Chapter 54
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"I heard you two went out. Did you have fun?"  Lily, who was sitting cross-leg on a chair in her white blouse, asked them the moment they entered the room.


"Thank you, Miss Lily. We had lots of fun today."  (Yuri)


"Miss Lily, please allow me to express my gratitude once again. Thank you for saving my life."  Rika bowed.


"Don't sweat it. Isn't it the right thing to do when you see someone's life in danger? I'm sure you would do the same had I been in your shoes. Anyway, I'm not good with the formality. You too, Yuri. Ah, since you'll be working for me, call me sis instead since we are all sisters in here. First thing first, did you feel any pain in your body, even just a little?" Lily waved her hands and told them to sit on the bed. Then she stood up and walked over to Rika.


"No, I'm feeling very well. Not only my recent injuries, but I saw that even my old scars are healed. Your medicine is incredible."  Rika twisted her body and lightly swung her arms to check.


"What about you, Yuri?"  Lily turned to the other girl.


"I'm feeling quite well, too. Just like Rika said, my old scars also disappeared after I drank the medicine."  (Yuri)


"I see. That's good news. Just in case, if you ever feel something is wrong with your body, feel free to drop by. This place is also a clinic for the girls working in the red-light district. As a special guest, I also welcome you, Rika."  (Lily)


"Thank you very much."  Rika bowed.


"Now then, if you're back to a hundred percent, then you are free to go, Rika. Just make sure not to push yourself too hard and take it easy for a few days, just in case. As for Yuri, follow me, let's have you choose where to stay. I have a couple of rooms available, so you can pick whichever you like."  Lily stood up and walked toward the door.


"Sis Lily, about that..."  Yuri raised her hand to ask, but she was interrupted by Rika.


"Yuri, let me tell her."  Rika stopped and pulled Yuri's hand down. She stood up and walked toward Lily.


"Please, if possible, can Yuri live together with me? My home is just ten minutes away, so she can commute from there easily."  Rika bowed deeply to Lily, her back almost parallel to the floor.


"Sure, I don't mind. Anyway, please stop bowing. It's not like she has to live here. It doesn't matter where Yuri lives as long as she's fine with it. I take it that you are fine with that, Yuri?"  (Lily)


"Yes, please!"  Yuri also ran toward Lily and bowed deeply next to Rika.


"Okay okay, I said it's fine, right? So stop with the bowing."  (Lily)


""Thank you very much!""  Rika and Yuri both said at the same time.


"*Whistle* I see. I smell love in the air. Are you two perhaps getting hitched?"  Lily smirked.


"Yes. There's nothing to hide, sis; I'm in love with Rika."  Yuri turned to the side and smiled at Rika.


"Me too. I love you, Yuri."  Rika returned her smile with her own and flushed.


"Kyah! So sweet! Congratulation!"  Lily clapped her hands.


"Hihihi."  (Yuri)


"Ahahaha, thank you."  (Rika)


"Well, it's getting late. So be safe out there. I hope the next time I see you is as a friend and not a patient."  Lily returned to her desk, opened the drawer, took out a bottle before giving it to Yuri, and whispered, "Consider it as a gift to congratulate your relationship. Make sure you use what I taught you to make your girlfriend moan in pleasure."


"Thank you."  Yuri blushed as she received the bottle.


"See you then~ You can come to see me next week, Yuri. I'll have your schedule ready for you. And before your girlfriend get jealous, I decided not to give Yuri questionable jobs, so don't worry.


Once again alone in the room, Lily sighed and propped her head on her hand.


"Welp, youngsters these days sure fall in love fast. And I can see that their personality fit perfectly. They gonna last really long, hehe."  Lily stood up and walked over to the window. Something fun is going to happen in two weeks. I just wish you would lay low as much as possible. But who am I to stop desires from ever growing. What a wishful thinking. Hey, goddess Retina, are you sure you want to give this trial to humanity? They might not win, you know."


As if answering Lily's monologue, a shooting start zipped past the starry night.


"Oh well, not much I can do about that if the goddess doesn't allow me to intervene. Nothing I can do but wait and wish them good luck. I'll just enjoy my time having fun in this world."  Closing the window, Lily chuckled for the last time before leaving the room to help with the brothel since it was about time to start another day of business.


Meanwhile, after Rika and Yuri left the brothel, they decided to visit the night market to pick up essentials for Yuri. Luckily, Rika's bed was large enough for both of them, and they still had more room to spare, so they didn't have to worry about having Yuri sleep on the couch. Though Rika insisted on taking the couch if that were to happen, and she was met with the adamant Yuri rejecting such an idea, they reached the conclusion of sleeping on the same bed since it wasn't strange now that they were a couple.


