Chapter 75
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In the past, Turkey was a simple place to Chen Qingyang, but after Emperor Mo went there, it had become a landmark in Chen Qingyang's heart.

As soon as she set foot on Turkish soil, it seemed as if the whole world was surrounded by flowers, sunlight, and cats. Chen Qingyang took a camera and photographed a stray cat by the side of the road. The kitten raised its head and glanced at her, then meowed and ran away.

Chen Qingyang's heart was a little disappointed for no reason. In the end, she was still unable to come here with Li Yan.

So she was going to take a few more photos to show off.

Chen Qingyang held up her camera, just like a reporter meeting a rumored Queen of Gossip. In order to follow her male god's footsteps, she specially scrolled up the Weibo post that had been previously posted by Mo Zhen and drew up the route for this trip.

'Tomorrow I will head to the skies on a hot air balloon, thousands of meters high in the sky, blue sky, sunrise, colorful balloons, and beautiful foreign children.'

Just thinking about it made her excited.

In order to welcome tomorrow's romantic encounter, Chen Qingyang specially returned to the hotel early today and applied a mineral mud mask to her face. After her face had been washed clean and white, she cheered and jumped onto the bed to earn her beauty sleep.

Because she wanted to watch the sunrise, the alarm clock rang at 4 o'clock on time. Chen Qingyang put on the British diamond-shaped plaid shirt she had prepared earlier, a ginger suit, and a pair of Gray plaid shorts. She looked at herself in the mirror, really, really, really, uh, etc.

She pushed up the black-rimmed glasses on her face, and she bounced out of the room.

The pilot of the hot air balloon was a very handsome foreign boy, wearing a small vest that revealed the muscles of his acquaintance. Chen Qingyang automatically stuck it up. He was heating up the hot air balloon, and there were already quite a few female tourists surrounding it. Chen Qingyang took out his mobile phone and secretly took a picture with him. A frivolous voice with a hint of a smile on it came from behind him, "What a coincidence!"

Chen Qingyang's hand that was holding the phone stiffened for a moment. She turned around and saw a well-dressed Yun Ze.

What the hell, what a coincidence.

"Why are you here?" Chen Qingyang raised his head and looked at him. This young master was really putting on an act when dressing up like a dog, and he was really bewitching towards those ignorant little girls.

'Wait a minute, could it be that this is the beauty that the heavens have bestowed upon me? But the person she is looking for is a beautiful young man from a foreign country! '

Chen Qingyang's expression was very vivid, she had written all the thoughts in her heart onto her face. He smiled at Qinyang politely and politely. "I'm here to ride on a hot air balloon."

Chen Qingyang was blinded by his smile for a split-second. He exuded the aura of a successful person and had the charisma of a mature man. However, what she wanted now was a young boy! She wanted to walk the path of a Bamboo Horse, not a CEO.

Please give her a warm man with a bamboo horse. 

The corner of Chen Qingyang's mouth pulled up into a stiff smile. She chuckled to Yun Ze, "Then stand far away. Don't block my flirtatious encounters."

He looked at the heating balloon in front of Qingyang and smirked, "But we seem to be riding on the same hot air balloon."

Chen Qingyang, "…"

Go away, for God's sake.

As the hot air balloon slowly rose into the sky, the sun gradually rose above the horizon, and all the tourists on board were extremely excited. Thousands of meters above, blue sky, sunrise, colorful balloons filled the sky.

Chen Qingyang sadly turned her head away.

Xiang Yunze stood next to Chen Qingyang. The surrounding tourists were all excitedly chatting and taking pictures at the same time. Only Chen Qingyang stood alone, not moving at all by the edge of the basket. He felt that he should say something at this time to liven up the atmosphere.

Therefore, he said, "Do you know the principle behind the hot air balloon flying?"

Chen Qingyang, "…"

"When the air is heated, it expands and the density decreases. The gravity is less than the buoyancy."

Chen Qingyang interrupted him, "If you keep talking, I will jump down from here."

Yunze. "…"

After a moment of silence, a shy and timid female voice was blown over by the chilly wind. "I'm sorry, can you take a picture for us?"

