Chapter 70
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Just as Mo Zhen walked into the resting area, he saw Li Yan giggling into her phone. She looked really stupid, but her smile made his mouth curl into a smile. "What are you laughing so happily about?"

"Nothing." Li Yan shut Weibo and handed a cup of warm water to Mo Zhen. "Do you want some water?"

"Yes." Mo Zhen took the cup and just as he took a sip, his phone rang. Looking at the lit up screen, Mo Zhen put down her glass of water and picked up the phone, "How is it?"

"The other party is simply asking for too much, not even eating soft or hard ones. They simply do not have any sincerity in talking to us." Tang Qiang sounded angry, but in reality, he was furious. He had originally thought that banning artistes from dating was rather inhumane, but now he felt that this policy was f * cking correct. If everyone acted like Mo Zhen, he would die young sooner or later …

Tang Qiang loosened his tie and said, "I think there should be someone supporting them from behind. It's most likely Gao Tiancheng."

"Continue talking to them. If they really want to report about this, then let them."

Tang Qiang's hand, which was placed at his collar, paused for a moment before saying: "I know." If the other party had to report this matter, they could do nothing about it. However, the Emperor wasn't a pushover, and the PR Department definitely wouldn't let them off.

He was not afraid that the other party would report it, but he was afraid that Li Yan would blame herself.

Mo Zhen then walked out of the corner of the room with an expression as if he had just finished a relationship with an old friend. Li Yan was still sitting on her chair, smiling foolishly at her phone. He quietly walked over to take a look. It turned out that she was surfing Weibo.

He got on the trumpet and clicked on Li Yan's Weibo timeline. Seeing her post a while ago, the corners of Mo Zhen's mouth couldn't help but curl up.

Eating LiZi (Zhen Zhen's account is a wordplay on eating Li Yan sexually *cough* LiZi=Pears) replied casually to DaLi: I thought he was talking about you too.

As soon as this comment was posted, Li Yan was stunned. In the past, she did not think that Eating LiZi was anything special. However, now that everyone liked to call her LiZi, she suddenly felt like she had been taken advantage of.

And the last one looked too shy …


"Who will ask her why she replied to this message?"

Eating LiZi must have his own hypnotic ability.

Seeing Li Yan's expression, Mo Zhen couldn't help but laugh.

The break ended happily, and the crew worked diligently until late at night. Mo Zhen originally wanted to call Tang Qiang and ask how he was doing, but after seeing the time displayed on her phone, she gave up on that idea.

The next morning, Mo Zhen woke up early. Of course, he didn't wake up naturally. He was woken up by Tang Qiang's call.

Ever since Li Yan became his assistant, Tang Qiang hadn't given him a personal ring in a long time. It didn't look like good news to call him so early today.

"Emperor Mo, do you want to know what the exclusive headline for the Star Secrets' paper is today?" The moment Mo Zhen picked up the phone, Tang Qiang's voice came over. He ruffled the messy hair on the top of his head and sat up from the bed. "Let's listen to it."

"Cough cough," Tang Qiang cleared his throat and then lovingly read out, "The tragedy in the parking lot, Emperor Mo swung his fist and beat up Second Young Master Gao. Was it a grudge that lasted for a long time or did his true nature get exposed?"

The words were clearly written, and even the emotions contained in each punctuation point were accurately expressed by him.

Mo Zhen, "…"

"Pick up the bad reviews well."

Tang Qiang laughed, "From me or from this title?"

"All of them."

Tang Qiang glanced at the newspaper in his hands that was filled with words and gave a positive comment: "Although the title doesn't have much of a culture, the content is very good. It practically split the action of you hitting people up into slow motion footage to play, and you can clearly see the wounds on Gao Tiancheng's face. "Un, your attacks are really heavy."

Mo Zhen searched for clothes in the closet and didn't reply. Tang Qiang continued to explain, "I don't know if it's because the angle was too good or if it was handled later, but there was no Li Yan in the photo. It looked like there was only the two of you. The text probably says you're ruthless, cruel, and unreasonable. "

Mo Zhen, "…"

He tilted his head and placed his phone on his shoulder. While buttoning up his shirt, he asked, "How does the company plan to deal with this?"