Unlike Yuri's village, the capital was active even at night. It was like the city was never at rest. In fact, Yuri thought that they were more festive at night than at day.


They stopped by the apartment to drop off the loads and made another trip to buy some clothes for Yuri. As someone who also worked in the fashion biz, Rika really enjoyed dressing up Yuri in all manners of styles; she had to admit that Yuri's figure fitted everything she put on her.


In the end, they bought close to a dozen clothes just for Yuri, much to her dismay. She felt like Rika had been wasting too much unnecessary expense for her own sake, but the cat girl said it was a necessary investment for her girlfriend.


Then, on their way home, they stopped by a food stall to buy some takeout for their dinner.


"Welcome home!"  Rika walked into the room first and spread her arms out to welcome her new roommate-cum-girlfriend.


"Sorry for intruding."  Yuri replied bashfully.


"No no. You're supposed to say, 'I'm home.' Do it again."  Rika wagged her finger and demanded a redo.


"I-I'm home."  Yuri said meekly.


"Good! That's better!"  Said Rika as she walked over and hugged Yuri.


"You can take a bath first. I'll lay out the food so we can have it once you're done."  Taking the bag containing their food, Rika headed over to the kitchen area.


"Rika, wait."  Yuri ran after Rika to the kitchen. "You should be the one taking the first bath. I'll prepare the food. I can't possibly let the host do all the work."


"What are you talking about? From now on, you will be living here with me, so that makes you the host of this home too. Besides, us cat race don't really sweat, but we've been walking around a lot today, so you must be feeling sticky right now. The first bath is all yours."  (Rika)


"I'm not smelly..."  Yuri mumbled quietly


"Hm?"  (Rika)


"I said I'm not smelly..."  Yuri said louder, tears threatening to flow in the corner of her eyes.


"Wait, no! I didn't mean it like that. I-I'm sorry. I like how you smell. It's a good fragrance!"  Rika frantically tried to appease Yuri.


"Then you go take the bath first."  (Yuri)


"Fine. I will so stop crying, alright?"  Giving up, Rika left for the bathroom.




Filling the bucket and the bathtub with warm water, Rika went back to the changing room to sort out the necessities she just bought for Yuri. Seeing the two toothbrushes next to each other put a smile on Rika's face.


After she finished sorting everything out, Rika started to take off her clothes and put them in the basket.


Checking the temperature of the water, Rika nodded with a satisfied smile. As a cat race, she was pretty meticulous about the temperature.




"Brrrrh..."  After dumping the bucket of water on top of her, she shook her head left and right. With her eyes closed, she reached out to get the shampoo.


However, her hand was grabbed by someone.




"Let me wash your back, Rika."  Yuri said, followed by the sound of the door being locked.


"Huh? Yuri? I thought you were preparing the food?"  Rika wiped her face with the back of her free hand. When her sight was cleared, she turned to look at Yuri and was surprised to see that she was also in her birthday suit.


"That I'm already done. Since I have free time now, I might as well help you wash your back."  Yuri picked up the sponge and the bottle of shampoo and sat down behind Rika.


"Thank you, but you don't really have to."  (Rika)


"It's fine. It's fine. Well then, let's start."  Yuri said as she dispensed the shampoo into the sponge.


Yuri gently applied enough strength to scrub Rika's back.


"Nnyagh~ There, that spot. It feels so good, puurrr..."  Rika squirmed. It was the first time someone washed her back, and she had to admit that it was addictive.


After scrubbing Rika's back without leaving a spot, Yuri set down the sponge and applied the conditioner to Rika's hair.


"Ahhh~ This is heaven nyaahh~~~"  (Rika)


" Scrub, scrub, scrub. Glad you like it, hihihi."  Yuri scratched the back of Rika's cat ears, causing the cat girl to purr and squirm in delight.


The bubble became too much to the point that it gave Rika an afro, causing Yuri to snicker as she doused another bucket to wash the soap away.


Then she put some more shampoo on her hands and spread them evenly before rubbing them on Rika's shoulders and down to her arms. She made sure to cover all the spots before reaching out to her chest from behind Rika.


"W-Wait, It's okay. I can wash the front by myself."  (Rika)


"It's fine. Since I've already washed your back, washing the front is the same."  Yuri chuckled and continued scrubbing her chest.


"But it's embarrassing..."  (Rika)


"What is there to be embarrassed about? We've done more than this, no? Be a good girl, and let me wash you squeaky clean."  (Yuri)


Failing to get her point across, Rika made herself as small as possible to endure Yuri's soap play.