These words were directed towards Yun Ze, but Chen Qingyang turned her head together with him. Oh, not only was the voice shy but also timid, her whole person is shy and timid. Chen Qingyang looked at the direction she was pointing at and saw three young girls standing there. They looked like university students, but they were also looking at Yun Ze with shyness and timidness.

"Tsk, that's why ignorant girls are everywhere. If you have nothing better to do, just read more professional books. Don't keep looking at the letters of the CEO, alright?"

Chen Qingyang was really worried for their parents.

Yun Ze nodded to the girl and took the camera from her. The girl on the other side cheered a little before walking towards Yunze and taking a picture for the three girls.

Chen Qingyang pursed his lips to the side as he looked at the sunrise. He also picked up the camera hanging around his neck and began to take pictures. Suddenly, there was a flash of light and a faint crackling sound. She turned around and smiled at Yunze as she held up the camera in her hand.

Chen Qingyang knitted his brows, looking somewhat dissatisfied, "You used someone else's camera to take a picture of me, how can you give a photo to me?"

He smiled at Yunze and said, "It's alright. We just exchanged mail addresses."

Chen Qingyang, "…"

'F * ck! You really are a playboy with a beast's heart! '

After taking their pictures for Yunze, he walked back to Chen Qingyang's side. Chen Qingyang gave him a disdainful look and asked, "In school, you also get along with female students this way?"

He thought about it for a while and said, "There are indeed quite a few female students who came to my class. My class has the highest attendance rate among all the teachers."

Chen Qingyang, "…"

What a shame to the educational world

After flying a circle in the sky, the hot air balloon landed on the ground. Chen Qingyang accepted the certificate and drank the champagne, preparing to part ways with Yunze.

Turning around angrily, Chen Qingyang said with an unfriendly tone, "Why are you following me, you maniac!"

He smiled good-naturedly at Qingyang. "I just want to go back to the hotel."

Chen Qingyang's brows jumped, "Which hotel are you staying in?"

He reported a name to Chen Qingyang.

Chen Qingyang was about to cry. 'This is definitely not a coincidence. This is definitely a premeditated matter, right?'

Sitting in the hotel's coffee shop, Chen Qingyang looked at the man in front of her with a face full of scrutiny, "Crazy stalker, you better tell me honestly. What is your motive for following me?"

He winked innocently at Chen Qingyang. "Have you told anyone that you came to this hotel to stay in?"

Chen Qingyang, "…"

She really didn't tell anyone that even her parents didn't know where she was going.

He smiled at Chen Qingyang in satisfaction. "That's why I'm not following you at all."

Chen Qingyang had an expression of disbelief.

He shrugged at Chen Qingyang. "Maybe you can understand this as fate."

Chen Qingyang, "…"

Ape dung is more or less the same.

Seeing that Chen Qingyang still didn't believe him, she looked at Yun Ze with a gloomy expression. "No matter what, I am still a poor, lovelorn man. It is only natural for me to be distracted."

Chen Qingyang, "…"

I heard that you had been lovelorn for more than half a year. Now, you have just thought of how long it would take for you to get lost … …

Chen Qingyang stood up and left.

"Well, I escaped the marriage."

These words successfully stopped Chen Qingyang's actions. She turned around and sized him up with a pair of pitch-black eyes. "Escape from marriage?"

Ye Zichen nodded towards Yun Ze.

"Ha ha-ha ha-ha!" Chen Qingyang sat back down on the sofa, laughing until he was out of breath, "I'm sorry, but let me laugh for five minutes first."

He faced Qingyang. "…"

"To be more accurate, my family forced me to get married. Since the other party came to the school to kill me, I could only come and go on a journey."

While laughing, he asked, "Aren't you as old adEmperor Mo ? You're only 27 this year, right? Is there a need for you to be forced into a marriage?"

The other person sighed, "My grandfather is old."

Chen Qingyang stopped talking. She had heard some things about Yun Ze's parents from Li Yan. She had heard that they had divorced a long time ago and that Yun Ze had always lived with his grandfather. It was only natural for an old man to think about his grandson's marriage when he was old.

"Then you just ran away like that. Do you want to anger your grandfather to death?" Chen Qingyang couldn't help but roll his eyes.

