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Note: I recommend reading all of volume 1 before checking this announcement. There are slight spoilers if you haven't read it. All links are at the bottom.! Volume one is finished!

Thank you all so much for the support. Seriously. I never imagined those last few chapters would bring in so many more comrades to spread the love of catgirls (and all demihumans, of course. Haha). Honestly, I'm trying to find more words to truly express my gratitude, but I can't seem to get it right. It's just been so wonderful. You have all boosted my enthusiasm tremendously.

I will try to keep this announcement as short and simple as possible. This announcement isn't too organized and has a bit of rambling, but I wanted to let readers know where I am planning to take this story and what my thought-process is with the writing. I'll also leave it more conversational in tone. I figured this would also be the best time to mention some social media information as well. I'm not very experienced with such things, but I'm working on them so I can keep in touch with those who are interested and/or wish to provide me with ideas. My story's main overarching plot is pretty much solidified, but I am open to other suggestions from readers.

Feel free to skip this announcement if none of this holds any interest for you. What you probably care most about is when volume two's first chapter will be uploaded. The answer to that: Less than a week!

Some good news there! Even I was surprised reading it over and thought, “Well damn, this is actually alright” (own worst critic. Lol). And it gives time for new readers to catch up.

Regarding the story's future:

As I stated in my synopsis, this story is planned for many volumes. There is a lot to explore: Why was Alphonse betrayed? What became of his old party? Why did the outworlders lose contact with Earth? What are the Construct Contracts? What role does the Many-robed One play with his followers? What are Alphonse's plans for growing the guild? And, most importantly, what new demihumans will join?

We haven't even touched most of the lore. After all, we are only at volume one.

You didn't think I mentioned that Shin'ryen tribe for no reason, did you? You think Ruslin was just the typical random adventurer there to give Alphonse a hard time? Nope! Are we going to forget about Sebastian and his family? No way! He still has a present waiting for Alphonse's return. I wanted to make sure I gave many of these characters more than just the typical side role that sometimes tosses them aside. I got some big plans, yo! And Alphonse still needs to get back at Kirie and Asa for peeping on him!

Alright, bringing it down a notch.

This story is first and foremost a hobby; however, I view it as a very serious hobby that I care deeply about. I have grown to love the characters and the world. I don't think I've ever had so much attachment to my work before.

The story will remain at a random schedule. I'm pretty sure I managed to keep the updates pretty reasonable the past few months. I am an overnight worker with full-time hours, so I don't have as much time to write as I would like. My evenings are all over the place, so I never know when I'll write or if I'll be napping most of the day. That is the explanation for the inconsistent schedule. I need my sleep!

But after receiving such positive response for the story, I don't feel nearly as exhausted as I used to. I mean, you guys managed to move the story to the trending pages. That came out of nowhere. Thanks so much for that!

I also already have the outlines prepared for up to around volume seven. Yes, I have planned that far ahead. The details aren't quite there, but I know how main events will play out. I plan to have a number of factions at work with the building conspiracies and involve the other kingdoms with important roles. Of course, we can't forget that Alphonse needs to build up his guild. Alphonse and his guild are the primary focus at the center of everything. We need more demihumans, dammit!

I hope everyone is prepared for the journey and enjoys it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Thank you all again so much.

A final bit in regards to reader communication:

I should have probably advertised my story more, but I mostly relied on the recent uploads page on sites. I only just recently involved myself on Twitter and posted chapter announcements with hashtags and stuff there.

If any readers believe that other people may be interested in the story, then please spread the love. The catgirls and I appreciate it. A big thanks to everyone who commented and took the time to follow/favorite. That helps me so much! I always try to get to my messages and comments, because I do appreciate the time put in.

Now, on to that Discord server I always mentioned. It is done. It is very bare-bones, but it is there with channels and roles. I figured it would be a convenient place for like-minded people to meet and discuss. Feel free to share other stories there as well. Readers can also keep an eye on me to make sure I'm not getting too distracted by other things. Talk about games like Genshin Impact, talk about other stories, anime, manga, or whatever else suits your fancy. It also makes it easier to contact me.

This will also be one of the few times I mention my Patreon. I think I pretty much have everything down that I want. If anyone has suggestions for the tiers, that would be awesome too. Right now, I just simply don't have the time or backlog for major tier rewards, but I do plan on having them. I even have plans at certain goals to involve more reader interaction. I made a simple tier for if anyone just wants to provide a little extra support. It all goes towards coffee, maintaining my simple lifestyle and future art commissions. But seriously, the feedback so far has been more than enough to keep my enthusiasm up and push through some of those times where I just simply don't feel like writing. Some of us writers are real masochists. Haha.

Please feel free to send me messages or comments about any ideas regarding what I have stated above. Or if I missed an important detail in this announcement that might be beneficial for other readers, mention that too. I will edit this accordingly.

Alright, that's about it. Thanks again for the millionth time! Back to playing some Apex Leg-er, I mean...back to writing!