Whether it was unintentionally or intentionally, the number of times when Yuri's fingers brushed against her nipples increased as time passed. And each time, Rika had to bite down on her lower lips to stifle a moan from escaping her lips.


Rika could feel her nipples tingling and getting harder under her touch. At the same time, Yuri's nipples also touched her back whenever she reached further out.


It wasn't just Rika feeling hot and bothered. Yuri was also the same, as her nipples were already erect.


She unknowingly pressed her own breasts on Rika's back to find her own pleasure, which didn't escape Rika as she felt Yuri's erect nipples poking at her. Being able to touch her girlfriend's skin directly stirred something from the bit of her stomach.


"Nngh~"  (Rika)


Unable to contain her voice any longer, a moan finally escaped her lustrous lips.


"Ah..."  Yuri stopped, realizing too late that they were supposed to get themselves clean, not getting down and dirty in here.


"S-Sorry. It's done. Let's wash you down."  Blushing, Yuri stood up and tried to refill the bucket, but she was stopped by Rika.


"W-Wait, I want to continue where we left off this morning."

Rika's switch was flipped. Her voice turned coquettish. The warm water served to make her face hotter.


Taking a direct hit from the cat in heat, Yuri sat back down. This time, they were facing each other, baring the nakedness of their skin.


Yuri started off by leaning forward to devour Rika's lips.


Their innocent kiss quickly became a more mature, more intimate one. At first, only their lips touched, but soon, their tongues fought against each other for supremacy to enter the other's oral cavity.


Rika was the first to accept the defeat under Yuri's relentless tongue kiss. The cat girl was forced to be in a defensive position and tried to fight off the invading membrane by twisting her tongue around and trying to push it back, yet her attempts proved vain as more and more of Yuri's saliva poured into her mouth.


Although Rika drank as much as she could, the mixture of their saliva escaped from the corner of her mouth and dripped down to her chin.


It was a messy kiss. Their drool started to drip down on Rika's breasts. Her face melts in pleasure from just the kiss.


Yuri finally let her cat girlfriend off and separated their lips. Her and Rika's breath turned labored as they looked at each other with lustful eyes.


Seeing the trail of their kissing run from the corner of Rika's mouth down to her chest, Yuri licked her own lips and leaned down.


The next items on her menu were those delicious nipples that glistened with sweat, drool, and water.


"Hanngh~"  Rika moaned when Yuri flicked her left nipple with the tip of her finger. It sent a shiver down her spine, and she knew full well that it wasn't from the coldness of the bathroom.


"Look at these cute nips. So perky. Let's have a taste. Haaummh."

Yuri opened her mouth wide and chomped down on Rika's nipple with her lips.


A big mistake.


"Eurrghh! *Peh* *Peh*"  Tear formed in her eyes as she spat the contents in her mouth. "So bitter!" She stuck her tongue out and wiped it with the back of her hand.


It was no surprise. Yuri forgot that Rika was still covered in a layer of shampoo. And when she was playing with Rika's nipples, most of the shampoo concentrated on that part.


"Pfft! Hahaha!"  Rika broke into a laugh when she saw Yuri's suffering.


She scooped up another bucket of water from the bathtub and gave it to Yuri.


With tears still in her eyes, Yuri gladly accepted it and scooped a mouthful of water to clean her mouth.


"Thank you. Let me wash your body down."  Yuri picked the bucket up and started pouring water on Rika's body.


She was afraid of that bitterness, so she made sure to rinse all the shampoo away and doused a few more buckets of water for good measure.


The only good thing about the shampoo was that it made Rika's skin smoother and more supple. Though she still kept her complaint in her head about its bitterness.


It was an unreasonable complaint since it was never designed to fit a person's palate.


"Urrgh... What a horrible experience."  Said Yuri.


"*Giggle* What a silly girl. Turned around, I'll wash you down this time, and I won't take no for an answer."  (Rika)


Yuri surprisingly followed Rika's words obediently.


Rika picked up the conditioner bottle and put some on Yuri's hair.


Unlike Rika's lustrous hair, the human girl was more rough. Since Yuri was just a village girl from the outskirts, items like shampoo and hair conditioner were scarce and often of low quality, so she didn't possess the same glossiness as Rika.


The cat girl took note of this and vowed to make sure to provide her girlfriend with beauty care from now on. As a woman herself, she understood the importance of beauty.



Unlike when Yuri lewdly washed Rika, the cat girl focused more on the task at hand. She would rather improve Yuri's girl power than have sex.


Coincidentally, Yuri caught a glimpse of Rika's seriousness. The face Rika made caused Yuri's heart to skip a beat.


