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                                                                       Knave’s  P.O.V

Tanisha is holding the baby gently. At first, I am afraid to pass the baby to her. But the way she is holding the baby brings a smile to my face.


“Madam Emily, the queen is coming” a maid hurriedly come to the room shouting the arrival of Queen.


I was surprised by the announcement of the arrival of the Queen


“How are you Emily,” asked the queen.


“I..a.m…fine” replied Emily. I can feel the exhaustion in Emily’s face while answering the question.


“That’s good to hear. Oh! this must be the baby” asked the queen.


Seeing Queen's interest in the baby, I had taken the baby from Tanisha and had given the Queen to hold the baby.


Looking baby in her hands with a smile on her face. Queen asked, “what is the baby's name?”


I am waiting for this chance, Ha Ha Ha. This is what people do when they hold the baby for the first time, they ask the baby name.


To improve further relation with the Queen and for baby’s future I answered “your majesty we haven’t decided the name yet, I would be grateful if you named the baby”


“Barfi, his name is barfi, my majesty!”  my wife stated loudly as her entire life depends on it.

What is happening to Emily today. Is delivering a baby has taken a toll on her. Wait for barfi whose name is barfi. What waits, before I say anything I heard.

“Barfi, the nice name “replied the queen while holding the baby.


                                                              Neha’s P.O.V

I and Marina entered the room.

On entering the room, I can see Woman, Man, and child. The Man and little girl looked excited, this is due to the baby’s birth.

Whereas I can see the fear in the woman's eyes. I can still see sweat drops along her face in winter.  Is it due to the delivery of the child? No, when she answered Queen's question, you can observe her stutter due to fear.

You will fear only when you’re feeling induced by perceived danger or threat. What’s there in the room for her to feel a threat.

Is it due to the queen? No Queen likes magician, I heard this woman is a healing magician so there is no need for her feeling threat. Even when she has seen the queen’s true nature, she must feel disgusted instead of fear.

Is it due to baby? No that’s wrong. If she feels scared about the baby, then the woman will shout first when the queen held the baby. Then what.

“Barfi, his name is barfi, my majesty!”  the woman shouted. I can see the confusion in the man’s eye, this indicates the woman has not wanted her son to be named by Queen Kelly.

There are only 5 numbers inside the room if it is not baby, then it must be due to little girl reason for a woman feeling scared.

We can see that little girl is excited about her new baby brother. This indicates there is nothing wrong with a little girl. Then what is the reason for her to feel scared?

“Neha, this is your future husband come to see”  hearing Marina’s voice I came back to reality.