Chapter 73
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19: 27: 43 on July 24. A terrible event occurred on the Internet.

The Film Emperor surnamed Mo insanely revealed his love affair on Weibo, causing the internet to be in an uproar. The media was also in an uproar, and countless fans were injured.

According to the analysis of relevant experts, the madness that was triggered by the Film Emperor would last for at least another half a month. They requested, that, during this time, people would please pay attention to their safety when they surfed the internet, and when they met fans with unstable mental states, please quickly evacuate.

The center of this disaster area of this calamity was obviously Emperor Mo's Weibo.

"Even Emperor Mo has fallen in love. Will our next generation still be alright? #Care for the health and growth of your fans#"

"I don't believe it! I don't believe it! I don't believe it! I won't believe it even if you beat me to death! In short, I just don't believe it!"

"We agreed to be angels! Farewell!"

"Holy shit! Emperor Mo is not bent! I won't love you anymore!"

"Could it be that I remembered wrongly? Is today April Fool's Day?! Emperor Mo isn't colluding with the assistant sister to fool us!"

"Do you want to get close to your favorite celebrity? Do you want to have a casual relationship with your god? SB Studio, take on all kinds of assistants, bring you to the pinnacle of life, and ask for your private messages."

"I thought of that when I saw the photos and I said it was only true love."

"I'm going to make a name for myself. See you in the world."

Other than the Emperor Mo's Weibo page, other regions had also suffered from the different degrees of disasters.

Company Leader: I want to return the goods

Treasure Customer Service: Is there a quality problem or is the size wrong?

Company Leader: Even Emperor Mo is in love, why am I still buying such a beautiful dress? I want to return the favor.

Treasure Customer Service: ...

All of a sudden, "Even Heavenly King Mo has fallen in love, why am I still doing xxxx" became a phrase used by everyone on the internet. With this sentence, who would dare to compete with him?

Guan Ran closed the movie emperor's Weibo.

Fans A: Of course. Are you out of the country filming recently? You and your assistant are staying in the same room in the same hotel.

Fans B: Guan Ran's assistant is a guy, living together is nothing, right?

Fans C: It's not which  gender that is important, but that's an assistant.

Fans D: # Story series that stars and assistants have to tell # 

Fans E: "I think I can already see the next Heavenly King Mo and his model sister. Oh, no, it's the model brother laughing."


In a short moment, all the celebrities avoided their assistants, afraid that if they were to get too close to their assistants, they would end up in a relationship. As for the assistant, it had become the most popular job in the fan group.

Chen Qingyang, who was one step away from being a freak due to the successive attacks, finally took the final step after seeing Emperor Mo's Weibo. This step be a small one for her personally, but a big one for the whole reader

Boiled Lemon: From tomorrow on, I will be a happy man, feed horses, chop firewood, travel the world; from tomorrow on, care about food and vegetables, I have a house, facing the sea, spring blooming.

Reader A: What the f * ck is happening again?

Reader B: Last time was Pushkin. This time is Haizi. I really look forward to the next time :3

Reader C: Hahaha, truly worthy of being a lemon.

Reader D: You can all guess that this is going to end in a few months

A few minutes later, Chen Qingyang posted a new Weibo post: The author has decided to emulate Haizi

Readers: Imitate Haizi! Why? Do you want to lie in bed? Wait till you finish this article before you go to bed!

The cause of all this was sleeping soundly in Li Yan's arms.

In fact, the Weibo message that Mo Zhen forwarded to Li Yan was just an impulsive action. At that time, every cell in his body was filled with happiness. He only wanted to let the whole world know that this person was contracted by him …

Who would have thought that such an action would cause such a huge uproar on the internet, even implicating so many innocent people lying on guns like Guan Ran.

However, he did not regret it.

They were lovers and they would be husband and wife in the future. He didn't want to sneak around.

Although the media and fans had a very intense reaction and had been paying high attention to the matter, he knew very well about the entertainment industry's nature. It won't be long before they turn their attention to another place and continue to wail and live their lives.

What he needed to do was protect Li Yan while everyone's attention was on other things.

When fans went crazy, they really could do anything, so he didn't wait until the day of marriage to suddenly announce his wedding. He hoped that his fans would slowly accept this cruel reality.

Li Yan has been confined to her home for a week since the announcement of the relationship. The Ghost Yard had been wrapped up three days ago, so for now, Mo Zhen didn't have any scenes to shoot, which made the job easier. At least, he stayed at home at night.

But Li Yan really wanted him to pick up a new movie and shoot it late into the night before coming home. 'This way, he definitely won't have the energy to pester me anymore, right? '

Although she didn't hate him, she couldn't take it anymore!

"What are you thinking about?" Mo Zhen hugged the person in front of him as he closed his eyes and rubbed her hair. The faint fragrance seemed to make him especially fond of her.

Li Yan turned and looked at the person lying beside her, "I'm thinking, why are you so focused on hurting yourself, Emperor Mo?"

Mo Zhen still had his eyes closed, but he gave a stifled laugh. "I can't help it. What should I do?"