"Close your eyes, Yuri. I'm going to pour water on you."  (Rika)


"Y-Yes!"  Yuri was flustered when Rika called her name.


Rika tilted her head in question, but she decided to dismiss it and scooped up another bucket load of water.




"Now that's better. Your skin has gotten more glossy and smooth now."  Rika poked at Yuri's hand and nodded, satisfied with her work.


"Thank you, Rika!"  Yuri leaped over to Rika and hugged her girlfriend.


Yuri ended up pushing Rika on the floor, and without a single clothes, their skin came into contact directly. The heat from their body, which exceeded even the water temperature, was transmitted even through their breath.


"Rika, I want you."  Yuri whispered seductively.


"Hm. Me too. Let's make each other feel good."  Rika replied.


It wasn't just Yuri who wanted to show her affection. Rika also longed for her touch, as her body was still sensitive from when Yuri touched her.


Yuri started off with a kiss once again. For her, a kiss is the best way to express one's love and affection. Moreover, she would never get bored of kissing if it was Rika.


Unlike the previous aggressive kiss, this kiss was more tender. Yuri didn't force herself into Rika's oral cavity. Her tongue met with Rika's where they connected.


She didn't kiss for long as her tongue moved down to Rika's neck, sucking and nibbling her gently.


Rika would be surprised to see a few hickeys on her neck the next day.


"Nngh~"  Rika moaned softly.


Yuri's lips had now moved to her nipple. Her tongue danced at the hardened tip, and her lips bit gently at the base.


The pleasure made Rika shiver. She fought to suppress the wave. However, just when she thought she could hold on for a little bit longer, an electric shock shocked her mind.


With one hand, Yuri pinched and rolled Rika's other nipple, and the other free hand had already reached down to her womanhood.


"Aahn, mmnh! Ah, nh..."  Rika bit down on her finger to stifle her voice as much as she could.


Yuri grinned when she saw the struggling Rika. She wanted to hear more of that coquettish voice. She focused her attention on Rika's little clitoris.


"Aahnngg~"  Rika moaned the moment her clitoris was scratched.


A clear, viscous liquid that was other than water leaked out.


Both Yuri and Rika knew what it was.


"Fufufu~ Look at this." Retracting her finger, Yuri showed the cat girl how wet her crotch had become.


"Uggh... It's embarrassing."  Rika hid her face in her hands.


"So delicious~"  Yuri delightedly licked her fingers clean of Rika's love nectar.


"Let's have more fun."  Said Yuri as she straddled Rika's leg.


It wasn't just Rika who was flooding with love juice; Yuri's private parts were a soaking mess as well.


Rika felt the sticky fluid at Yuri's crotch clinging onto her leg.


Yuri positioned herself so that her womanhood would grind against Rika's thigh and knee. She then started to gyrate her hips.


It wasn't that she neglected Rika's pleasure. Yuri's hand played with the cat girl's nipple, and her other hand gave Rika's hot cove its due attention while she licked and kissed her navel.


As Yuri felt her climax coming closer and closer, her hips moved faster against Rika's leg, and the hand's movement that was exploring Rika's hot cove became more vigorous.


"Haangh! Aah, ah, mmn, nngh..."  (Rika)


At this point, Rika could no longer hold back her voice. In the few times that they had sex, Yuri had learned of all Rika's weak spots. And right now, she was edging her closer and closer to her orgasm while aiming to pleasure those precise spots.


"Yuri... mmnh... Yuri... Harder...  hnngh... I'm cumming!"  Rika begged seductively.


"Cum, Rika. I'm close, too. Let's cum together."  (Yuri)


"Ah, aa... Kiss me! I want to cum... nngh... while we kiss!"  Rika stuck her tongue out.


"Spplhf... mmmhf, splur... mmmlfh."  Wasting no time, Yuri sucked on Rika's tongue and took it into her mouth.


Yuri's forefinger and middle finger thrust and twisted violently at Rika's sweet pot. Love juice spurted out whenever her fingers thrust in.


Rika also lifted her knee up and pressed strongly at Yuri's crotch. It was a sloppy mess, and her knee was drowned in Yuri's love juice.


"Spplsh... I'm cumming!"  (Rika)


Rika was the first to reach orgasm.


"Me too! Cumming!"  (Yuri)


Yuri reached her climax shortly after. They both squirted so hard that their once-cleaned bodies were drenched in their bodily fluids.


Yuri rolled over and fell down next to Rika. They both gazed at the bathroom's ceiling; their eyes lost focus momentarily while they emerged in their afterglow.


Yet, despite their labored breathing and muddled minds, Yuri and Rika instinctively grasped each other's hand as they rode the wave of their aftermath.