. We are easier targets if we travel in formation.”

“The sun is setting. We just have to survive for at least another hour. The cover of the night could protect us from the human’s air attacks.”>>>

1052 April 6th, 2020 CE

0826 Sun 6th, 196 AE

In the jungles

He wasn’t sure if the magipanzer regiments that he got attached to were even alive. But he knew that his unit definitely wasn’t. They had probably been burned to a crisp at the tree line or captured. Holayra looked around. He was on a tree that was very close to where the jungle met the roads. He had wanted to take a shot whenever the chance was presented to him. It never happened even though multiple human magipanzers had traveled through.

He started climbing down. It was likely that human infantry were already in the jungle. He really wasn’t that good when it came to close-quarter combat. He did have a knife and pistol but his skills were quite questionable with them. He sighed to himself.

“This is why I hate the jungles sometimes.”

He needed to get away from the road and deeper into the jungle. This was probably the only way he could prevent being captured.

Deciding to sneak out of the jungle during the night, he started moving so it took him deeper into the jungle and closer to the plains.

1112 April 6th, 2020 CE

0836 Sun 6th, 196 AE

Infantry from the 82nd Airborne moved through large swaths of the jungle. They had to make sure that no elves were hiding. If there was even a company-sized elf unit, it would spell some trouble for the future. They have already captured a few dozen elf infantry. However, they had been very disorganized. They seem to be the survivors from the incendiary attack.


Inside one of the M2A3 Bradleys on the road in the jungle, Private First Class Issac Miles looked down at his rifle. He was a rifleman in the 1st Squad of 2nd Platoon in A Company of the 2nd Battalion, 37th Armor Regiment. In the somewhat cramped passenger compartment where he and his squad were, there was only red light. Issac looked towards his squad. 

“When the fucking hell are we getting out of this damn jungle.”

“Shouldn’t be that long, Private. Well, we don’t even know if we are gonna dismount once we get out so don’t get your hopes up.”

“It’s too fucking hot in here.”

“Well the fucking AC is broken again.”

"We have so much fucking money in the budget yet they can't get a simple fucking AC fixed."

1448 April 6th, 2020 CE

1024 Sun 6th, 196 AE

Plains not far from the jungle

The human air attacks have been constantly on and off. Thankfully, the sun had just set and the only thing illuminating the area was the moon. Based on strict orders, none of the magipanzers or magitrucks opened their headlights. Only the engines of the vehicles could be heard in the dead silence of the night. Suddenly a distinct chopping noise could be heard.


The sound of engines died down and a chopping noise filled the air.

The elven magipanzer crew hoped that the human aircraft couldn’t see them.


Then streaks of light came from the sky. A magipanzer exploded.


The humans could somehow see them even during the night.

In the sky

Through the Apache's green night-vision screens, the elf tanks were clearly outlined in a darker shade.


Right outside the jungle

Simon Holayra slowly walked out of the jungle with his rifle in his hand. It seemed completely quiet. The dark of the night blanketed him. He started running.

2307 April 6th, 2020 CE

0244 Sun 7th, 196 AE

Elven Defense Line

In one of the intact villages left by the Eastern Army, elves ran around. Some carried antipersonnel thauguns (APTGs) with one hand and others held either antipersonnel subthauguns (APSTGs) or magirifles. Antipersonnel subthauguns were the smallest type of thauguns. Thauguns represented anything that shot at a high rate of fire. In a window overlooking the road to the entrance of the village, an APSTG was set up. The humans who lived in this village had already been all either killed and buried in a pit a few days ago or were being transported to the elven continent.

“Move it! Get that APTG on that window!!”

In a house, a first lieutenant shouted at his men.


Anti-tank magicannons were also being set up on various roads and sandbags were placed down everywhere.


Outside of the village on the plains, 88mm anti-aircraft thauguns were being uncoupled from their trucks.