She silently looked at Yun Ze. Chen Qingyang kept feeling that there was a conspiracy hidden inside. "Wh-what?" She subconsciously shrank back into the sofa. This gaze was really terrifying.

"Can I ask you for a favor?" He asked Yun Ze with a refined smile on his face, making it hard for people to refuse.

"Let's hear it first. Maybe I can consider it." Chen Qingyang had a bag in her arms as she looked at the person in front of her with caution.

"Pretend to be my girlfriend, then go back and show it to my grandpa."

Chen Qingyang, "…"

"F * ck, why don't you write a novel?" Chen Qingyang cursed, his ears turning red.

After all, she had lived for so many years, yet no one had ever invited her to be his girlfriend.

"If you agree, I'll take you to see Mo Zhen."

Chen Qingyang, "…"

'This is too despicable! '

"I … I can call Li Yan to take me to see him!" He wanted to seduce me, but he had no way …

Yun Ze said calmly to Chen Qingyang, "Are you sure you want her to bring you to see Mo Zhen?"

Chen Qingyang, "…"

If she could pull that face down, she would have done so long ago. This smelly Yun Ze had obviously seen through her thoughts and was confident in her.

A person with a high IQ is a nuisance

"Fine, I agree, but I have a condition."

He raised his eyebrows at Qingyang and said, "Tell me about it first. Maybe I can consider it."

A vile and vindictive villain

Chen Qingyang took a deep breath, and said with a clear and loud voice, "You absolutely cannot pretend to be playing with me." Based on Chen Qingyang's many years of experience writing novels, this kind of act of pretending to be something, was definitely going to be a fake act.

He looked at Qingyang in disbelief. "You're thinking too much."

Chen Qingyang, "…"

What kind of attitude is this? Do you believe that I will go back on my word?!

He really didn't like that blind date, but it wasn't that easy to meet someone he liked. There was no other way to delay the enemy.

"But why are you looking for me? You have a lot of choices, right?" For example, the three little sisters just now.

He smiled at Yunze and said, "Because it's easier for you to challenge my grandpa's aesthetics. When I tell him that we've broken up, he should be able to accept it."

Chen Qingyang, "…"

Bye, you bastard!

Looking at Chen Qingyang's furious back, he sat in his original position and began to laugh. In fact, he didn't have many friends from the opposite sex by his side. The ones who could help him could be counted on one hand, and Chen Qingyang was probably the most suitable candidate.

After returning to A City, he made an appointment with Yun Ze and Chen Qingyang and then went home. He was also very suspicious to the old man when he heard that his grandson had a girlfriend, but he still had time to prepare to meet the girlfriend he spoke of.

On the appointed day, Yun Ze sent Chen Qingyang a short breath early in the morning, "Don't dress up today, just be the most natural yourself."

Chen Qingyang, "…"

I want to dress up and ask grandpa to beat you up when we break up

Chen Qingyang specially went to the beauty room to do some beauty work and even cut her hair. Finally, she took out her combat suit — a high-priced dress that she impulsively bought. But after buying it, she found that she couldn't find a chance to wear it all.

She found Yunze's car at the intersection, and when he saw her, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. "I didn't expect you to be so considerate. After all this, even my grandfather's three views were challenged."

Chen Qingyang, "…"

Do you believe that I'll get out of the car immediately?

She glared hatefully at Yunze, but thinking of how this person would be the one to bring her to the Emperor Mo, she gritted her teeth and swallowed her anger. "Drive the car, bastard!"

Chen Qingyang actually had quite a good background. He could intimidate people with his appearance, especially now when he took off the glasses that she always wore on her face. His entire face looked delicate and pretty.

Chen Qingyang had thought about how rich he would be in Yunze's family, but he didn't expect it to be this rich. She had heard of this villa complex before.

As she looked at all the famous cars entering and exiting, the corner of her mouth twitched as she took a look at the person in the driver's seat. It was indeed the president, Mr. Wen.

He parked the car in the garage and asked Chen Qingyang to take his hand and follow him into the house. Chen Qingyang looked at the arm in front of her, unwillingly pulling it up. The living room was very bright. For a moment, Chen Qingyang thought she had walked into a five-star hotel.

