Chapter 54: Completion of the Base
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After Wu Hao finished uploading the video and sending the emails, they only noticed the activity in the account, but by that time Wu Hao had already logged off.

These hackers were as powerless as a punch thrown at cotton.

However, Wu Hao was well aware of those who wanted to track him, but he didn't have the time to play hide-and-seek with them.

As long as these people didn't cause him any trouble, he couldn't be bothered with them.

After all, he had more important things to deal with at the moment. Who has the leisure for this?

After handling the documentary, Wu Hao had a brief chat with his sister and Li Xiaoyun.

Both of them asked when he planned to return to their province, and Wu Hao had to come up with an excuse, saying that he still had some work to do outside and probably wouldn't be able to return until New Year's Day.

Actually, if Wu Hao wanted to, he could immediately return home. However, everything was fine at home, and his sister was studying at school.

As for Li Xiaoyun, she had been subtly expressing her desire to repay him with her body, but Wu Hao pretended not to understand. He felt awkward about such a form of repayment, so he decided to put Li Xiaoyun's matter aside for now.

If he developed feelings for Li Xiaoyun in the future, everything would naturally fall into place.

In the following two weeks, apart from officially authorizing the documentary to CCTV, Youdou Video Network, and the foreign media BBC, Wu Hao spent most of his time excavating the mountain, with only occasional breaks to contact his family.

After nearly 20 days of work, the internal space of the entire mountain was almost completed. Now, he just needed to spend a few days making some adjustments to the internal space of the base, and then it would be a great accomplishment.

"The main structure is finally completed, and the first batch of purchased goods has arrived. I'll go and bring back these materials tonight! Anyway, the warehouse in the base is ready, so temporarily storing the goods won't be a problem."

The base constructed by Wu Hao was located in the middle part of the entire mountain, with the entrance hidden in a recess of the mountain.

The entrance led to various stone chambers inside the mountain, forming a 3-meter wide and 30-meter deep passage. At the right side of the passage, 30 meters in, was the warehouse where various materials and substances were stored. The warehouse covered an area of nearly 500 square meters, with a curved arch-shaped roof, resembling a tunnel.

At the other end of the warehouse, there were two 3-meter wide passages and stone doors. One of these passages led to the research and manufacturing area on the left, while the other, deeper passage led to the area of the nuclear power energy facility.

In the largest research area, there was also a 20-meter-long passage, ensuring that the research and manufacturing area could access all the other areas.

The largest research and manufacturing area had a semi-circular arch shape, with the lowest part of the edges exceeding 3 meters and the highest part in the middle exceeding 8 meters.

As for the smallest living area, it was located on the left side corresponding to the position of the passage and the warehouse. The internal space was similar to the warehouse, just much smaller.

Apart from the main areas, Wu Hao has also specifically opened up ventilation and drainage channels in each region.

Currently, both the ventilation channels and drainage channels are just simple stone caves. After Wu Hao carefully organizes the various areas inside the base, these channels will need to be equipped with corresponding pipelines and insulation materials.

It's not just the ventilation channels; the entire interior space of the base, including the floors and the tops of the walls, must be coated with thick waterproof and moisture-proof insulation paint. Only in this way can the normal operation of the entire base be ensured.

Among them, the nuclear power area is particularly important. Not only does it require handling these issues, but it also needs to ensure that the cooling devices and anti-radiation layers are foolproof.

These basic tasks will take at least several days to complete. After the various areas inside the base are properly arranged, Wu Hao can then use the purchased power generation equipment to start manufacturing corresponding energy and production devices.

That evening, Wu Hao once again arrived at his secluded warehouse located on the outskirts of Chang'an City. Opening the warehouse door, he drove his second-hand truck to the logistics company to retrieve the first batch of materials he had spent a great deal of effort to bring back to the country.

These materials were sealed in specific boxes and labeled with false tags that read "ordinary industrial electronic components."

Upon arriving at the logistics company, Wu Hao presented the corresponding logistics number and relevant information. With the help of a forklift, he smoothly loaded the shipment weighing over 10 tons into the truck's cargo container.

"Looks like I'll be busy tonight again!" In order to safely transport this batch of over 10 tons of goods back to the base, Wu Hao would need to make at least three round trips. After all, transporting too much at once would seriously affect his speed and efficiency.

After several hours of bustling activity, Wu Hao temporarily stored these supplies in the base's warehouse. Although the interior of the base had not undergone any moisture-proof treatment yet, there was no noticeable humidity in the entire space.

Moreover, since the base was located dozens of meters deep within the mountain, the temperature inside was completely different from the outside world. While the outside temperature ranged from -3°C to -5°C, the base's interior maintained a temperature of around 15 to 20°C. Therefore, it was safest to store these raw materials and electronic components in the base's warehouse.

As for the entrance of the passages outside the base and the stone doors in each area, Wu Hao had carefully modified them. Each stone door weighed no more than 10 tons, allowing Wu Hao to easily open and close them using telekinesis.

In a way, this was somewhat similar to certain ancient mechanisms, but for now, the stone doors designed by Wu Hao only had corresponding grooves and lacked any driving devices. Opening and closing them still required him to use telekinesis.

However, once the energy issue of the base was resolved in the future, Wu Hao would replace all these stone doors and make them into automated alloy gates.

Of course, the exterior of the entrance to the base's passages would undoubtedly be disguised with stone materials, allowing the stone doors to blend in with the surrounding mountains when closed.

Over the next few days, Wu Hao first carefully improved and polished the interior space of the base. He then went back to the city to purchase a large quantity of coating materials and applied layer after layer of paint to every area inside the base.

He continued until he reached the level of a highly advanced dust-free and sterile factory in the country. The coating material used by Wu Hao was a combination of some paints and chemicals that he had reconfigured from those currently available on the market.

This self-configured paint by Wu Hao had better effects compared to the paints currently available for purchase.