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  Emily’s P.O.V

While my little girl Tanisha is holding a baby in the arms, a maid comes into the room hurriedly and said Queen was coming.


Hearing this my heartbeat raised quickly. I still remembered clearly what happened in the previous war- our queen Kelly Warknight used the army as a sacrifice for victory. I still get nightmares even today remembering the prayers of people asking for help. She is a demon in human form, she will do anything for winning, this is the impression of the queen, what is left in my mind.


Many doubts raised in my mind. When I heard she is coming, but why?


Has she heard about Tanisha’s birth? Apart from myself, nobody knows who Tanisha’s parents are. I adopted her when she was an infant and moved to this city along with my husband Knave. No, it’s not possible, I am confident in hiding Tanisha’s magic from the rest of the world. Then why is she coming now?






I can hear my heart sounds while hearing the walking steps of the queen while approaching. I looked at the door and saw the devil.


Kelly warknight- woman age looked like the forties, five foot seven. She has black hair, brown eyes, tiny lips, with red grown covering from neck to toe. Her aura makes you frighten to approach her. She halted her steps when came across a door.


When she saw me, a smile blossomed in her face?


“How are you Emily?” she asked.


I began to stutter while answering her question” I ..a..m…….fine, your majesty”


That’s good to hear.

“oh, this must be the baby”

Seeing her showing interest in the baby. Knave had taken the baby from Tanisha and had given it to the queen to hold.


Looking baby in her hands with a smile on her face. Kelly asked, “what is the baby's name?”


Knave answered “your majesty we haven’t decided the name yet, I would be grateful if you named the baby”


“Barfi, his name is barfi, my majesty!” I stated loudly. I don’t know why I chose the name. but I don’t want my son’s name to be named by this demon.


“Barfi, the nice name “replied the queen while holding the baby.