Tang Qiang said, "I will think of a way to get a complete picture and then contact the media who has a working relationship with us." Do not respond to this matter until the company has made a statement. "

Mo Zhen: "Un, don't you want to give me a day off today?"

Tang Qiang pursed his lips: "If the one who was beaten up yesterday was you, I would have considered it."

"There should be surveillance footage in the parking lot."

Tang Qiang: "The d * mn security personnel told me that there was a problem with the surveillance cameras yesterday."

Mo Zhen: "Heh, Young Master Gao's hands are quite long."

Tang Qiang disdainfully said, "I'll make them hand it over."

Mo Zhen praised, "Yes, Dong Dong is worthy of being the Emperor's ace manager."

The corner of Tang Qiang's mouth twitched. With a celebrity like you under his wing, even if there were two trump cards, he would still have to face them head on: "Oh right, you can go online and take a look. The Star Secrets' Weibo is really exciting."

Tang Qiang hung up after saying that. Mo Zhen went to the bathroom to wash up, then sat in front of the computer. The Star Secrets' Weibo also updated the news about the 'Emperor Mo beating up the Second Young Master of the Gao family'. However, it wasn't as rich as the newspaper, which only showed the instant the Emperor Mo punched out and the scene of Second Young Master Gao falling to the ground.

Although it had only been on Weibo for less than half an hour, there were already quite a bit of comments. Mo Zhen clicked it open and saw that the inside was simply filled with beasts with a human's face lying on the ground, pretending to be gentle and elegant. In reality, she was a violent and restless person. Furthermore, they said that he was a person without culture, quality or education, and had even set up a topic like "Mo Zhen needs to roll out of the entertainment circle". The corner of Mo Zhen's eyes twitched. He instantly had the urge to register 100 low leveled accounts to scold them.

The Weibo users who clicked on these comments could tell that it was the troll army. A few of the earlier fans were jumping around to wash Mo Zhen's white skin, but they were also beaten back by the concentrated fire.

Annoyed, Zhen Zhen switched off the computer and went downstairs to prepare breakfast. Li Yan was still sleeping, and thinking that she might see the headlines today when she woke up, Mo Zhen felt it would be better to let her sleep a little longer.

By the time it was time for the call, the fans of Mo Zhen had also woken up. They tiredly went online and saw the headlines for the day. Seeing their Emperor Mo beaten to a pulp by the anti-fans, seeing their compatriots' corpses riddled with wounds, as a blood-thirsty fan, how could they still tolerate it …

We must roll up our sleeves at once and go to war

As a result, the Star Secrets' Weibo welcomed a bloody and bloody counterattack.

"Emperor Mo hit you! Hahahaha! If it were me, I would have castrated you!"

"Although Star Secrets' does not have any moral integrity, I won't ever be able to see the blackened Zhen Zhen like this ever again. Thank you. "Bye bye!"

"It seems like Gao Suo didn't give enough money to the troll army. Just looking at this scene made me feel intoxicated."

"The troll army only dares to come out and make a ruckus while we're sleeping. If you have the guts, come out now. Big sis will fight you three hundred rounds even if you don't go to work today!"

"Let's not talk about the authenticity of the photos. First, Zhen Zhen won't beat people up for no reason. If you have the ability to report, report everything."

"Emperor Mo's fight was good! I've long disliked Moneypants Gao! The entertainment industry isn't his harem, stud men go die ah!"

"Everyone in the entertainment circle knows about Gao Tiancheng's personal style. If we were to talk about Mo Zhen beating him, it must be him doing something. "Heh heh, black guy, why didn't I just beat you to death?"

"Wait a minute, could it be that Gao Jiabao intended to do something against the hazelnut, which is why the hazelnut beat him up? F * ck! The truth is so powerful!"

