Introducing Tanisha
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                                                                          Tanisha P.O.V

Deva the third-largest country in the Silphia continent, is a country unlike any other. Deva is the only place in the known universe confirmed to host all different races. With a radius of 3,959 miles, Deva is known for its greenery in the Silphia continent, and mostly all countries in Silphia are female-oriented society, this is due to less amount of cosmic energy males can store.

my family consists of my mother, father and me.

Beginning with my mother Emily, she is like any other mom. Loving, caring, and concerned yet when she is angry you will know. She's a mage. She loves all of us and holds himself responsible for our family's wellbeing. She is the anchor of our house and is the driving force for our family!

My father is the cornerstone of our family. Knave, he is rigid yet flexible. He is responsible for all the discipline in our house. He loves to cook and is extremely innovative even in that aspect.

Today is the day when I am having a new baby sister. If you ask how I know. I prayed last night in Infront of the Tami goddess. My friend always plays with their siblings instead of me. So, I prayed to the goddess to give me a baby girl. She will always follow me and play with me. I hate boy’s, they will always cry and live-in kitchen. As they don’t have enough cosmic energy, they are not able to wield magic.

“Tanisha comes here”, my father Knave called me.

“yes, father I am coming”

When I went inside the room I can see, my mom looking exhausted still happy. While my dad is holding a baby. He called me to hold the baby, my heart is racing thinking the question, is it, boy or girl?

My father gave me a baby saying he is a boy. I am disappointed but unknowingly I still hold my brother for the first time. A part of me couldn’t believe he was actually in my arms, while the other part of me felt scared. He is so tiny and smiling with Dark blue eyes, unknowingly, I fell in love with this little angel. I don’t know why I am crying, I tried not to make a scene, but I was completely overwhelmed with love for him.

Finally, this mischievous, little one in our family is my little brother whom I am proud of. Being the youngest, luck is always on his side. he is blessed with the smile of an angel. Filling our house with a frequent set of frowns and smiles, he is indeed the little demon of our house