Taking Down a God
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The Phantom Spider, his limbs glowing with his blue Godspeed energy, faced the Electric man as he hovered above the hero with his body glowing brightly due to the electricity coursing through him.

Electro was growing aggravated at the child beneath him, the bug kept ruining his display of godhood and his journey to becoming pure energy.

The Phantom Spider, however, was furious. The man who proclaimed himself as a god was hovering above him, looking down at the hero as the bodies of those who he could not save before his arrival and destruction surrounded him. Though he'd lost to Electro before, he was confident. His new power was going to be the key to ending the electric man.

"Electro!" The Phantom Spider, filled with fury screamed at the god who floated above him. "This ends here!"

The boy was certain that those confident words were true. He noticed that his brain seemed to be moving faster than it usually did, allowing him to come up with a plan in only just a couple of seconds. 'That vest, it must be some sort of inhibiter. If I can get it off of him, perhaps he'll overcharge himself. Before that, I need to find a way to short-circuit him so I can get a hold of him for long enough to pry it off. The water... yes, there's gotta be more water somewhere.' His eyes scanned the area for another water truck or any source of water that he could use to momentarily slow the electric man down.

His eyes nearly locked onto a fire hydrant, though he made sure to not make it obvious in an attempt to hide his plan from Electro. 'That's the key. Alright, Parker. Let's kill this god.'

With haste, the hero of the night flash-stepped forward, dodging Electro's lightning bolts with even more speed than before. He was untouchable as he zipped from side to side as if he were dodging the blasts from the toy gun of a child. 'Who's a god now!' He thought to himself as he began flash-stepping up a nearby building. With each step, one of the screens on the building would shut off due to his power interacting with them.

'No, I'm no god.' His inner voice declared as he continued up the building, dodging the lightning strikes that trailed behind him until reaching the height at which Electro was hovering. Using a Godspeed-infused jump, the hero lept backward, jumping so high that he even surpassed the so-called and self-proclaimed god's altitude.

'I have no need to see myself as such. I am but a man, a mortal who will stand up to these so-called gods for those who cannot.' Using his webs the young hero webbed Electro's electric bolt-slinging right arm. Just before Electro could throw another bolt, the Phantom Spider yanked the villain's arm to the side, causing the bolt to fly in the wrong direction and disappear into the clouds above.

'I may be a man with weaknesses.' Using his other hand, the boy webbed Electro's left hand. With both hands in his control, the trenchcoat-wearing hero yanked his webs forward, causing Electro to fly upward uncontrollably as the boy's body was flung downward toward the Earth and the villain.

'But that weakness made me stronger. Strong enough to defeat 'gods' like you. That's why I will call this power of mine Godspeed, the power that allows me to be fast enough to keep up with supposed gods like you.' Just as those words left his brain, the hero used both legs to kick Electro in the chest, sending them both hurtling toward the Earth with great velocity.

Electro hit the ground hard, as if he were a meteorite, leaving a human-sized dent in the street beneath him. Once again, the spider began a barrage of punches toward Electro's face, this time these strikes were boosted with Godspeed's energy. Electro attempted to fight back, however, the spider knew he would retaliate. Using his webs, the hero restrained the man to the ground and continued punching the man with nearly everything he had.





Each punch was heard by both fighters and any spectators in the nearby area as the sounds of electrified fists hitting flesh echoed off of the concrete jungle's buildings. Eventually, Electro was clearly starting to feel affected by those strikes, though his vest was still protected by a layer of electricity.

Using Godspeed, the hero flash-stepped toward the fire hydrant that he spotted, yanking a manhole from the ground before kicking the top of the hydrant off as if it were weightless. Water spewed from the hydrant, allowing the Phantom Spider to take the manhole cover and aimed at an angle in which the water bounced off of it and soared through the air, hitting Electro just before he could release himself from his webbed shackles.

Once again, the boy flash-stepped, this time approaching the electric killer before jumping on top of him once again. Just as the hero's body did the day before, Electro's body convulsed and twitched rapidly as if he were a glitchy computer, due to his electric body reacting with his one weakness, water.

Having no weakness to water himself, though he never learned how to swim, the Phantom Spider began prying the metal vest off of Electro's chest as water continued to blast the both of them.

"Wait!" The villain screamed with a glitchy voice. "Please! I'll explode!"