As soon as they entered, the two people sitting on the sofa looked over. The one on the right should be Yun Ze's grandpa. That pretty girl on the left should be that big sister, right?!

When the red-clothed beauty saw Yun Ze and Chen Qingyang holding hands, she unconsciously wrinkled her slender eyebrows.

"Grandpa, let me introduce you, this is my girlfriend, Chen Qingyang." Yun Ze pulled Chen Qingyang's hand towards his grandfather and introduced him to the old man who was sitting on the sofa.

She sized her up a few times with the old man's gaze that was too deep for her to see through. Without leaving a trace, Chen Qingyang shook her hand and quickly smiled, "Greetings, Grandpa." 'F * ck this dead man! There's no need to pinch him so hard! '

"This is Song Yun, the young miss of the Song Family."

"Hello." This time, before Chen Qingyang made his move against Yunze, he took the initiative to greet him.

"Hello." Song Yun stood up from the sofa. Because she was wearing high heels, she was directly half a head taller than Chen Qingyang. When she looked at him like this, she seemed to have the intention of looking down on him. Chen Qingyang was somewhat unhappy with the way she was being sized up. She had just frowned when she heard the other party speak up from above her head, "You rejected me just for the sake of this bean sprout."

Chen Qingyang, "…"

Your family take your time with the bean sprout

On the other hand, Yun Ze said in a lukewarm tone, "I just like eating this bean sprout."

Chen Qingyang, "…"

The heck.

How was she bean sprout? She also had breasts! Thinking of this, Chen Qingyang subconsciously puffed out his chest. Noticing this small action of hers, he subconsciously smiled towards Chen Qingyang.

Song Yun's gaze was still fixed on Chen Qingyang. "I wonder where Miss Chen works…"

The corner of Chen Qingyang's mouth twitched for a bit. "I'm at Pujiang Network Culture Propagation Co., Ltd."

"Pujiang" Song Yun frowned, puzzled. "I've never seen that name in the top five hundred companies in the world."

Chen Qingyang, "…"

Miss Song really thought highly of their website.

Listening to their conversation beside Yun Ze, he couldn't help but laugh.

Song Yun saw the smile on the corner of his mouth and his mood became even worse, "Yunze, I really don't understand you. What's wrong with the two of us being together? Whether it's our looks or education, we're both very compatible. I'm also willing to be a full wife after marriage. What's there that you're not satisfied with?"

When Chen Qingyang heard this, she frowned, "Miss Song, do you really like him?"

Chen Qingyang's interruption seemed to make Song Yun very unhappy, "Like it or not is very important?"

"Doesn't it matter?" Hearing her say this, Chen Qingyang asked with a sharp tone, "What you like is his looks and family background and education. Putting aside these things, when he stands in front of you as an ordinary person, do you still want to marry him? A marriage with love cannot be guaranteed, let alone a marriage without love. At first, it might be fine, but after three or five years have passed, when you are old enough to take care of his children at home, he began to dislike you, beat you up and beat you up while the children went out to find the children. If you don't go home every night, the money will all go to other women, and in the end, he kicked you, leaving you only a bottle of oil and a piece of divorce agreement.

Song Yun seemed to be shocked by her description of this future. Her expression changed several times before she finally turned around and glared fiercely at Yun Ze. "Scum!"

Black-faced Yunze. "…"

Song Yun stomped away. He looked at the people around him and smiled, "Thank you for planning for my future."

"You're welcome." Chen Qingyang turned around and gave him a sweet smile.

"As expected of Miss Chen, she is really good at writing. Her eloquence is indeed extraordinary." A burst of low and deep laughter came from the side. Only then did Chen Qingyang remember that the old man was still sitting by his side …

He hadn't heard that last night seven times, right? Sniff, sniff … She felt ashamed to see him again.

"I just chatted with her for a long time, but couldn't convince her. You told her to leave the moment you came. It seems that I'm really old."

He smiled and shook his head at the old man. Chen Qingyang quickly moved closer to him, "Grandfather, you aren't old at all. You look just like my father's older brother!"

He smiled at the old man for a while before standing up from the sofa, "Alright, let's eat first."

Chen Qingyang held onto the old man and walked him to the dining table. He had heard from the old man that Chen Qingyang was a writer of novels, and he even knew her works like the back of his hand.

