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Moments before Mike had been living a normal life, doubts and uncertainty clouding his mind as he grappled with the weight of his newfound role as an Observer. The concept of being "Absolute" seemed both exhilarating and daunting, raising questions about the nature of his authority and the responsibilities it entailed. As he hurtled through the cosmic expanse, his mind swirled with a mixture of nervousness and curiosity.

The vastness of space had a profound effect on Mike's mental state. The solitude and the boundless wonders surrounding him served as both a catalyst for introspection and a source of inspiration. Time seemed to lose its meaning as he traveled through the cosmic abyss, contemplating the mysteries of the universe and his place within it.

It was during this cosmic journey that Mike became aware of a distant star—a radiant beacon amidst the vast darkness. This star held an extraordinary power, for it was the catalyst that had birthed the universe he was now destined to explore. Its explosive creation had shattered the boundaries of space and time, setting into motion a series of events that would shape the very fabric of existence.

As the star burst forth with blinding light and cataclysmic force, its energy rippled through the cosmos, unleashing shockwaves that reverberated across vast distances. These shockwaves carried the seeds of creation, scattering fragments of stellar matter far and wide. From these fragments, celestial bodies would form, including the planet that would become Mike's starting point as an Observer.

The impact of the star's birth had a profound effect on this planet, Earth-like in nature but infused with the transformative influence of Gaia's power. The energy radiating from Gaia had merged with the raw potential of the young universe, shaping the planet's landscapes and infusing it with a unique magic. The very essence of this new world pulsed with a vibrancy that defied explanation, drawing Mike's attention as he hurtled closer towards his destination.

Through the window of his cosmic journey, Mike caught a glimpse of the mesmerizing planet. Its familiar yet otherworldly features captivated his senses—a lush tapestry of forests, majestic mountains, and shimmering oceans. It was a world on the brink of discovery, waiting for him to unravel its secrets.

As Mike marveled at the planet's beauty and wondered about the mysteries it held, a surge of energy enveloped him. The planet's gravitational force tugged at his being, intensifying the descent. Panic and dread coursed through him as he struggled to regain control, but the gravitational pull was relentless.

In the final moments before impact, Mike's awareness flickered. His senses absorbed the sight of the planet's breathtaking landscapes, the mystical energy that permeated its atmosphere. But before he could fully comprehend the significance of his arrival, consciousness slipped away, leaving him in a state of unconsciousness.

Time passed indeterminately as Mike remained in a state of deep slumber, unaware of the events unfolding around him. The birth of the new universe had already taken place, its creation a symphony of cosmic forces. The threads of fate had woven their tapestry, leading Mike to this moment—a pivotal juncture in the history of this nascent world.

When Mike eventually regained consciousness, he found himself in an unfamiliar environment—a world teeming with wonder and mystery. The air crackled with the residue of the planet's transformative energy, and the colors of the sky danced in hues unknown to him. He was now a part of a reality infused with Gaia's influence, where extraordinary powers and godlike beings roamed.

In the brief moments of his awakening, Mike's curiosity lingered on the other candidates chosen to be Absolute. What powers did they possess? What struggles and triumphs did they face? The thought of encountering these fellow candidates ignited a spark within him—a desire to learn from their experiences and forge alliances in this uncharted realm.

Yet, before he could delve deeper into these thoughts, his mind succumbed to the overwhelming energy of the planet, and once again, Mike slipped into unconsciousness.

Mike's arrival, though distant from the moment of creation, would play a pivotal role in shaping the future of this extraordinary world. The choices he would make would ripple through the fabric of existence, leaving an indelible mark on the unfolding story of this wondrous universe.