At the same time, the forum exploded with comments. Some fans scanned the Star Secrets newspaper and posted it on the internet. They then left a message, "I will just send you a picture without saying a word. Please feel free to leave."

"What everyone is witnessing is the moment when Emperor Mo brandished his fist of righteousness and defended the righteousness of the entertainment circle."

"Only I was able to read this report. My first reaction was, did the scumbag finally get beaten up :3."

"Someone said on Weibo that it was because of Gao Tiancheng's flirting with the Zhen Zhen that Zhen Zhen had decided to beat him up."

"F * ck! I feel like the truth has just come out! What's wrong with it? After all, Mo Zhen is delicious! Oh, no, he's beautiful! It's only natural for a master to be unable to control them!"

"Gao Tiancheng dares to tease Emperor Mo! Look at my Heavenly Horse Meteor Punch!"

"The water army of Weibo is still trying to change the topic. Please go there and focus on the topic of # 2 years old and get lost from here."

Early in the morning, the eldest senior brother dragged a newspaper with him as he ran into the sunny garden. "Master, master, quickly come take a look! The kid who took advantage of junior apprentice sister last time beat her up!"

He spread the newspaper on the table and explained without waiting for Old Man Jiang to speak, "This newspaper was brought by the girl with the magazine last time." As a pure man, he had absolutely never read such a low-level newspaper before.

Old Man Jiang picked up the newspaper and studied it for a while before commenting, "This right hook boxing is quite handsome. It looks like he's practiced it before."

Eldest Senior Brother: "…"

"Master, why is it that every time you grab onto him, the main point doesn't seem right? Did he beat him up? We martial artists abstain from fighting with ordinary people the most!"

"The domineering attitude you usually have when teaching us! Quickly scold him!"

"This person has shifty eyes and short-sighted eyes. He looks like someone with a bad heart." Old Man Jiang lifted his head and looked at the smile on his eldest senior brother's face that hadn't fully bloomed yet. He added, "I'm talking about the one who was beaten up."

Eldest Senior Brother: "…"

Master, you can't help that guy just because he's handsome

The eldest senior brother was heartbroken.

The Jiang family's old patriarch's gaze returned to the newspaper and became a bit secretive.

Chen Qingyang had spent the entire night typing. Just as she woke up from her sleep, she saw the headline "Emperor Mo hitting someone" on Weibo. She immediately woke up from his slumber. Looking at the previous comments from the troll army and Mo Zhen's fans, she really wanted to give them each a Heavenly Horse Meteor Punch.

Boiled Lemon: v: Hehe, water army, you're saying that we're water armies, how can your face be any uglier? Yeah, I'm Emperor Mo's water army, if you don't accept it, you can argue.

Li Yan was on her bed playing with her cell phone. She had just opened Weibo when she saw Chen Qingyang's message. Her heart skipped a beat and she clicked open the phone. The word "tragic" gave her a fright, but the following article was what really worried her.

She rushed down the stairs without even changing her clothes. She didn't forget to hold her cellphone. "Zhen Zhen Zhen Zhen Zhen Zhen, it really made the headlines …"

Mo Zhen had finished eating his breakfast for a while now and was sitting on the sofa drinking coffee. Seeing Li Yan running over, he looked away unnaturally. "Your shoulder strap fell off."

Li Yan, "…"

Silently, she pulled the strap back over her shoulder. It was summer, and she was only sleeping in her short hanging dress. Mo Ni looked at the scenery that was faintly discernible under the suspenders. His conscience suggested, "Are you sure you don't want to go up and change your clothes?"

Although he didn't mind admiring it for a while longer, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to hold it in.

Li Yan no longer cared about being shy. She sat down beside Mo Zhen and handed her phone to her. "This report completely distorts the truth. I'm going to the Consumer Protection Association to report them."

Mo Zhen: " Xiao Hui still meddling in this kind of thing is really a humane organization."

He tilted his head in Li Yan's direction. "Hmm, this angle seems to have improved my vision."

