Mendez IV (R18)
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"Yes, Fuck, Fuck…"

It shouted as I rode its dick like there is no tomorrow, we have been fucking for all night and this Orc Blood a has very good stamina, despite starting on the early evening it still had the strength to go on for a whole night.

I am riding on its dick like a cowgirl and I have to say, it is one of the best positions for women, it not only gives one full power over the tempo but it also makes one feel like a Goddess who could do whatever one wanted and the man beneath it acknowledges it.

This is what I am feeling right now; a goddess who is in full control as I rode the big Dick of the Orc Blood. It is filling amazingly as due to it being full, I could take it completely inside me and adjust as the pace for my pleasure.

As I rode it, I did not ride it intensely but rode it in the langued pace despite Orc Blood below me wanting to go faster.

This is one of the things that is making me feel in control, and I like this feeling very much.

Ever Since I've come to this world, I've barely been in control of anything. I have to leave my home, get abducted and have to go to the War. Nearly everything Ive is done till now is done in fear or command of someone.

So, whenever I get little moments that feel like I am in control, I enjoy it to the fullest.

"Fuck, I am Coming; I am Coming…"

I started to shout as finally Orgasm struck me, and despite having come more than ten times throughout the night, the pleasure of Orgsam still felt amazing and new.

The Orc Blood also started to come as I felt a thick hot cum of its spurting inside my pussy. We have been having sex all night, and all night, it would unload a thick hot cum inside me as if it had an unlimited supply inside it.

As it cum, it started to thrust inside me wildly, and I adjusted position according to thrusts, so they could give me maximum pleasure there.


Soon the normal Orgasm reached its peak about to recede when the tsunami of extreme Orgasm rose inside me and spread to the Orc Blood below me that drowned up in the lust.

Our moment became intense of all of a sudden, and we started to fuck like animals while moaning in the loud noises.


The tsunami of lust continued to ravage us for a few minutes before it started receding as it did, an intense wave of exhaustion came over me, and I fell on the bed from top of it. Seeing me falling, it wanted to stop me. Still, it is also too exhausting that it wasn't even able to lift its hands quickly before I fell on the bed.

I lay on the bed exhausted, feeling very sleepy, but I did not sleep, I closed my eyes and stayed awake, tracking a time it took to recover.

I wanted to attack it very badly right now and knew there is a 50% chance that I could kill it, but I did not. 50% chance is too low, as once I failed, all my secrets would be exposed, and I will not get any other chance to attack and not to forget there is another Viscount outside the cave.

Even if I were able to kill it somehow, I would be powerless against another Viscount who is behind the door; it will squish me like an ant before I could even attack it. So if I wanted to have any chance of leaving this place, then I would have to be powerful enough that I could fight and win against these two.

"Treasure, absolute treasure." I heard from the mouth of Orc Blood as it caressed my breasts,

"Brother is going to love her and will surely give me anything I wanted. Finally, after so long, I will have that Secret Method that I have desired for so long!" said Orc blood.

Its voice is slightly weak due to the exhaustion, but I could still feel the excitement bubbling within its heart.

"This girl is too precious, I can't share the reward of her with other's, but there is no hurry, I still have a few days in that time I should think of ways to deal with Arlo," said Orc blood, a seriousness could be heard from its eyes.

I knew it had been planning something against it'd friend, but I thought it would be small and not something as outright as killing it but looked like I underestimated my preciousness, from thinking of Harming its friend, it is thinking of killing it now.

In the future, I should not underestimate my worth and use it to deal with others; if I continue to do what others told me to do, then I would never be able to break the shackles I am bound in.

The Orc Blood stayed in my cave for half an hour before it left, just as it did, I let myself fall into the sleep that I had been barely controlling.

When I woke up, I felt completely refreshed, not a bit of exhaustion could be seen on my face and as I looked at my naked body, I found all the love bites, I had on my body have also disappeared.

That Orc blood had left love bites on all over my body, leaving not a single area, but within a few hours, all of them had disappeared completely, and my skin became smooth and Vibrant again.

After checking the condition of my body, I took out a watch from my Dem bag and saw it was only a Mid Morning, seeing that I heaved a sigh of relief and walked toward the stream.

I freshened up in the Cold refreshing water of the stream and took a bath; usually, I like to take a bath in warm water, but the water of the stream felt so refreshing against my skin that I couldn't help but submerged myself in it.

'This water is special!'

I thought after a few minutes as I felt my whole body getting automatically relaxed and all the stress I had in my muscle releasing at the visible pace, this stream is doing work of expert masseuse and is more gentle than them.

Despite not wanting, I stayed in the stream for a whole hour before steeled myself and came out. The stream felt so good that I didn't ever water to come out of it.