The Phantom Spider hesitated only for a second before speaking. "It's not like this'll kill you." He proclaimed though he didn't know for himself if it would have.

"It will, I swear I'll die! Please!" Electro begged the hero for his life, hoping that those words, which could be true or false, would cause the spider to stop his attack.

Once again, the hero hesitated, having a brief flashback of Wilson Fisk and his daughter. Those nightmares, the ghost of Fisk and visions of his broken family, haunted the boy, though letting this man off would result in more deaths than his life would even be worth.

Regardless of his feelings, the hero successfully pried Electro's vest off of his body, immediately causing a massive explosion of electricity. The Phantom Spider flew backward, catching himself on a traffic light before perching on top of it and watching the electric man's body vibrate intensely as he began to overcharge with power.

Soon enough, Electro's body began to bloat, there was too much energy going inside of him, as Times Square began to turn dark due to the villain taking away all of the power in the area.

There was one final explosion, causing the hero to cover his eyes as his costume fluttered backward due to the pressure of the blast. Once the explosion was done, the boy approached Electro's body, glaring down at it with disgust.

The self-proclaimed god was now nothing more than a husk. His pale skin was now jet-black as if he had become charcoal. His skin was also dry and brittle as if it were ready to break into tiny pieces if the wind blew too hard on him. Every few seconds, his body would twitch due to the agony, the god was experiencing the pain of hell through his burning skin. Soon, the smell of cooked flesh tainted the air, causing the hero to wince under his mask.

Electro was of course still alive, whether that be a good or bad thing is up to personal opinion, but his life as a villain was over. His life as a man was over, he was basically a vegetable at that point.

"Kill me, please." He whimpered to the hero, causing the boy to frown beneath his goggles. Those words both offended and angered the hero. The self-proclaimed god didn't care about stopping the suffering of the dozens of people he killed, nor did he care when he nearly killed hundreds in the Roxxon explosion. To suddenly beg for mercy after all of that was nothing but pathetic to the spider.

"Kill you? Fuck you. You deserve every last second of this pain. I hope you live a nice, long life like this, you scum."

As those words left the boy's mouth, the police who were in hiding the whole time, like cowards, emerged from their hiding holes. Helicopters also began to come in, circling around the hero and villain, pointing their weapons and spotlights at them as if they were one and the same.

"Put your hands up! Don't move. Both of you!"

"Both of you!?" The Phantom Spider questioned audibly. He had just saved all those lives, possibly hundreds to thousands in the grand scheme of things if Electro got what he wanted and became pure energy, yet this was his reward for being the hero.

The boy put his hands up slowly, planning to flash-step away before a woman's voice, a commanding one, spoke to her underlings.

"Stop it! He's on our side, you idiots!" Immediately, the officers lowered their weapons as an Asian woman with short black hair emerged from one of the newly arrived police cruisers. With a confident face and stride, matching her authoritative voice, she approached the spider and extended her hand.

"Sorry about that. I'm Yuri Watanabe."

The hero shook her hand, though he was somewhat suspicious of the woman. "What do you want?"

"A thank you would have been nice." She said sarcastically. "I'm here to ask for your collaboration. Here." The officer handed him a card with her name and number on it. "Call me when you get the chance, as you know, these guys don't get the job done as they should. Wouldn't you agree?"

Still, the hero didn't trust her. She was a cop, though he reluctantly took her number and agreed. "Sure, I'll give you a call. I'm gonna get out of here before your trigger-happy friends get any ideas."

Before Yuri could respond, the here flash-stepped away, disappearing off into the darkness.

Once he was far enough away and he was sure that he wasn't followed, the boy began swinging to clear his mind. He thought about Fisk again, including his daughter. He wondered if it was a mistake to kill the man, if it would have been better to find a way to put him behind bars.

In prison, Fisk's power would have been limited, but he could have gotten out anyway. At least, that's what the hero told himself.

He then wondered if Electro had a family, he wondered what they were like and what their family dynamic must have been like. Though, the boy soon considered that a man like that probably has no family.

If Electro did indeed have no family, then he and Eren were much more similar than the two had originally thought. He wondered what was the small difference between them that led to them being on opposing sides.

Why did one seek power where the other sought validation?

Why did one seek destruction while the other sought to preserve?

Those thoughts soon waned as the hero eventually found himself at home. Exhausted, the hero removed his costume and fell asleep in his boxers. He put everything he had into that short battle, and he was taking his well-deserved rest.