"Zhen Zhen …" Li Yan saw Mo Zhen lowered her head and didn't say a word, so she called to him softly.

"Yes, the company will settle it." He sniffed and looked away.

"Then we'll wait for the company to settle its problems. Do we do nothing?" Li Yan moved to Mo Zhen's side and asked like a studious student.

"Yes, the company will settle it." He really suspected that she was trying to seduce him. If that was the case, then he wouldn't hold back.

Just as the Emperor Mo's heart was in turmoil, Tang Qiang called. He frowned and picked up the phone. "There's a conclusion …"

"No, I saw the comments online. I suddenly feel like I don't need to look for Li Yan's photo anymore. The reason why the second year of high school teased you is pretty good."

Mo Zhen, "…"


Just as he was about to hang up the phone, Tang Qiang yelled again, "Wait a moment, hang up again! I went out just now and when I came back, there was a folder with pictures of Gao Tiancheng and Li Yan on it."

Mo Zhen's eyebrows twitched. Tang Qiang continued, "I asked Han Meimei, she said no one came in, and I checked the surveillance again. Indeed, no one came into my office." Emperor Mo, this matter is a little suspenseful ah. "

Mo Zhen pursed her lips and asked, "Do you think I'm pestering you or me?"

"Such a brave ghost like Lei Feng, of course he wants to pester me."

Tang Qiang: "I've already sent the photos to the media and they'll post them on the internet when they finish. You can make a statement and apologize when the announcement is made. "

"What happened?" Mo Zhen frowned. Although he felt there was no need to apologize to Gao Tiancheng, he still beat him up. As a public figure, he had a bad influence on society. " "I understand."

"Also, the company will probably publicize that Li Yan is your assistant, otherwise it will be hard to explain that she appeared in the DS parking lot with you."

Mo Zhen thought about it and said, "Sure, I have no objections."

Before he hung up Tang Qiang's phone call, he called Yun Ze again. He looked at the name on the screen, then looked at Li Yan beside him. He got up and went to the balcony to pick up the phone. "Doctor, why are you free to call me today?"

He smiled towards Yun Ze, "Of course it's to celebrate your name on the headlines. The wounds on his mouth hurt when I saw it. Emperor Mo, does your hand hurt?"

Mo Zhen, "…"

He felt that Xiang Yun Ze was definitely paying attention to his news at all times.

"It's just that what made the always elegant Emperor Mo so angry? What's with the heavy blows?"

"He teased Li Yan."

Yun Ze, "You should've hit him harder."

Mo Zhen: "Yeah, I think so too."

When Mo Zhen returned to the living room, Li Yan was using the living room's computer to surf the internet. When Li Yan saw Mo Zhen walk over, she excitedly pushed the laptop over and said, "You see, Zhen Zhen, the media has washed your face clean!"

Mo Zhen'er sat down on the sofa. She didn't expect that the efficiency of Xingwen's 30 points was so high. Compared to the Star Secrets' sensational title, the title of this report was much calmer. "Gao Tiancheng is disrespectful towards Mo Zhen's assistant, Mo Zhen is the protector, and Mo Zhen is the protector …"

The moment the report was posted, it attracted the wild attention of the fans of Mo Zhen. There was also an ID, Zhenzi No.2, which simultaneously released a video on Weibo and the Sea Horn Forum. It was a video version of the 30 points photos of Xingwen.

Clearly, this was a surveillance video of the parking lot.

All of a sudden, everyone was guessing the real identity of Zhenzi No.2. In the fan group of the Mo fandom, he had become the embodiment of justice …

Mo Zhen, on the other hand, twitched the corners of his eyes at the ID, forwarding a 30-point post from Xingwen on Weibo, with the following statement.

"I'm sorry to have caused this disturbance, but I believe that everyone knows the ins and outs of the matter, so I won't explain any further. However, I was in the wrong to beat him up, and I apologize for giving a bad demonstration to the public. "In the future, if I encounter this kind of situation again, I will restrain myself from rashly attacking others, even if they are trash."