I got Reincarnated but My Wife is Now My Mother! Chapter Two
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After the events of earlier, I find myself wandering the estate. This was indeed a genuine castle. Everywhere I went, I saw plate armor warriors or perhaps servants. They were well dressed, at least. Or the uniform they wore. I noticed most were women or young girls. A few were men or boys, but they mostly did manual labor or acted as butlers. The castle itself is huge. Despite being primitive by the standards of my previous life, there is a lot of innovation here. Combine that with magic; a working civilian may not depend on science or technology. Still, there were signs of both. What science couldn't do, magic did, and vice versa? Finally, I found myself in the courtyard of the massive castle.

To be precise, there were two of them. The public gathering space is bustling with activity. Then there is the inner courtyard where I'm currently at. Some of the warriors were sparring with each other. Flashes of memories revealed I'd practiced with them for years. However, I wasn't good at it. 'I wonder how I would fare now?' In my life before, Abigail and I were exceptional at sports and outdoor activities—especially physical sports like boxing, wrestling, and martial arts. I remember a little about swordplay, too. My experience as a stuntman has given me a chance to learn a lot about life. This body of my now was even more fit than I was in my youth or prime. It's a wonder; my memories don't reflect that. 'Maybe it's because I have yet to experience anything. My life here has been pretty much luxurious, and everything is given to my past self, Asa. But now, I'm Asa. I'd have to do my best to act as if I were Asa.' The most important lesson I learned from my previous life is to strive to improve myself daily—even small, insignificant things. To better yourself in some way is truly an achievement. That could be as simple as no swear words to quitting smoking or changing your diet. Every small step leads to a greater one. That's how I will live here.

"Ah, I see the young master is up and about again," a voice said from behind.

I turn at the sound of the voice to see a towering blonde man in a suit of silver-plated armor. Way more impressive than the many warriors I've seen. His eyes were that of golden orbs. Short golden blonde hair fashioned into a tight, short ponytail made him look like a supermodel. A square face and jawline made him look like the heroic hero from movies. A robust, prominent nose, as well as amazing lips, complemented his strong, prominent cheekbones. I didn't need to see him out of armor to know he had a physique built like a god. The man was the epitome of strength and power. His eyes peered into me like sharp knives.

"I can see something has changed in you. Shall you spar with me, young master?" the man asked.

"Yes," I said.

It was all I could say. My mind went blank, and Yes was the only word left. The man smiled, and a flash revealed who the blonde man was. My memories tell me it's Sir Duncan Vicente Anders, a knight of this Kingdom's round table and my father's personal bodyguard. He is also the man responsible for my sword training as a knight. In this country, the youngest anyone could be a knight was twenty-one years old. For me, that was four years away in just a few weeks. I was soon to turn eighteen. All my other peers were worlds apart in skill. I remember all his training, but for some reason, my past self wasn't suited for this. 'I have to know. Will my past life be of any use now?' My mentor went to one of the warriors and received a real sword, not a practice sword. Until now, the stoic man has never allowed my past self to handle a sword. The look in his eyes was different from any memories flooding in. This was different now. I was different now. He hands me the sword, and I take it out of reflex more than anything else. As a stuntman, I've handled bladed weapons my entire career. I knew how to handle blades, firearms, and explosives. To approach with care is ingrained into my psyche. My hand grips the hilt firmly as I accept the weapon.

Sir Duncan's eyes narrow a bit, noting my reactions. I take the stance he'd shown me for years. The countless hours of training that went into pouring into my conscious mind. I held the blade close as instructed. The Knight reacted in kind and assumed a battle-ready stance.

"Sir Josiah, please oversee this duel," Sir Duncan said.

My mother's personal bodyguard, Sir Xavier Josiah Sutherland, was another round table member. This man was to protect my past life's wife. He was as imposing as Sir Duncan. His short and wavy black hair made him look like another supermodel. Having an oval face with golden hazel eyes let off an air of majestic vibes. His defined cheekbones, narrow nose, and slender lips were stunning. Again, I knew he possessed the body of a Herculean god. More so than the surrounding warriors. They were more imposing than the most formidable man from my previous life, but these knights stood worlds apart. The new Knight's eye narrowed as well as he sized me up.

"Very well, Sir Duncan. You may begin your duel at your ready," Sir Josiah said.

In a mere millisecond, both of us spring into action. Our blades clash violently, pushing each of us backward. I charge forward with a flurry of strikes. Just like the Knight showed me, but with a twist from my previous life. Again, our blades exchange heavy blows. The sound of our swords striking fills the immediate area and beyond. Far louder than the other sparring men. Sir Duncan charges with a barrage of massive swings. I parry the assault with expert finesse before returning an assault of my own. 'This man is coming at me with his full strength!' I reposition to get the distance between us.

The blonde Knight leaves no room to do so. The two of us clash again and again at lightning speed. Metal colliding with each other echoes even louder. A crowd was drawing now. Many of the sparring warriors were now spectating our duel. The many servants and other people gathered around the inner courtyard. I didn't have time to worry about embarrassing myself. This was a straight-up combat match for some championship title. I couldn't back down now and was keenly aware that Sir Duncan wasn't either. Every strike this man makes is calculated. He was planning four or five steps ahead of me. I had to go farther than him. I have to plan ten or more steps ahead of him. To that end, every action I took had meaning, a purpose that led to a subsequent string of actions.

The duel progresses in a much different fashion now. Then, it was a battle of wills, resolve, and minds. I used the sequencing in stunts to coordinate my attacks in unison with my martial arts, wrestling, and boxing training. They may have a fighting style here, like brawling or something similar, but if I can incorporate experience from my previous life, I could win here. Even a loss now was on a different level than my past self. 'Had Sir Duncan and even my father of this world noticed some change?' My past self faced death along with his mother. People had died. It started with the caravan guards and ended with the unfortunate souls who attacked. The only survivors were now enslaved to me. The past me from this world was disgusting. He wasn't just a spoiled child. Lord Asa, the past me of this world, was lazy and relied on others to do his work for him. My past self of this world was content in coasting thru life and becoming a Count.

After all, he was the successor to House Martindale. Still, that wasn't the reason to allow others to work in your place. I can't pretend there hasn't been time spans when I was lazy. However, it was nothing in comparison to this past self. No person in my past life was ever this self-entitled or lazy. I couldn't allow that to continue. Those who are born with the blessing of a strong body, such as Sir Duncan and Sir Josiah, should strive to do everything they can to improve other people's lives, just as they have dedicated their lives to doing for others. That's what I will do.

My newfound resolve translates into my mighty strikes as energy fills my body—a sensation I haven't experienced before. This energy engulfed my entire being, filling my body too quickly. So potent yet denser than anything else. It weighs on my body, straining it to the limit. I felt like I was about to explode. Yet, our duel continues in epic fashion. Sir Duncan shows no sign of relenting. He was going beyond what he would ordinarily do. The Knight was fighting as if the world depended on it. Finally, I couldn't hold the energy back anymore. It's spilling out from every inch of my body. Then I hear the older man Alfred's voice. The man who helped raise me with my parents.

"Channel that energy into your weapon, boy!" Alfred yelled.

Instinctually, I pour all my energy into my sword. Our blades collide in a blinding light.