He couldn't help but feel embarrassed…

Although Li Yan's heart was filled with vigor, in front of the even more valiant Emperor Mo, she was like a little lamb, "Then I want to be at the top." 

Mo Xing looked at her in surprise and nodded, "Sure."

'Wait a minute! To agree so readily, is there some kind of conspiracy? '

"I'll let you be up there now." (E/N: Top him)

Li Yan after a period of dizziness, only sadly found out, I'm not talking about this kind of above ah.

After the exercise, Emperor Mo finally felt a little tired. He glanced at the sleepy Li Yan and said softly, "Next week's Tomato Magazine is going to start shooting the new season's autumn dress. Editor Zhou asked me if you would like to go and take a look at the models."

"Okay." Li Yan didn't even want to lift her eyes. Her answer was also using the simplest monosyllabic word.

"We will only film three sets of clothes. We will pay you according to the price of their top models. Do you want to go?"

Mo Zhen's voice was deep and pleasant to the ears, sounding like a lullaby. Li Yan's eyebrows twitched. Finally, she forced herself to open her eyes. "Why are you looking for me?"

"Editor Zhou said that you don't want to waste your talent. If you don't want to sign the contract with them, you can be their model guest and take a symbolic photo every quarter."

Li Yan's head moved as she raised her head to look at him. "Then what is the truth?"

"You're making use of this opportunity to create a hype. Right now, you're in the limelight."

Li Yan twitched her mouth and said, "It's all thanks to you."

Mo Zhen smiled and did not reply. Originally, he planned to reject Editor Zhou, but the magazine would be released next month, at that time, there wouldn't be many people still paying attention to this matter. If everyone was indifferent to Li Yan's appearance in the magazine, then he could consider letting her go.

Li Yan thought about it for a while, then asked Mo Xing's opinion. "What do you think?"

"I respect your decision."

Li Yan, "…"

Then why didn't you ask me when you were posting on Weibo?

"Well, anyway, I'm bored staying home." Furthermore, even though she clearly didn't do anything, she still received her monthly salary. She really felt a little uneasy.

It was a deal. A week later, Li Yan went to the company to take pictures. Since Mo Zhen wouldn't participate in the filming this time, An Yi didn't come. The person who was doing the styling for her was also a stylist exclusive to Tomato Magazine.

The makeup artist was a very young girl. Li Yan felt that she wasn't much older than her, but she didn't know if it was just an illusion or not, but the makeup artist's gaze was always strange, especially when she raised her head to put the foundation on her neck.

"What's wrong?"

Li Yan was a little confused. The makeup artist's mouth was a little stiff as it pulled outwards. She raised an angle and said, "Nothing." It was just that who told her if those spots on her neck were kissing marks …

She could tell with a look just who had left them on her. At this moment, the makeup artist- jie jie, who was a loving fan of Emperor Mo, burst into tears.

Li Yan seemed to finally understand the reason behind the makeup artist's abnormal behavior, and she somewhat embarrassedly shrunk her neck. The makeup artist chuckled and said in a comforting tone, "It's alright, I'll cover it up for you."

Was there a true love more genuine than hers? There had to be none QAQ!

The main feature of the magazine this time was the lazy British style. Li Yan wore a long tweed, lemon yellow jacket, changing her posture under the spotlight as requested by the cameraman. In order to highlight the unique design of the collar, the stylist had made a coiffure for her and put a little European bowler hat on her head.

The makeup artist- jie jie was in the corner biting her handkerchief as she looked at Li Yan in the studio. Why did she feel that her rival was so beautiful?

Holding a broken heart and returning home, the makeup artist-jie jie climbed onto her Weibo page and posted a tree hole post.

I am a makeup artist in the tree hole. For work reasons, I put on makeup for my rival today. But that wasn't the saddest part. The saddest part was the kiss mark on her neck. QAQ

The title of this post could be said to be extremely attractive. Very soon, it attracted a large number of clicks. When I clicked on it, there was a line in the main post that was even more sad than this. It was that I actually thought she was very pretty.

The girls who came in to follow the post were basically comforting her. Beautiful all because of your good makeup skills, but suddenly a layer host jumped out, as if resonating with her etc., I seem to know who you are, let's go face to face with the code: assistant.

The makeup artist: "…"

Who would have thought that he would run into his colleagues on the forums.

She didn't reply to that, but with the word 'assistant', everyone immediately switched on gossiping mode and grabbed Li Yan.

Therefore, the Tower Lord's heart was filled with a crowd of people's hearts.

Including Chen Qingyang.

The word 'kiss' endlessly circulated in her mind. Chen Qingyang chuckled. She didn't know what a kiss was.

Taking a deep breath, she seemed to have finally made a decision.

Boiled Lemon: I said I would imitate Hai Zi and not go to bed! You bunch of dregs want to travel around the world. When I return, I will revive and see the dregs again!

Although this scene suddenly seemed a lot wilder, it was good that it could be refreshed. So everyone was busy throwing flowers, including a man called Flowers Spot.

When Chen Qingyang saw this name, her brows jumped.

She had to start from the day of the announcement of the relationship between the two kings.