A massive defense line was being formed. Elves quickly dug trenches and foxholes on the plains. Any bumps or small hills on the plains were being used as a strategic position. The first wave of the Eastern Army was doing its best to prepare its defenses and hold out until the second wave arrived.


Major General Ara Balra yawned. She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling of the human house she was in. She got off the bed and smoothed her crumpled uniform. It had been so boring for the past few days. It was all just setting up defenses and positioning the magipanzers. She understood that some was definitely off. If this was preceding normally, they would have already been past the jungles. Now it was just reports of defeats and retreats. Based on her theory, even if the humans were technologically on par with them, their surprise attack won’t have stalled this early. She walked out of the house, the sun was just rising.

Afvalin, Elven Nation

Light rain pattered the window to his office. It was very cloudy and gloomy outside.

“The 27th and 36th Magipanzer Regiments of the 33rd Magipanzer Corps have suffered massive casualties. At least 60% of their forces have been destroyed. According to their reports, the human magipanzers seem invincible and are capable of taking out ours in one hit. They have suffered continued harassment by the human Air Force even during the night.”

“Is that all for that front?”

“We have established a solid line of defense at the area where our destroyed airfields were. The second wave is fast approaching that line. From your orders, the offensive will start again once the second wave reaches the units from the first wave.”

“How about the front against the kingdoms?”

“We have been stretched a bit thin there but because of how technological inferior they are, it hasn’t become an issue yet.”

“Good. Dismissed.”

Tarron turned his head to his aide who was beside him.

“I need the Head of Intelligence. Call him to my office.”


Less than 30 minutes later, Anfalen Inaneiros entered the office. He took off his coat and hung it on the rack at the side. He saluted.

“My Leader, you called?”

“Yes, sit down. We need to have an important conversation.”

After Anfalen took a seat, Tarron continued talking

“Have you been able to collect any new information on the United States of America?”

“We have learned some new things from the newspaper articles and the humans we interrogated. Do you have a map?”

Tarron Venharice rustled out a map that was in a drawer in his table. He flattened it on the desk.

“Thank you. From the information we gathered, the United States of America is located on the Formidon continent.”

He pointed at it on the map.

“You are saying that those backwater humans were able to develop such advanced technology?”

Tarron was referring to the original natives of the Formidon continent.

“No. According to the human news article, the United States of America suddenly appeared. We aren’t sure how but some of the captured humans say that they come from another world. We can’t confirm if it is actually true but that is the general consensus.”

“Are we sure these United States of America people are actually human?”

“From the interrogations, they are.”

“I guess we need to deal with these other-worldly humans.”

“We can assume that they definitely have superior technology.”

“But to what level?”

“We can’t confirm that.”

“Ok, thank you, dismissed. Please report to me if you discover any more news.”

After Anfalen left, Tarron sighed and spoke to himself.

“The problem now is how to deal with them. Our forces are currently getting battered by their ground and air units… hmmm… Should we launch a surprise attack using our navy? Maybe we can go past the Insula continent and make a beach landing on the other side.”

Tarron stared at the map splayed out on his table. It was a very old map. It showed the bottom of the Formidon continent as rounded.

In the seas

An US carrier group consisting of 3 carriers, 18 destroyers, 3 cruisers, 3 submarines approached the tip of the Soane continent. The aircraft carriers were the USS Abraham Lincoln, USS Gerald R. Ford, and USS Harry S. Truman. Rear Admiral Jay Burns of the Abraham Lincoln scanned the ocean with his binoculars. The skies were gray and the ocean was a bit rocky.

“We are closing in on the area where the main elf navy is stationed at. We will clear these ships out and then begin an assault on their landings.”

5 carriers were under maintenance. This meant that 50% of active US aircraft carriers were being deployed for this. The other three active carriers were spread out. One was supporting combat operations on the western side of the Magus Imperium which was quite close to them. The second one was situated between the Bem Kingdom and Mach Imperium for security reasons. The last one was on the west coast of the United States.