Chen Qingyang was somewhat horrified. 'Did I not see those words in her writing?'

"I heard Miss Chen is preparing to develop into a screenwriter." After a network of handwritten writers became popular, gradually developing into a screenwriter is also a very common way out. When Chen Qingyang heard him ask this, he touched the tip of his nose and said, "Although I was involved in the adaptation of the script for the White Robes' scout, it's not like I can change it at will. After all, this line of writing is very different from writing online novels, and in addition to reading a lot of specialized books, the way is also very important."

It was true that Chen Qingyang's words were true. A writer who wrote a screenplay and a writer who did not write a screenplay could not be compared in the same breath.

After a moment of silence, he said, "The Xiang Family still has some connections in this area. If Miss Chen wants to develop in this area, we should be able to help."

When Chen Qingyang heard this, he became anxious, "Grandfather, I really didn't mean it that way, please don't misunderstand!"

He smiled at the old man and looked at her, "Miss Chen, don't be nervous. Since you're Yun Ze's girlfriend, it's only right that he help you."

Chen Qingyang, "…"

That's why she was nervous.

She smiled and did not say anything, but the person beside her said to Yun Ze, "I will pay attention."

Chen Qingyang tilted his head and glanced at him, not knowing if his words were true or false.

After dinner, Chen Qingyang's mission was completed and he sent her back to Yun Ze. On the way, this little girl kept reminding him not to forget to take her to see Mo Zhen. When he returned home, Old Man Xiang was still sitting on the sofa, as if he was waiting for him.

Xiang Yun Ze's brows furrowed as he walked up. "Grandfather, why aren't you sleeping?"

Yun Ze looked at the old man and who said, "I don't care if this little girl is real or fake, in short, I like her a lot. Even if it's fake, hurry up and become real for me."

He faced Yunze. "…"

Although Xiang Family was a large family, Old Man Xiang was not a stubborn match up. He wanted to find a grandson's wife, as long as she was a good girl and truly fell in love with Xiang Ze, he would be satisfied. After waiting for the old man to come up for a long time, Xiang Yun Ze was still standing by himself in the living room as he smiled helplessly.

A few days later, Yun Ze brought Chen Qingyang to see Mo Zhen.

Chen Qingyang was excited for the whole night. When he woke up the next morning, there were still two dark circles under his eyes. Chen Qingyang quickly applied the film to his eyes and applied more foundation, finally making the two black patches less obvious.

Today, Chen Qingyang was still wearing the same dress. When he saw Yun Ze, he couldn't help but laugh, "So, Emperor Mo's meaning to you is the same as my grandpa …"

Chen Qingyang, "…"

'Can you shut up, you bastard! '

She sat in the car and nervously looked at Yunze. "Will Empror Mo not be home?"

"No, I called to confirm it."

Seeing that he was so sure, Chen Qingyang felt slightly relieved.

At Mo Zhen's house, Li Yan was lying on the sofa looking at her phone. When she saw Mo Zhen come over, she curiously came close to him and said, "Zhen Zhen, this report says that Guan Ran and Li Weiwei are boyfriend and girlfriend, is that true?"

"It's true that Li Weiwei likes Guan Ran but she has been chasing him for a long time."

Li Yan's curiosity was piqued. "What about Guan Ran, does he not like Li Weiwei? Didn't they say that she is the most beautiful woman in the East? "

"Nonsense." Mo Zhen moved closer to Li Yan, lowering her head to press it against her lips, "You are more in line with my sense of beauty than she is."

Before Li Yan could be happy, her lips were lightly bitten by the person opposite her. Just as this kiss was about to escalate, the doorbell rang.

Mo Zhen, "…"

Those outside the door, come in. I promise I won't beat you to death.

Li Yan pushed at the people still clinging to her body and mumbled, "Hurry and open the door."

With a constipated face, Heavenly King Mo opened the door. Surprisingly, there was a girl that he did not know following behind him.

When he saw Yun Ze's expression, he could not help but raise his eyebrows. "You didn't get properly dressed."

Li Yan straightened her clothes and also ran over. When she saw the person outside, she was dumbfounded. "Big brother Yun Ze, Shampoo?"